Monday, November 2, 2009

Gibson Talking

I've been trying for months and months to capture Gibson "talking" on film. Of course he usually stops as soon as I hit record on my flip camera...but not this time!! He must have reallllllllly wanted the paper towel I was holding!

He has been so chit-chatty lately (and loud!). Man, he does not shut up!! Bark, bark, bark. Whine, whine, whine. Grumble, grumble, grumble. It never ends! :)

Do your dogs "talk" a lot? I feel like it's definitely a corgi thing!! I mean, who can forget this awesome video:

Happy November :)


Lynn said...

CUTE! Lucy is pretty quiet for a corgi. Well, not really that quiet. She barks, and does the growl (sounds like marge simpson), but other than that she's pretty quiet. Not much whining unless her frisbee's stuck on the washing machine!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Gibson speaks!
Our female, Addie, is a chatty girl. She chirps, and growls, and barks each time the phone rings. I feel embarrassed when the mailman comes...there's such a commotion! Our male has different sounds for different times. He, for the most part is the quiet one.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

so cute! i love dogs who talk! Not a big fan of barking, but whining, grumbling, and singing I love :)

Joan said...

Well, I didn't think you'd ever give that poor thing the paper towel!

My daughters loved both videos.

My corgi girls "trill" a lot, especially Zoe. I love it.

JuLo said...

Oh my, it is SUCH a Corgi thing! I can't view the video at work, but I know exactly what you're talking about. Theo makes all kinds of noises and it completely cracks me up! At home he's mostly a whiner. He whines when he wants attention, when he wants to play, when he wants to go outside, when he wants food, when he wants you to get his toy that's stuck, when he wants you to wake up, etc. I love that he communicates so effectively with us, but it drives me NUTS when he won't stop whining and I can't figure out what he wants. He was doing that to me yesterday.

He does a lot of his talking when I play with him. When he's jumping on my head or nipping my ears or hands, he makes this growly noise that is just the cutest.

Aren't Corgis fun? Hehe.

Laurie said...

OMG GIbson's talking is so cute!! And I've never seen that other video before, either. Sadie definitely does some of those!!

The funny thing is, she didn't make any sounds, not a growl or bark or anything, for like 9 months after I got her. Now she won't shut up! Haha. Mainly, she will bark when I'm not paying attention to her, or if I have my legs crossed and she can't jump on my lap. Yes, she is VERY spoiled!!! So cute to see other corgis doing the same kind of thing!

ClassyChassy said...

Very cute! Gibson sure knows how to get his way! And the other video - love the Elephant! My my - Corgis can be talkers for sure - mine have their own lingo as well!

That corgi :) said...

Gibson wss so cute talking with you! I love his expressive eyes! and the other corgi video was priceless too! we could identify several Koda conversations in that video for sure!

Koda does talk with us and he always has to get the last word. Its too funny!

I hear you are unofficially participating in NaBloPoMo; I hope you continue with it for the month )


JulieandCaleb said...

Awww, Gibson! Sooo adorable!

Caleb almost never talks to me. Once in awhile when we're getting ready for our walk he makes an "AROOOOO" sort of howl while stretching. Even more rarely when I get him all worked up from playing I'll get one "ARF!. The rest of the time?


Unless you're a dog. Then Caleb has this to say to you:

"Do you want to play? Do ya? How about if you run and I'll CHASE? That's my favorite game ever! Whaddaya say???"

To those not fluent in dog, it just sounds like: BARKBARKBARKBARKBARKBARK!

Doorbells, strangers, strollers, bikes, kids on skateboards: nada.

Unless you're a dog, Caleb won't bother with you.

This works out well, since I'm in an apartment at the moment. The apartment manager doesn't even know he's there. ;-)

Oh, and good luck unofficially doing NaBloPoMo, I love Gibson updates!

Kelly said...

Pooka talks ^_^ she has 2 types, the barkin/growlin "play with me" type, and the pathetic/grumbling "wake up moooom" type. Oooh, I guess there's also the high-pitched/whining "why'd you stop rubbing me?!" which we shamelessly illicit. rub-rub-rub-stop.....rubrubrub!

Pooka always starts the whining talkin about 15 minutes before I'm ready to wake up. She stops if I look at her or act at all like I'll get up, but as soon as I close my eyes, starts all over. Apparently the fact that daddy is already up makes no difference! It's got to be me.

I definitely encourage her convos and talk along with her, especially growling while we're playing.

Stella The Fluff said...

Oh that was funny as heck! Yes, corgis can be very vocal. My Bridge Angel, Emma, was exceedingly vocal, with lots of different sounds to get her point across. Like her deep groan, whenever I tried to shove her over in bed (she was a blatant bed hog). Stella got very concerned hearing Gibson's vocalizations. She growled a bit and whuffed quietly. She obviously understood that yet another human was denying yet another corgi what he (or she) wanted, LOL!

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