Friday, June 26, 2009

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Today is national "Take Your Dog to Work Day", when it is supposed to be "ok" for you to take your pooch with you to work. Don't get excited though, Gibson is NOT coming with me this morning. Why? Well, because this is how my day would go:

"Mom! Whys are we heres?"
"Mom! What's is this?! And this?! And this?! And this?!"
"Whys are all these trees inside?! Should I pees on them?!"
"Mom! Mom! Why don't you plays with mes?!"
"Wows! Those are the biggest windows evers!"
"Who is that?! *ruf* And that?! *ruf* And that?! *ruf*..."
"Geez theres are so many peoples why aren't you guys concerned?! *ruf* *ruf* *ruf* *ruf*"
"*Sigh* I'm sleepys now. You sucks today mom *pouts & sleeps*"

Yeah, it just wouldn't work out :) I'd love to have him with me, but I don't think much work would get done! Have any of you ever tried bringing your dog to work with you?

P.S. Gibson was thinking that for his birthday we should do a giveaway next week... I'll give some more details soon! ;)


a corgi said...

oh a give away! what fun!!! can't believe Gibson is a year old already!!

I take Koda to work every day with me, LOL (since I work at home). Actually he's so bored with it that when I start work he usually finds a place to just nap the day away, but he's real smart, he knows when I'm going to take a break for lunch whether it is the pattern of noise I make to close programs, etc.,but he's right on me then. I've tried to mix up how I do things and he still need when it is lunch time.

However, if I worked outside the house, there is no way I would take him to work with me. He would be one big mooch if there was food around and probably bark a lot for attention.

hope you have a good day :)


Allidink said...

Haha it would be fun to take our pets to work though but your right almost impossible to get any actual work done LOL. How exciting a giveaway yay!

All the best,

~ Donna ~ said...

Hahahaaa, Id love to bring Buddy to work with me :) but deep down inside I know that would NOT be good, lol!!!!

Esther said...

LOL, I love it!

Back when I worked at the animal hospital I would bring Winnie to work with me several days a week.

Now that I'm working in a genetics lab (though it's at a vet school) my PI wouldn't be too happy about having a dog contaminate everything, haha!

A giveaway sounds exciting :)

Aj said...

I don't work yet, but if I were to bring my Ein to school, I know I wouldn't be able to get any work done!

Jules said...

Hai! I'm slowly reading through all your posts hehe so sorry for the random out of date post.

I used to take the pups into work all the time. Roxi grew up being an office dog and they were a bit loud being corgis lol. but you learned how to keep them quiet (KONGS).

Sadly right now my office doesn't allow it but I'm working on them ;)

It was an odd backwards transition for us. They were so used to going to work that they had to get used to not going to work with me lol.

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