Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sneeze War

My dog is a goof. Have I mentioned this?

One of the weirdest things he does is sneeze. And no, sneezing isn't exactly a weird behavior, but it is the way that Gibson does it. I blogged about this a lonnnng time ago, saying it was a weird quirk of his. Sure, he sneezes when he needs to sneeze (something gets up his nose, allergies, etc.), but he also sneezes when he a. is frustrated and b. wants attention. You could catch him doing it a few times in the Gibson Talking video if you wanted to see him in action. If he wants something really bad... say, a treat.. and I'm making him do tricks in order to get it, he sneezes. Whenever he whines about something, he also sneezes. It's weird. I asked my vet about it, and apparently lots of dogs do it..which is also weird.. haha

Which brings me to today...

So, every morning after I get ready I go down and make myself a latte to take to work (powdered, I'm not that fancy). During this time, Gibson gets really antsy for me to get his kong filled w/frozen banana out of the freezer. This morning, he was being a real jerk about it and grumbling and growling at me to get it. So, I decided to be a jerk back to him and repeat all the sounds he was making. He'd grumble, I'd grumble. He'd growl, I'd growl. He'd woof, I'd woof. Then, he sneezed. So, I sneezed. So, he sneezed again... and I sneezed again... and so on for about 6 times in a row until I couldn't take it anymore w/o laughing! It was the most hilarious thing and just proves that he can make himself sneeze on command.

What a weirdo :)


Laurie said...

Hahahhaa that is so cute!!!!

Sadie actually does the attention/frustrated sneezing thing too! Good to know other dogs do it as well. She gets so worked up (and she's so low to the ground) that she usually hits her nose on the floor when she does it. It sounds horrible! I should see if she can do it on command too haha. Silly little corgis!

Anonymous said...

Gibson's aunt Coal (a black Lab),who is far off the ground,also hits her nose on the ground when she sneezes. She sneezes really hard, but not on purpose like those short guys.

That corgi :) said...

LOL! I bet that would have been fun to get on a video, Kelly, with you and Gibson this morning and you imitating his sounds

Koda doesn't sneeze like that....interesting

glad Gibson likes the Kong thingy; Koda couldn't quite get into it for some reason

enjoy the day (and latte :)


Annie and Maggie said...

BnB haven't learned that trick yet (it's only a matter of time), but Emma (dearly departed corgi) used to sneeze so hard she'd hit her nose on the floor - really hard!

It's funny what dogs do for attention. Stella (dearly departed beagle) used to yawn and stretch when she was guilty of doing something naughty. If we could understand dog-speak, we know she would have been saying something like: "Aaahhh, I don't know what you're talkin' about! Not me!"

Aj said...

That's so funny and cute! Besides regular sneezing, Ein sneezes almost every time when he's laying on his back and getting belly rubs.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Interaction, it's all about the interaction!
He hee....people will talk about you, you know!!
Our male is a sneezer, and he does it when he wants something, or is waiting, or wants out, or wants me up, out of bed! I'm thinking that it's a corgi thing!

JuLo said...

Haha! That is too cute! I love it when Theo talks back to me talking back to him. He doesn't do the sneezing thing, he prefers grumbling or when he really gets going, full on barking.

Aren't Corgis the best? It's hard to describe it unless you have one, but it's like you're having a full-on conversation!

Cristina of CorgiTales said...

What a cute story! I don't think I could've got that far without laughing and ruining the routine. =)

Akshay said...

My corgi Ender does this too, but I don't think they're sneezing. I think they're short little "huffs" (just exhaling air fast out of their noses).

Kelly said...

hmm, that could be true! Makes more sense than a sneeze!

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