Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vet report card

Last night was Gibson's yearly check up. He got an 'A' on his report card, but it looked like this in the weight column (✕ is what I thought, ✔ is what the vet thought):

[✕ ] Normal [ ] Thin [ ✔] Heavy

Boo! He weighed 27.3 lbs last night. Up from 26 in July. The vet said he has no waist and that he needs to get down to 25lbs. She also told me that he looked 'portly' when he was only 9 weeks old, but I trust her on this.. I've been bad and have upped his food lately :-/ Why? Well, I'll tell you why..

Gibson has been waking me up crying in the morning.. well before my alarm has gone off. At first I thought it must be because he has to pee, but it's not. It's because he wants to eat. The only reason he pees is because I won't feed him until he does. So, me, being brilliant, decided that if I fed him more, he'd be less hungry in the morning. Instead of a little less than 1/2 a cup twice a day he started getting a little more than 1/2 a cup twice a day.. plus a few extra treats here and there... Didn't seem like much but it must have made an impact :(

SO it's back to the drawing board again and 'operation slim down gibson'. I walk him 4 times a day, which adds up to close to 2 miles.. so it must be the food that is doing it, right? We'll see I guess. Hopefully I can post about him slimming down again soon.. Maybe I'll tape this photo of him above his dog bowl to give him some motivation lol.

Edit to add: his treats consist of Charlie Bear treats (3 calories a piece I believe), banana chunks (frozen and put in his kong when I leave for work), baby carrots, and he'll get some sort of puppy dog biscuit as a special treat ( I might also sneak him some cheese and peanut butter occasionally). He gets Wellness Super5Mix Lamb for kibble, but the vet suggested switching to the reduced fat kind..


Joan said...

I think he's gorgeous! Looks a lot like Zoe. My girls had their exams yesterday too and Zoe, at 9 months is 23 pounds. She is solid!

Dozer and Coop said...

Dozer here:

Listen I understand the diet thing Gibson. I weigh in at 35 pounds but I am also 4 years old and I still have a waist. I get 1/2 cup of fud each morning and night. Now here's the deal, have your Mum add an equal amount of water. Makes some nice flavored water and that helps you fill up. Also makes you go to PeePee Land.

I also get one of these each morning after I have my breakfast

The vet sells them but Mum gets them from Pet Nutrition Products. Takes a while to finish but makes my teeth bright white and makes me feel like I have had a second course. One a day or every other day for what ails you.

And on the treat horizon, Mum lets us have green beans and carrots for treaties but when we need meat (we are, after all, dogs) she goes with Lean Treats because they are like 14 calories each.

Mum gets the 12 pack because there are three of us. (Personally I think I should get the whole box, but I digress).

What? Oh Mum says you are doing all the right things and the walks are awesome, makes us look like slackers.

MenagerieMayhem said...

Having worked for vets, kennels, and pet stores, I can tell you that overweight dogs have less to do with the amount of exercise received, and more with the amount of food fed. Yes, the dog still needs a lot of exercise, particularly being a herding breed, but I've found that the intake plays more of a role in weight gain than the exercise takes off. Most notably in pet dogs, as opposed to working dogs.

There's an extremely fat dog in my neighborhood (at least twice the weight he should be) that waddles through on a walk every day. He's been getting long walks for months, and the weight's not coming off - because his owners keep feeding him the same amount of food. Probably more, because I'm sure he has quite the appetite what with all the exercise.

He's getting a decent amount of exercise, you just need to get him back to that less than a full cup of food a day, and the weight will come off. :) Every time I go to an agility trial with my corgi, I get tons of compliments on how svelte my boy is. And that's including from other agility corgi parents! It's so important to keep the weight off of this breed, they're already going to have back problems.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

You're such a good corgi mom. Those little piggies are so manipulative, aren't they? Nothing sadder than a hungry corgi, according to them! I think they would eat, if we allowed them to, until they popped! I supplement no salt green beans or canned pumpkin in with their meager serving of dry food. It helps fill them up a little, and they can always poop too! I chop up zucchini, or add carrots or apples to their food if the no salt canned food is gone. Good luck...I can hear the whining now!

Lesley Collins said...

I have to put herman on a diet too - 1/3 cup a food 2x a day now. He is limping on front left leg and they think it is athritis.

Laurie said...

My Sadie, also a corgi, weighs about 28 pounds, and the vet said the same thing to me...that she needs to have more of a waist and get down to about 25 pounds. She was on the Wellness Weight Management food, but I actually recently switched over to the Wellness CORE Weight Management food, and this seems to keep her much more full than the other food. The CORE food has more protein and fiber. Seems to be working well.

Laurie said...

Also, Gibson is so cute!

Kelly said...

Dozer- Thanks for the recommendations, they look great!

MenagerieMayhem - That is interesting about exercise.. Thanks for letting me know!

Laurie - I was actually looking at all the 'healthy weight' versions of wellness and decided to switch Gibson to the Core version too! (I think the amount of protein in the Super5mix healthy weight is pitiful!)

a corgi said...

oh gosh; I'm so not taking Koda into the vet this year; he would never come under 30 pounds much less 25. I think Gibson looks good! yep up the exercise a bit and decrease the food a bit but those corgis and their eyes when it comes to food


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

oh how Gibson has trained you well! Corgis just love their food! Lance weighs 25lbs and eats 1/3c in the morning and 1/2c in the evening. Now that it's winter I'll soon bump him back down to 1/3c twice a day.

Lynn said...

You should be thankful that your vet knows that corgis need waists! I've talked to some vets that can't tell when corgis are overweight.

Lucy is pretty skinny, and I've upped her intake slightly. She's probably about 23 pounds. She gets slightly more than 1/3 cup twice a day. Like a corgi, she is always hungry though!!

JuLo said...

Heh, kind of the opposite of what Menagerie says, but I actually feed Theo like double of what you're feeding Gibson! But Theo is extremely active. He goes one a mile run in the morning on the days he doesn't have doggy daycare (because then he's playing all day long), and then a 2 mile walk at night, and there's probably at least an hour of fetch in between, much much more on the weekends when we're home all day. I seriously upped his food when my neighbors were accusing me of starving him. Hehe. He still has a waist, so I go with it. But I've been tapering back down a bit now that he's getting a mite bit older.

But all dogs are different. Gibson is obviously on the smaller side for a Corgi, and less active than Theo. I agree, it sounds like if he's not super active, then less food should do the trick. Does he seem like he wants to be more active and maybe you just don't have time? Or is he satisfied with his 4 walks a day?

Good luck!

Zoe said...


Hee, corgis are famous for somehow wringing more food and treats from their owners. =D

Here's my suggestion: reduce the banana treats. It is super energy food and if he doesn't burn it off, know.

I had the same problem with benny so i converted to Nutro Lite since about 2 years ago and he's been maintaining his weight ever since.

Of course fyi, benhur is 33lbs but normal weight, simply because he is SO tall for a corgi! You can still feel his ribs easily and there's also the tummy "tuck" that can be seen. So 33lbs is ok for him. =)

All the best!

Freya's Human said...

Poor Gibson, he's going to miss his extra meals! Speaking of weight, I need to check Freya to see if she is a little portly. I kind of upped her meals lately too--only out of fear of what she'll eat when she gets hungry--sigh. I swear, it's like a black hole in her tummy.

Good luck!

Kelly said...

Betty - Well, Gibson is a smaller corgi. His mom was 18lbs and his dad was 22, so I expected him to be lighter than he is :/

Julo - During the week, the 4 walks are not enough and we have a 'fetch' or 'chase' session for about a half hour or until he's pooped (if we don't get to this soon enough, he'll whine till we play and then he'll sprint around the house like a maniac!). On weekends I walk him closer to 3 miles (plus that's when he usually gets to go to the park) and he doesn't need any other exercise since he doesn't nap all day.

Zoe - You are probably right about the bananas! I used to give him peanut butter in his kong, but I thought bananas were healthier so I switched him to those... I'm sure I give him too much though :)

ClassyChassy said...

Nothin sadder than a starving corgi....It's so easy to feed them, and so much fun, too! Hard to resist those pleading eyes....

Stella The Fluff said...

Hi Gibson, Stella The Fluff here. Look don't let these crazy humans cut down your food. People don't understand how corgis ARE. Only those fancy show dogs have to be super skinny. Us regular corgis are supposed to look sturdy and substantial - nothing to be messed with, right? When I'm right, I'm right. If all else fails, just fall back on my response, "I'm not fat, I'm fluffy". I'll vouch for you!

Fluffy Hugs,

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Hi Kelly and Gibson,
Hey, if you'd like Pink Baby to come visit you next, she'd love to. She's been in Michigan, now Indiana, so stopping by Illinois would be the natural thing to do while she's in this region!
I've been through Sycamore. We camphosted at White Pines near Oregon/Mt. Morris the past three years, and love that part of Illinois. We have many happy memories there.
Let me know if you'd like PB to visit you and ol' Gibson. She arrived in box this morning, and I'm charging up the digital camera to take pics of our adventures. She could be your way by next Sat.!

MoonMystic said...

What you feed them makes all the difference. When we got Moira, she weighed 48 lbs. Yep, huge. And the woman who was fostering her was feeding her 2 c. a day plus green beans and the dog put on 10 lbs. in her care! Ughh. We cut her down to 3/4 c. a day of Natural Balance L&R and NO treats. It took 8 months to get the weight off her. She's now a svelte 24.5 lbs. and looks and feels great. Now, she's a ninja corgi when it comes to being a food thief! She can steal stuff faster than you ever thought possible. We have to be on guard for her corgi cuteness and cunning. Good luck with Gibson. (PS-I teach dog nutrition and I don't believe in diet dog food. It's a ruse, really. Just add more grains and take away meat protein. Need meat protein to gain muscle mass. Muscle mass burns cals. Quite simple.)

Annie and Maggie said...

This dog food thing is really a science!

A real eye-opener for me was when we took our dogs to the vet, they had this gelatinous blob that looked about the same size as if you were to spread your fingers on both hands, them cup them together touching fingers. THIS is 1 (count 'em ONE) pound. So...imagine a small dog being 2 lbs overweight - or 10 lbs! GULP! (I also go to Weight Watchers and am tempted to show this example to my group - but figured the folks at the vet's office would think I was a real weirdo for asking to borrow their blob!)

Mike Burk said...

Things to add volume to your Corgi's food... without a lot of calories: Cut up some green beans, frozen or canned are fine (maybe 1/4 cup); use some canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling) or squash (a couple of tablespoons); our Hank LOVES baby carrots. All of these are also high in fiber... good for them too.

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