Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We're Barking for Life!

Gibson and I just signed up to "Bark for Life!" to help fight cancer. I am totally excited. It is basically like "Relay for Life", except you walk your dog instead! Fun, huh? My local event is at a dog park and there are tons of fun little games and contests going on too. Including:
  • Charactures with Marlene Goodman from MKG Graphics
  • My Dog is Cuter than your Dog: Bring a picture of your dog to possibly win title of “cutest of them all."
  • Photo Booth: Take a family photo with your pooch
  • Best Costume: Dress your dog up in his/her best personality!
  • Dog/Owner Look-a-Like: You and your dog make a perfect match. Show us and dog-owners of Kane County just how well you match show us you look-a-like best!
  • Musical Sit: Compete with other dogs for a place at a bandanna in a game like musical chairs.
  • A Day at Camp: Enter the play area where you can run, climb, and walk jungle gyms with your dog and Camp Bow Wow.
  • Trick for Treat: Is your dog a trickster? Have your pooch show us his/her best tricks for a chance to win “best trick” and a prize.
  • Doggie Karaoke: Does your pup like to sing? Take the stage and have him/her give us their best performance to be awarded “best singer.”
  • Sit, Speak, Fetch: Is your dog a really good listener? Get him/her to sit, speak, and fetch the fastest for a reward.
It is next Saturday (the 29th) and I am going to be walking with a fellow corgi owner and corgi butts reader, Kerby! I set a goal to raise $100 and am already halfway there, woohoo :)

In less good news, I found a flea on Gibson's head this morning :( Stupid Frontline! I just put a new application on him on Saturday! He had been scratching his head like crazy for the past few days and has had scabs all over.. we just thought he was scratching mosquito bites or something..but nope.. a stupid little flea was biting him :( I searched him all over and didn't find any others, so hopefully his head can heal up and we can stop worrying about it... and so I don't have to take him to the vet AGAIN!


a corgi said...

this sounds so cute! I had never heard of such an event! I bet you and Gibson will have a great time helping such a worthy cause!

Koda made a small donation to help the cause

good luck with it!


Bella Fiori Glass Studio said...

I love fundraisers that allow dogs to participate -- makes for a very fun day!

ocmist said...

Poor Gibson... At least your Mommy is on it! Sounds like you will be having a BLAST at your "Walk!" Looks like there will be a lot to see and do. My Mom is rooting for your Mom to reach her goal for the walk.

We mentioned the Corgi Calendar on our blog tonight...and Mom is bugging Robert about getting our Collage done to submit for our picture. The Corgi Crew

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Sorry to hear about the flea! It is totally annoying, I hope that's indeed the only one on him. We use K9 Advantix (that cute commercial sucked us in :P), but it's been working so far, wondering if it's worth switching?

And have fun at the fund-raising walk! Looks like you've reached your goal ;)

dreameyce said...

I had to switch to revolution this year, as while I normally don't even need to use a flea preventative around here (Just repellents) frontline didn't work, and my vet said advantage hasn't been working either.

It's ickky how fast fleas (and other invasive pests) adapt, and their bodies begin to live though things that should kill them! Eww! Bugs!

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