Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Great Corgi Clog '09

A little over a week ago, Gibson came home w/fleas. It was awful. We didn't want the fleas jumping off of him and creating little flea cities in our carpet, so we bathed him. And bathed him. And bathed some more. Worked like a charm. Unfortunately for us though, Gibson is shedding. And with the fleas, about 4lbs of hair came off of him in the tub as well.

We knew this was going to be a problem, so Ben made sure to scoop out all the hair he could and pulled out, what he called, a "corgi hair donut" out of the drain. Crisis averted, we thought. Well, a week goes by and the tub is draining slower and slower.... until last weekend when it just stopped draining all together. Great! All of the hair we missed must of suddenly decided to form one impenetrable force that no water could break through.

Taking a page from Young House Love, we tried everything... I mean EVERYTHING, to move this hair clog. Plunging, an auger, vinegar & baking soda, boiling water, drain-o, liquid plumber, liquid plumber gel (we know these are horrible chemicals to add to the environment, but we were desperate people. Desperate!). Sometimes, the water would drain (verrrrrry slowly), and then the next day it would just stop draining at all again. We came *this close* to calling a plumber, when all of a sudden... It UNCLOGGED! We basically threw all of our tricks at the clog at once and it worked!! And it wasn't draining slowly, the water was shooting right down the drain. It was a beautiful sight.

So anyways..

The next time this hairy little bugger needs a bath....

who me???

We are investing in one of these silly things...


Laurie said...

Oh yes, those hair stoppers are great! I learned this the hard way, too. Glad your drain unclogged though!!

Cat said...

I have long hair so I learned that lesson prior to ever owning a corgi. A corgi only adds to it though. I just wish that the hair stopper fit our tub better than it does.

Freya's mom.

Angela said...

Hey Kelly!

That looks like a must have if you are washing your doggie in the tub!

Hope you have a Great Thanksgiving!

That corgi :) said...

oh how cute! my son is the one that baths Koda so I'm not sure how much hair is going down the drain there, better check it out.....and get one of those hairstoppers ourselves

like I say with Koda's fur when he sheds "its the gift that keeps on giving"

thanks Kelly for telling Lulu (Finn's mom) about the comments not working on her blog; she emailed me and I see also that she got the comments fixed because I saw you left her a comment; so thanks again for "reconnecting" us with her

Hope you, Ben, and Gibson have a Happy Thanksgiving!


JulieandCaleb said...

Hahaha, your title alone made me start laughing before I even got to the blog portion. Glad you finally got the best of that pesky clog!

Aj said...

Lol take THAT clog!!!

Mai said...

We always use the hair filter like that whenever we wash our corgis.
Ours is like a dome that goes over the drain opening instead of inside it. It works great, and I also use the same one for our shower time too.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

I need one of those after Dudley rolls in poop!

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