Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quick Calendar Polls

Confession: I was one of those people you hated in school. I would finish a big assignment as soon as possible, allowing myself to have weeks to relax while everyone else procrastinated and ran around like crazy stress balls trying to get everything done last minute. Yeah, so, that means I pretty much have everything set and ready to go with the calendar :)

I will go into more details about how awesome it is going to be and how wonderful everyone was that entered is in another post.. but for now I have some quick questions for you...

Do you want to know who won soon (today or tomorrow) or would you rather wait til the calendar is ready to buy (next week)?

How much should the calendar cost?(The materials and printing costs $14.99, so anything I charge over that will go to Lakeshore Corgi Rescue)


Al said...

As a submitter I have to say, "Tell us now now now now now!" :D The anticipation is killing me.

JuLo said...

OMG, you ARE one of those people I hated in school. Hehe. Although I can't say I actually knew anyone like you. We were all procrastinators. How do you do it?? I'm so envious!

Great idea with the polls! Honestly I think any of those prices aren't out of reason, especially since it's for charity!

a corgi said...

good for you Kelly getting it done! I bet it looks awesome, its a calendar with corgis, how can it not be awesome!!!! and it is going for such a great cause too!

I look forward to congratulating the winners once you announce them; you had so many good corgi pictures I'm sure it was hard to pick

(and I was like you; always wanting to get things done and out of the way; I always volunteered to go first to give my speech/report in school; I always liked being done with it)


^..^Corgidogmama said...

I want one of these calendars for sure! Can't wait to see the finished product! such a good cause too.

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