Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thank you for your submissions!!!

I wanted to take the time to thank everyone that submitted their photos & blogs for the calendar contest. I was thinking there were probably around 15 blogs that entered, but it turns out there were 30 (#30 coming in at around 11:59 PST. Thanks JuLo lol)!!! Can you believe it? Who knew there were that many corgi blogs? One of the best parts of putting this whole thing together was connecting with new corgi friends and reading about their pups. I hope you take the time to visit all of their blogs!

And let's not forget all of the amazing photos that I got to agonize about which ones to pick look through. Wow. In the beginning, I figured I would have to double up at least a few corgis to fill the calendar. It turns out though that I had a hard time squeezing even Gibson into it!! I feel bad because there are so many that would be great for the calendar, but were barely beat out. I wish I could make a 24 month or heck a 30 month calendar to get everyone in!! The final 12 month calendar is going to be awesome though, I promise!

Here are all the blogs that entered:

AND.. ;)

And another collage of fabulous photo submissions:

And the first batch:
Corgi w/Blogs Calendar Submissions So Far!

And these were just some of the submissions, I must have had way over 100 total! Thank you everyone again!

Stay tuned for the BIG announcement of the winners!! :)


JuLo said...

Oh, wow, thanks so much for linking everyone's blog! There are definitely some here I've not seen before. :) You are so completely awesome for doing this! I know the calendar is going to turn out fantastically! :D

And, er, sorry for the allllmost late entry. *sheepish grin* It was only 8:59 my time! ;)

a corgi said...

all great pictures!! thanks for linking up all the blogs too; I'll have to make sure I go and visit those I don't know about

looking forward to seeing the final product :)


Jenna Z said...

WoW! Awesome to see so many Corgi blogs! I concur with JuLo, thanks for posting the links because some of them are new to me and I'll have fun visiting them!

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