Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gibson: The Beginning

Ester over at Confessions of a Corgi tagged me in a game where I am supposed to tell about Gibson's parents or how he came to live with us. I chose the latter :) ....

Last April, my husband and I got married and then immediately afterwards we (or maybe just I ;) ) started looking for a house. By the first week of June we had a realtor and by the end of June we put an offer on our house that was accepted. The day after that, I started looking for a corgi puppy haha.

I first decided to do my research and make sure I was ready for a puppy and that a corgi was the right fit for me.  I felt like I kind of already knew a lot about the breed, so I tried to just find a blog that gave someone's experience of raising a corgi puppy and somehow, I stumbled upon Julo's Corgi Tails. It was soo helpful  and exactly what I was looking for!  I sat down one night and read the entire blog from the beginning when my husband was working late (crazy, right?!).  When reading about cleaning up poop in the house and never getting a good night's sleep didn't scare me, I realized I was ready for my own pup.  

We closed on the house in late July, which made it official that we would be dog owners in the near future.  I started contacting local breeders to see if they would have a litter ready  in the fall (I was thinking a few months after we moved into our house would be ideal), but most of them either had puppies ready to go right then or wouldn't have another litter until spring.  I then did crazy amounts of research and looked for a breeder in other states.  I was getting restless, so I decided to search online at puppyfind.com.  Most of the listings were kind of scarey, but I found one breeder (and one adorable puppy) that caught my eye.  Seriously, it was love at first sight:

I had to have "Boy 4", as he was named by the breeder.  I knew it wasn't the best way to choose your first dog.. I knew you were supposed to go interact with the litter before you made your decision.. But I couldn't help it!  He was perfect and each photo that the breeder sent made us love him even more:

My little sausage baby

The dude on the right is mine :)

We sent our deposit for our boy, who we decided to name "Ein" lol  (we came up with Gibson a few days after we sent the deposit.. It is the last name of one of my husband's favorite baseball players,  Bob Gibson, & he saw a training video that had a corgi in it was named Gibson.. Thank goodness, he is definitely not an Ein!).  The breeder was going to a horse show a few weeks later, which was about halfway between her house and ours, so we thought we would go visit our pup then to get to know him before we took him home in mid-September when he was 12 weeks old.   Well, that all changed...
Change of Plans
August 21, 2008
Well, I was supposed to be "visiting" Gibson this Saturday, just to see him and because my breeder will be at a horse exhibition an hour closer to me than she lives..and then actually bringing him home in 3 weeks.. Well, change of plans! Since Gibson is going to be 8 weeks and closer driving distance to us, we've decided to bring him home with us on Saturday!! I'm so excited :) Tonight we need to do some serious puppy shopping and getting our home ready for our little boy. Lack of sleep, here I come!

Gibson's first weekend
August 25, 2008
Well, we went and picked up Gibson this Saturday as planned :) He's the cutest puppy ever, I swear. And he's so incredibly smart. He's already learned 'come' and 'no' and he's only had *knock on wood* one accident in the house! Everything else has been outside :) And the first night he slept all the way through w/o whining once (today he needed to potty at 5am, but that's still pretty good for a little puppy, i'd say!). His favorite thing to do is run around the yard. He will follow me and my husband everywhere, it's wonderful :) We think he's herding us, it's too cute. It's adorable that we are walking at our normal pace and meanwhile Gibson is sprinting to keep up with us hehe.

Well, anyways, so far, so good. Today is his first day by himself in the house, and he's been pretty sad, but he needs to get used it. And he's lucky his mom and dad both work close enough to come home for lunch! :)
And that's the story of baby Gibson!  Here are some adorable photos of him from his first day with us:

Hope you enjoyed that :)  If you are a dog owner, consider yourself tagged!! :)


~ Donna ~ said...

OMG soooo cute. Talk about coincidence, I am putting together a piece all about Buddy and his parents! I am still working on mine, will post it sometimes this week :)

Infrared Goggles said...

How adorable! Gibson is so cute in those photos! So cool how much research you did, what a great Corgi mom! Gibson is a lucky boy. :)

Allidink said...

AW he was and is still so cute! What a sweet post!

All the best,

a corgi said...

I love reading stories like this!! you did a lot last year, got married, bought a house, adopted a puppy, wow!! and it seems like you survived it all!

I think we got Koda for PuppyFinder too, if it wasn't that, then it was PetFinder, but he wasn't so lucky to be picked up like that, he had to fly from Alabama to Montana; 3 airplanes and an 11-hour day, poor guy. But we did the same thing basically, my son fell in love with his face and had to have him; he was called "Smarty" by the breeder and he hasn't lived his name down, although we changed it to Koda.

I like Gibson much better than Ein, although that is a nice name too. I think the name Gibson fits with your Gibson!!

enjoy many more years with him!!


ClassyChassy said...

Wonderful story of how you found each other - the pictures are soooo cute - such a big smile on the little guy! Great!

Esther said...

Yay, great story! I love his puppy photos. And I agree- Gibson is a much better name than Ein :)

Lin said...

Corgis make the cutest puppies! I really have to laugh out loud at that last photo! Adorable!

First Draught Farm said...

Gibson loves you so much -- look at the joy in his face! Beautiful!

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