Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Doing our part...

We, at the corgi butts household (lol), consider ourselves a pretty green family. We reduce, reuse & recycle... I use those cool cloth bags to go shopping... I walk to work... etc. And now, we have found a wonderful use for our old paper products: They all make fantastic dog toys & chews!

To back up a bit, at the start of the year Gibson started destroying all of his toys. I used to marvel at how he did not pull the stuffing out of any plush toys and how long it would take him to finish a bully stick or rawhide. Well, then I guess his "real teeth" showed up and now everything we give him is destroyed/ate in minutes. It felt wasteful to buy him new toys that weren't strong enough for his bite, and I knew all the chews he was eating were making him a little tubbier. So, we switched to antler chews and "tougher" toys, but I knew he loved to destroy things, I think it's a stress reliever for dogs, so I didn't want to deprive him of that either..

The solution? Cardboard! Paper Towels! Napkins! Toilet Paper Rolls! Microwave Meal Boxes! AKA the most fun toys on the planet for Gibson. It started with me giving him a toilet paper roll that I had just changed to keep him busy while I took a shower, and he wiggled around on the ground with it having a blast, exactly like he did here with a yummy treat.. And now he demands that we give him anything that resembles paper. I think napkins are his favorite (with all the bits of food stuck to them). Forget the food I am eating, when Gibson sees the crumpled napkin in my hand, he sits wide eyed at my feet and shakes his butt whining until I give it to him to destroy. If we walk buy him when he has one of these treasures in his mouth he walks away and gives us a look like "it's mines!" We pretty much all get enjoyment from it :)

Are these good things for us to give a dog? I'm not sure, maybe not, but it does make him happy and we are... sort of.. recycling? :)

How bout you? Do you give your dog anything to "help the environment?" ;)

P.S. I also want to say Happy Birthday to Gibson's Auntie Coal! She is 5 today!! My mom sent me a reminder last week to send her an E-Card lol

Gibson's 1st Birthday is coming up next Wednesday too! I can't believe it is almost here already!


ClassyChassy said...

We give our corgis rawhide bones. Unfortunately, they find other things to chew and devour, and then they have a need to vomit. No fun for us, no fun for them either!

Esther said...

Winnie loves tearing things up, but it's more work for me because I have to clean it all up afterwards, LOL.

Ooh, happy early birthday to Gibson! Corgi birthdays are always a cause for good celebration :)

Allidink said...

Great idea! My Yorkie loves to chew up paper lol.

All the best,

Curiously Strong said...

My dogs love to chew up 2 liter bottles.

Akshay said...

The only problem with this - and I have a Corgi that I give paper products to rip up too - is that this conditions them to just want to rip up any paper they see. I've had many bills and stuff ripped up by my dog...

Kelly said...

haha, you are probably right, Ashkay, because just yesterday Gibson chewed up a Netflix envelope! Yikes! lol

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