Monday, November 16, 2009

Ruff Weekend

My poor guy. He had a bit of a rough weekend.

It started out great though.. We went 'home' to my parents for my grandma's 80th birthday on Saturday and Gibson had a blast playing fetch with the chucker in their backyard w/Coal. He ran so much, it was crazy! And he'll actually fetch and bring the ball back when we play here. Yay Gibson! Little did he know though, that the reason we were running him to death was because the actual party was not at my parents house and he'd be left alone for 8 hrs... *dun dun DUN!*

Ben and I got back from the party around midnight to find our little guy crying his eyes out he was so excited. He just wanted us to stay up and make up for all the lost play time while we were gone. We finally took him to bed after an hour, but he would not go to sleep (and I have a feeling he did not sleep while we were gone either). He was just so nervous or worried that he'd miss something. Every little sound he'd woof. So, I let him out of the room, only to hear him scratching on the door to get in a half hour later. I think I got 3 or 4 hours of sleep, and then woke up to find Gibson sitting up and staring at me. I tried going back to sleep, but then he walked over and stood over Ben's head, so I had to be a good wife and wake up and get Gibson off the bed.

So, we did our normal morning routine, stayed until about noon, then headed home (he passed out as soon as we shifted in reverse, poor guy). Unfortunately though, we brought some more visitors home w/us. My parents have a bit of a flea problem around their home, so we had a few (ok, a lot more than a few.. like the most fleas we've seen on him. Ever.) climb on Gibson for the ride. I knew they'd die eventually if they stayed on him since he's on K9 Advantix, but we still did not want any jumping off and laying eggs in our house :(

So, as soon as we got in, I gave him a bath to get as many fleas off of him as possible w/the normal dog shampoo that we had. It was a lonnnng bath and the poor sleepy guy looked so miserable. After he was rinsed, I took him out to dry him off and inspect for fleas and he was still covered :( So, I ran to the store and bought him actual flea shampoo and headed back for round 2. Poor little guy. And this bath was even worse because he had to sit w/the lather on him for 5 minutes. BUT! It did the trick. No more moving black things all over. They were either in the tub or dead in his hair, so SUCCESS!!

After that ordeal, I gave him cheese to cheer him up (poor guy), took him for his walk and fed him dinner and then let him sleep the rest of the night. Unfortunately for him though, the biggest Colts game of the season was on last night... And Ben and I got a little excited.. especially since they came back and miraculously won it in the final minute! Poor Gibson was so scared and confused. He kept growling whenever we'd cheer and then when they won he was running around howling and growling at us. It was like he didn't know who we were, I felt so bad :( We finally got him calmed down by sitting on the floor and talking calmly to him.. Poor guy :(

He seemed to sleep everything off though, and today is a much more normal day so far. OH and his paw is looking better, yay! Hopefully it will be 100% soon :)


Laurie said...

Awww poor guy!!! Glad he's doing better. I was going to ask you about the paw licking, too, because Sadie is doing it a lot lately...and I'm wondering now if it's the CORE food?? I don't know. Just kind of weird they both recently started on that food!

That corgi :) said...

oh my gosh, poor Gibson!!! what an ordeal he had!!! one thing I know about these corgis is they like their routines and they aren't happy when too much shifts away from it

sorry about the fleas too! that would be something you definitely want to nip in the bud


ClassyChassy said...

I hate fleas!!! I thought we'd have a huge problem with fleas and ticks when we moved to our house in the woods but, after 5 years with no troubles, I guess I was worried about nothing - thank goodness!

Angela said...

Awww poor Gibson! That is a lot of excitement for one day for the little guy. I'm glad that he is feeling better today!


Lin said...

Poor Gibson! He was so out of his norm that he was upset! I'll bet he's so happy to be back to his home and routine! And rid of the fleas!

Kelly said...

Well, we found another on him Monday night so I gave him his new dose of K9 Advantix yesterday morning and haven't seen any since... cross your fingers :)

ocmist said...

Poor Gibson getting his routine all upset. At least he got to go on the road trip with you!

Don't you just HATE fleas!!! We've had problems with them in the past. My sister walks her dogs on the walking path and seems to pick them up there, then they come home and if we go visit, we sometimes bring them home, too. BATH TME is hated as well... Give them water and mud outside, and they have not problems... Must be the soap! LOL

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