Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bad Day

I mentioned yesterday that Gibson was not feeling well in the morning and puked on our walk. I was hoping he would be better by the time I got home for lunch... Well, not really.

To back up... yesterday when we woke up he did something strange and instead of going to be let out to pee first thing, he walked over to his water bowl and drank almost the entire thing. He then went to pee, came back and sat by the door with his ears down and refused to eat his breakfast. Definitely not normal coming from my little chow hound. I tried not to stress over it and took him on his morning walk as usual. We got to the end of our block and he threw up and then laid down on the grass with his head down :( I felt bad, so I took him home, carrying him half the way...

When we got back, I made myself a smoothie and decided to try adding some plain yogurt to his food to stimulate his appetite. Well, it worked! Woohoo, maybe he just needed to puke and he feels better now? I went to work, posted my blog (and did real work too of course ;) ) then came home hoping to see my normal happy puppy. He seemed somewhat better.. He had his "I'm super happy and cute!" look on his face and was a little frisky when my husband got home. He was not in the mood to walk though, hmm..maybe he was just tired?

So, I went back to work, not really worrying about it.. Came home, and took Gibson for a walk. Well, this was a struggle.. He would not go the long way, so we took a short cut. We got back to the house and I tried to feed him. He refused again. *Sigh*

I tried playing with him and we played our modified fetch/chase game that he loves and he seemed great! Later though, I took him for our night walk (yeah, we walk a lot), and we got to the other side of the street and he (sorry, TMI) had some loose poop and then looked at me really sadly and laid down again... So, I carried him home and then ran off to the store to buy some emergency canned pumpkin...

When I got back I immediately opened the can and scooped out a spoonful of the pumpkin to give to Gibson. He turned his nose away and then finally licked at it a few times. He usually gobbles this stuff up :(

I gave up trying to feed him at this point and decided to just sit with him and cuddle him to try and make him feel better. So, I'm laying on the floor with him, watching Gossip Girl, when he gets up and walks over to me looking miserable and then he threw up all over our hardwood floor (I moved the rugs away). (OK TMI alert again) There was a lot of "stuff" in the puke, which made me hopeful that maybe it was that stuff that was making his tummy feel bad. After I cleaned it up and told him it was ok, he went and laid down by my husband.

He woke up an hour or so later and came and sat by me and looked horrible again. I picked him up and took him outside (he was shaking in my arms) and he (TMI once again) had diarrhea all over the yard. Poor guy :( After that, we called it a night (he slept through it thank goodness).

This morning, he refused to eat again, but did not get sick.. I made him some boiled rice & ground hamburger just so he could get something in his stomach. If this continues through today, I am calling the vet.. I cannot handle it when my little guy is sick :(

I've been trying to figure out why he feels bad..The only reason I can think of is that while we were at the car show, I was eating an italian beef sandwich and a big hunk of beef fell off and he slurped it up before i could grab it.. Doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but maybe all the grease really did him in? *Sigh* I don't know, I just want him better :(


Anonymous said...

Sorry, he is sick. Good that you are taking him to the vet. It could be a little bit of pancreatitis from that greasy beef sandwich he scarfed. Sounds like it from way over here, anyway.
The vet will make sure he doesn't have a blockage, and give him something to settle his tummy, and he will be back to perky in no time.
Cookie, Mom of Dodie, Faye and Skippy

Joan said...

Oh... I hope the "bad day" is just that...and nothing more. I hate it when our babies are sick.

I don't mind the TMI ~ posting about pets and kids usually involves TMI!

Update us on Gibson's diagnosis please.

a corgi said...

(((Kelly and Gibson))) poor both of you! it could have been what he ate at the car show, who knows with these little ones. Maybe the car show stressed him a bit with all the crowd, the heat, etc. When we moved down to So. Calif. 3 years ago, we drove down with obviously Koda with us; over 20 hours in the van. He got stressed out plus he was eating weird food for him, etc. He got sick like you are describing Gibson; not eating, not perky, throwing up, messy poop, etc. When I had exhausted everything I knew to do, I took him to the vet who told me that dogs tend to show stress through their stomach and cats through their lungs, so if a cat is stressed, it might cough a bit, dogs will have GI problems. She told me not to feed Koda for a day or so, gave me the dog equivalent of a medicine to help him if he had a bit of an infection in his stomach and told me to give him Zantac 1/2 of a 150 mg tablet twice a day to help settle his stomach. She also gave him some water through a syringe as he was a bit dehydrated (she shot the water in his back, which was weird, but she said that would be all the fluid he would need for the day). She advised I take away his water dish for the rest of that day and no food. And then to start him back on real bland food, cottage cheese, boiled chicken breast and then to gradually go back to his regular diet. It worked.

Now when he gets a little bit of an upset stomach, we will give him a few days of Zantac twice a day and that usually clears him up and then, of course, we modify his diet so it is really bland.

I'd keep Gibson real bland eating today and not much exercise and see how he is tomorrow, or if you know your vet real well and the vet knows Gibson real well, I'd shoot a call off to them today and see what they recommend

do let us know......poor little Gibson.....

poor you!!!


sam Tsang said...

I'm so sorry Gibson, may be it's better for his stomach to rest for a day. Just make sure he's drinking plenty of water. My Mocha is the same way, bless his heart he try to hold for me to the point of shaking, get well soon!

JuLo said...

Oh poor Gibson! Don't you just feel so helpless and miserable when they're sick? It doesn't sound like a piece of rich meat could cause such tummy turmoil, but you just never know. He probably just got a stomach bug. Hopefully it's just a 24 hour thing. You're doing all the right things by feeding him simple foods and making sure he's got plenty of water, and taking him to go to the bathroom periodically. This happened with Theo a few times in his first year. I always resist going to the vet if there's no blood in his poop or vomit. Just keep giving him love and care and if he doesn't snap out of it today, you're probably best off taking him to the vet tomorrow. Poor guy!

Pam said...

Momo recently had a bout of tummy problems. He had loose stool for a couple days, which sometimes happens so we just waited it out. But then one morning he puked repeatedly (like 5x - it was terrible!) and was trembling also, so we finally gave in and took him to the vet.

Of course, after an expensive visit they found no blockage, fecal sample was negative for anything, so they just gave him fluids and some antibiotics and sent him home.

I hope Gibson feels better and that it's also a short-lived tummy bug. Keep us posted!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Our male corgi Jake, has a much more tender/touchy stomach than his cohort Addie. He pukes when he eats something meant for humans....once he ate part of a sausage biscuit from Biscuit World, and it soon came back up. Addie is made of tougher stuff, but for the most part, we avoid human food. They do eat veggies and fruit, but I make sure they don't lick my yogurt container which has aspartame in it...and not give them anything that's loaded with salt. If it continues on, I'd take him to the vet. It's such a worry when our "kids" are sick. You have lots of good info here in the comment section, and what you've been doing seems right too. Good luck, hope ol' Gibson gets well soon.

Annie and Maggie said...

This sounds suspiciously like pancreatitis. The drinking massive amounts of water, the puking, the pooping, and not eating food he loves... don't wait to take him into the Vet. I don't want to scare you but dogs can go from feeling not so good to being deathly ill and pancreatitis is nothing to play with. Also, drinking a lot of water like that could also be an indicator of a kidney problem (which could lead to pancreatitis). I had a dog with these same symptoms (makes my heart hurt just thinking about it). Seriously, don't wait. If nothing else, call the Vet and get an opinion. Please keep me/us posted. I'm sending good thoughts your way!

Lin said...

Poor Gibson! I hope by now you've had him checked out by the vet. I hate to see our furry friends not feeling well, they can't tell us what's bothering them. Praying he's better soon!

Esther said...

Oh no, poor Gibson! I hope he gets better soon- boiled rice and meat sounds like a good idea for the time being.

We'll be keeping you in our thoughts!

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

So sorry to hear that Gibson's not feeling well, we totally know how you must be worried sick :( Hope he feels better very soon!

BTW, I'm really savoring the little time I have (during sleepless nights) reading your blog now ;)

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