Monday, September 14, 2009

Chewy Chews

I've gone through many different "chews" with Gibson. He is quite the chewer, so it's been quite the quest to find the perfect one.

He started off with a nylabone when we first brought him home, which he thought was totally BO-ring! Not edible, hard to destroy? What's the fun in that?

Next, I gave him rawhides, which he loved, but I was told they are apparently EVIL horrible things that you shouldn't give dogs because they aren't digestible and can be coated in gross chemicals...

That lead me to Bully Sticks. Ah, the smelly, disgusting body parts of bulls. It was love at first sight for Gibson. At first it would take him weeks to finish one and we put up with the stinky breath and stained carpet, since they made him happy and kept him busy. Well, that was until his adult teeth came in, and those $6 a piece sticks disappeared in an hour.

So, I became EVIL (and cheap), and bought him rawhides (flip chips) again. A huge bag for $10 would last a month, but they were making him fat (and stinky), so I needed to find yet another chew alternative.

This is when antlers entered my life. The angel of dog chews. Safe, digestible, natural, NO ODOR, NO STAINS. Expensive, yes, but last FOREVER. I have bought him 2 since last winter and he still has a small chunk of the first one left.

I also recently discovered Ostrich bones at my local farmers market! Gibson adores his ostrich bone, and it has so far lasted over 2 weeks and there is plenty of yummy marrow left for him to find inside. It was messy at first, so I made him chew it on our screened in porch until the coating came off.

So that's Gibson's history of chews. You'll notice Bully sticks was somewhat high up on that list, right? So, last time I bought him one was around...oh... January/February probably... Well, guess what he found underneath my husband's desk last night?

.... Well, I was going to take a picture of it, but apparently someone ate the whole thing already.

"Who, me??"

Anyways, it was an 6+ month old chunk of a bully stick! Ewwwww. He thought it was the most fantastic find ever and did a 10 minute long little dance to celebrate :)

Do you guys have any preference in doggy chews???


a corgi said...

Loved the picture of Gibson; I'll have to check out those antlers. Koda dosn't like the plain rawhide in any form, but he likes the Dingo bones. He likes a lot of other ones but they tend to make him loose if you get my drift so we stay away from those.


Esther said...

Winnie LOVES her bully sticks! I buy them in bulk (25 or 50 in a pack) from They're not as stinky as some of the other ones I have bought, and they average out to be about $2/12" stick. I'm not a big fan of rawhides much myself. I have tried the Antlerz, and they do last a long time. Winnie is impartial to them, though. She just likes to toss it in the air and play with it, not chew it!

Traci said...

Shorty loves her rawhide bones, but she will chew on just about ANYTHING. Anytime we go out on our deck, she finds sticks and destroys them, she will take out a bouncy ball in one bite. She is Shorty "The Destroyer". She has even chewed up some of the "tough chewer" toys they sell. I just stick with the rawhide, they are cheap and she loves them. I know I am a bad mommy, but what Shorty wants, Shorty gets!

Aj said...

Ein finished off a rawhide and a greenie, both of which were very messy. He is now left with the antler chew that I bought him in December of 2008. There's nothing better than antler chews, in my opinion. :)

Joan said...

Well, the girls will chew just about anything. This week it is the patio furniture.

I'm going to try the antlers. Even the bully sticks have got to be cheaper than replacing my outdoor cushions.

Whosyergurl said...

Chelsea chews in the evening. That is what she does. She takes her post as Queen of the Sofa and chews. (I cover my sofa with a quilt, which I wash, often.) I will have to try those antlers. She seems to eat everything very fast. If she doesn't have a rawhide bone...she resorts to chewing up plastic toys. It is a constant challenge (and expense) to find the right chewies for her.
thanks, kelli.
Cheryl in IN

The Beasts- Royal, Brock & Alki said...

great post! I have the same problems with chews and my dogs @__@ bully sticks are a very rare treat (they do make odorless ones! and Ive had some that were SUPER stinky, and some that were bearable, but its tough. I have 1 specific brand that I like but its hard to find, esp since Ive moved >:P)

Antlers are THE BEST though I totally agree! I just havent had the $$$ to afford to buy 3 big ones at once yet. I got 1 small one once and the dogs all LOVED it, never got bored of it. so I know they will love them.

My other favorite is Merrick's Sarge bone, it is relatively cheap considering how big it is and how much the dogs love it. Its covered in yummy tendon and such and when they strip it all off the bone lasts forever! I also like their other bones that are hollow- again they are covered in yummy tendon and such, and once cleaned last forever. Plus they are hollow so can be filled with stuff like a kong! And these smaller ones are cheaper than the sarge.

as for rawhide, it is a battle I agree. its by far the most economical option & what I buy most often. I only ever buy compressed rawhide which Ive heard is a lot safer. they cannot swallow huge chunks as easily as regular rawhide, as compressed rawhide is just a bunch of thin layers that they break off slowly. My pit bull I have to watch though, cause she will still manage to try and swallow too big of pieces sometimes, I just tell her to drop it and toss those chunks, or give them to the other dogs once they dry & harden again (I know, GROSS lol) There is a brand of these I like best, but again can be tough to find, but merrick makes some that are okay too. Just dont get the cheap ones at petsmart, they dont last as long and are easier for dogs to break off the big chunks and choke on. :P has all healthy chews, or search for "natural compressed rawhide"

The Beasts' Mom :)

Katie said...

You get the best expressive pictures of him. I love them! And I'm getting myself in trouble, cause now I want another Corgi.

Jules said...

Haven't heard of ost. bones! But we did find the angel of angels the antlers as well :) They seem to have gotten bored with them again :( so I guess I'm on the hunt again as well. I wonder if there's a way to make old bones interesting to pups again.

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