Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Slimmed Down for Summer


Well, maybe just "Furred Down" lol.  In any case, Gibson is looking a lot less pudgy lately!  If you remember, in late February I took him to the vet and he weighed 26lbs when I thought he only weighed 19 (according to our home scale).   This kind of freaked me out since he was only 7 months old, so we fed him less (went from 2 cups a day to  1.25-1.5 cups a day)  and walked him more (3 instead of 2  a day).  His weight hasn't changed much (25 lbs), but my husband and I can definitely see a physical difference!  His belly is higher than his chest (it used to pudge out below his ribs lol) and his hips are well defined.  We can feel his ribs but not count them.  So,  I think he is in pretty good shape for now :)  

This was him back in March:

Now check out that waistline!

Of course, the fact that he is 'blowing his coat' for spring is helping the  situation also.  I cannot believe the amount of hair that comes off of this dog!  During the winter, I'd swipe the furminator over him once a week and only get a handful of hair.. Well, now,  I can keep brushing him forever and the hair does not stop coming out!  Just yesterday I filled up a wastebasket with hair by just brushing his tail!  Which isn't even a tail, it's a nub! lol   I couldn't believe how much hair was hiding in that little puff on his butt.  

Big Butt



"Can you stop taking pictures of my bum now, Mommy?"


Trisha said...

That last picture and comment was funny! =D

What kind of camera are you using. . .your pictures are lookin' good! ;)

a corgi said...

he does look thinner!!! good for you for staying on top of it early in the game and not letting him get a few pounds overweight and then trying to get it off of him (like we are doing with Koda right now). I hear you with corgi shedding; I keep joking that if we saved all the fur we vacuum and brush off him we would be making another corgi (or two or three). I find his hair every place......


JuLo said...

Hey, great job! He's looking really great! Nice and trim. :) If you can still feel his ribs, then he's not too fat. His weight probably hasn't changed much because 1) he's getting older, and 2) he's gaining muscle! 3 walks a day is great. :D

Jenna Z said...

Gibson, you are looking super-buff! Look at those muscular buns! I just started Sully on a run-walk-run program so that hopefully he can start to run with me. I'll be posting about it later this week. :)

Angela said...

Gibson sure is a cutie!!! My girl Jazz sure has thinned down this Summer. She was so fat this Winter that I thought she was going to explode! She still could drop a pound or two but she is constantly running and chasing things in the yard that I'm not too worried about it right now.

I know what you mean about the hair. I just brused another dog off of her the other day and she still needs more hair off of her. She doesn't like it when I try to brush her bum. So now she looks like she has a big bum! lol

Kelly said...

Phew! I'm glad he does actually look thinner and it wasn't all in my head :)

Trish, I use Ben's Nikon D40! I think I use it more than he does lol

Esther said...

Yay, Gibson looks great! We like them Corgis slim and muscular, not pudgy :) I totally get you about all the shedding though! I Furminate a little bit of her body each day- I think I would end up making her bald if I did her whole body at once- I get carried away sometimes, LOL!

Allidink said...

Haha how cute! You know what's funny, I don't know if you remember but when I first found your blog I was like oh my boyfriend wants a corgi so bad he'll love this. Well I took this quiz from a website called dogbreedinfo.com. The quiz helps you find a good match for your type of home, temperament, schedule etc. Guess what kind of dog I got? A Corgi! Not just the Pembroke but the Cardigan too! LOL And a Corgidor, which is a Corgi and Labrador mix! I was surprised LOL. My boyfriend will be pleased to find out I am well suited to his favorite dog! LOL. But now that you're talking about major shedding I am wary! lol. The info also said that Corgi's get chubby fast LOL.

All the best,

Aj said...

Is Gibson planning to hit the beach now? lol

First Draught Farm said...

Gibson looks so good! You're right -- you can fill trashcans full with that undercoat. Just imagine if you had more than one! Keep up the good work!!

Annie said...

If there's one thing Corgis like to do it's EAT! Kudos for making sure he stays lean and fit. It was quite an eye-opener for us when we took our (dearly departed) Corgi to the vet and saw an example of what a pound of fat is. GULP! Too much for those little dogs!

On a side note, I found your site just by searching on "Corgi"...or was it Stumble? I don't remember. Anyway, we are getting 2 Corgi pups in mid-july; one being sable right now so I'm excited to see that Gibson has turned a beautiful color (he was sorta sable at first, right?). I'm hoping our boy Baxter turns the same color. Our girl Bella is tri-color. We're over-the-top excited. Love your blog. :-) You can see them on mycorgi.com (Baxter and Bella)

Curiously Strong said...

Haha. To cute! COngrats on the weight loss!

xtreme said...

Just checked in and was tickled to see so many Gibson pics! He's looking very buff these days. Good on you for getting him in tip top shape!

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

He looks great!

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