Friday, October 30, 2009

Home Needed for 1 Pink Baby

Pink Baby was being such a good house guest, until this morning, when I found her doing this...


Eating our Halloween Candy?? Not cool Pink Baby! Gibson does not approve.

Other than this little incident, she's been an angel... Maybe one of you would like to give her a home for a week?

The first person to comment and volunteer to hosting the pink puppy for a week will get her next! Before you decide, please read more about this little project at Kylie's Blog, so you know the rules and all that :)

Good luck! She has the weekend to play here, but needs to be shipped out Monday or Tuesday!

Update! Her itinerary says she'll be going to Meg's home in California next!


Meg said...

Riley & I will love to host Pink Baby!!

Kelly said...

Great, you got her, Meg! Please email me w/your full name and address at ksteck23(at) Thanks!

CorgiTales said...

That's an adorable photo you took of Pink Baby in the candy and Gibson watching from below. Love it! =)


Mary said...

I think it looks like Pink Baby and Gibson are in cahoots. Pink Baby is pushing the candy bowl off the edge of the table so they can both have candy.

ClassyChassy said...

Congrats to Riley and Meg! Have a safe trip, PB!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I wonder if she'll be snagging any of the khandy fur her trip!


That corgi :) said...

so glad Meg snatched pink baby; I know Koda would never have tolerated an "intruder" such as her

I'm so coming over to your place tomorrow night for some yummy candy :)


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