Friday, September 4, 2009

New Sleeping Arrangements

So, Gibson has seasonal allergies. It's been going on for a few weeks now, and I'm guessing it's because of rag weed. He was having really bad runny eyes and nose issues, but benadryl fixed that. He is still itching though. Scratch Scratch Scratch Scratch. I bought sprays and special shampoos and he's still itchy. It's been a little better the past few days, but it was so bad that his scratching kept me up all night for a week straight (I fell asleep at 9:30 on the couch last Friday night.. that's how bad it was).

During all this, something weird happened.. Gibson rediscovered his crate. He started going in there to take naps, which he never ever did before on his own when he was forced to stay in there during the day. Not sure if it's because he feels like nothing is going to make him itchy in there, or he knows that I can't grab him and spray non-itch stuff on him or pick his "scabbies" off him or what. It's really cute though. He even decided it would be fun to sleep in his "baby crate" which has been my nightstand since he outgrew it.

So, we decided that if he liked sleeping in these different places, we wouldn't take him to bed with us one night. And it was amazing. I forgot what space felt like. And having blankets. And not having a furry dog sleeping on my pillow (and that fur left ON my pillow).

I do miss the morning cuddles, but the extra sleep is mighty nice, let me tell you.

P.S. It's September! The deadline for the corgi with blogs calendar is September 30th, so get your entries in!! :)


Freya's Human said...

Poor Gibson, I hate that he is so itchy! My foster dog kept me up too--we guessed he had a flea/corn allergy. He's still kind of itchy despite our change in food and now giving him flea treatments, so I guess he has some seasonal allergies too.

I sleep with a Weimaraner and the bf of course, and man does that dog take up a lot of space! It would be kind of nice to wake up without having dog hair in my mouth too.

I woke up one morning and my ear was feeling weird--I thought maybe a spider or something laid eggs in my sleep (note, I'm paranoid about that--worse fear) and it turned out to be Freya's hair! It some how got stuck in there and I spent the better part of the morning trying not to have a full on mental breakdown over what I thought it was. I made fun of myself that day.

a corgi said...

poor Gibson! they don't quite understand what is going on with all that itching and discomfort

good for you for getting your bed back! I'm sure there will be restful sleep for you and hubby in the weeks to come

still trying to think of a picture for the calendar


Traci said...

Mine has a flea allergy and almost every year she will chew off her little butt fluff! But this year we got it under control and her fluff is still fluffy! Our little loves her crate though, I will be at home and can't find her and there she is, sleeping in her crate! They are crazy little dogs!

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