Monday, July 27, 2009

Car Show Weekend

This weekend was car show weekend in my town. It is a huge event.. 800+ cars line our downtown streets and there is also a block party the night before with a concert and food and lots of fun. We left the dogs at home for the block party, but they came with us for the 2+ hours we walked around and looked at the historic cars.

Gibson was a good sport and posed by one for me :)

It wasn't that hot of a day, but it sure did feel like on the sunny streets! Coal and Gibson needed lots of water breaks, which they got since my mom had one of those cool travel doggy water bottle/bowl combos :). It was definitely tiring for the dogs, but I think they enjoyed it. Gibson was a total star as usual. I couldn't believe how many corgi lovers there were! Some good corgi comments that I heard were:

"It's the Queen's dog!"
"Who couldn't love this squishy little butt!"
"Don't chase the corgi sweetie, he'll show you a thing or two about being chased!"
"Does he shed a lot?" (ha!)

Having him with me definitely kept me from becoming bored with the cars :)

I think he is still recovering from a doggy hangover from being so exhausted yesterday (this is his "I'm a beached whale" pose)... Poor little guy looked so miserable this morning, refused to eat, and actually puked on our walk :( I hope he feels better by the time I come home from work :(

Oh yes, and while we were waiting for my parents to arrive on Saturday, I decided to put my short sleeved hoodie on Gibson.. fit him perfectly! lol


I think I shall call him "Funk Master Gibson" :)


Sam Tsang said...

Love the hoodie :)

ClassyChassy said...

Corgis definitely deserve center stage at ANY event! I have taken mine to the Humane Society fundraisers, and EVERYONE gathers around them. They are usually the only Corgi dogs there, and everyone seems to love them or know what breed of dog they are - however someone once thought my RHT was part German Shepherd! Funny!

Lynn said...

Too cute in the hoodie. Corgis do seem to attract a lot of attention!

a corgi said...

hope he feels better soon! its gotta be the heat; Koda doesn't do well being outside in the middle of the day when it is sooo hot out there. he just wilts

the car show sounded like fun; that was a lot of cars at one place!!

the picture of Gibson on his side, his face is sooo much like Koda's! amazing how all corgis seem to look a like

love the question about corgis shedding, LOL...........

if they only knew................


Esther said...

LOL, love the hoodie outfit!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Great pics...corgis deserve all the attention as they are just too too cute for their own good!
The hoodie pics are darling.

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