Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Sunshine


I'm kind of a big Twilight nerd... a Twinerd, you might say (and probably an even bigger nerd for saying that).. Anyways, without giving too much away, in the second book, "New Moon", Bella refers to her friend Jacob as "her sunshine". Well, that is Gibson for me. I can feel the lowest of the low and I can just grab Gibson and he will let me cuddle him for as long as I want. Or he will make me laugh when I didn't think it was possible. It's almost like he knows that he needs to be there for me and it is the best feeling to know that he will be there. I love my pupper.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Today is national "Take Your Dog to Work Day", when it is supposed to be "ok" for you to take your pooch with you to work. Don't get excited though, Gibson is NOT coming with me this morning. Why? Well, because this is how my day would go:

"Mom! Whys are we heres?"
"Mom! What's is this?! And this?! And this?! And this?!"
"Whys are all these trees inside?! Should I pees on them?!"
"Mom! Mom! Why don't you plays with mes?!"
"Wows! Those are the biggest windows evers!"
"Who is that?! *ruf* And that?! *ruf* And that?! *ruf*..."
"Geez theres are so many peoples why aren't you guys concerned?! *ruf* *ruf* *ruf* *ruf*"
"*Sigh* I'm sleepys now. You sucks today mom *pouts & sleeps*"

Yeah, it just wouldn't work out :) I'd love to have him with me, but I don't think much work would get done! Have any of you ever tried bringing your dog to work with you?

P.S. Gibson was thinking that for his birthday we should do a giveaway next week... I'll give some more details soon! ;)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Doing our part...

We, at the corgi butts household (lol), consider ourselves a pretty green family. We reduce, reuse & recycle... I use those cool cloth bags to go shopping... I walk to work... etc. And now, we have found a wonderful use for our old paper products: They all make fantastic dog toys & chews!

To back up a bit, at the start of the year Gibson started destroying all of his toys. I used to marvel at how he did not pull the stuffing out of any plush toys and how long it would take him to finish a bully stick or rawhide. Well, then I guess his "real teeth" showed up and now everything we give him is destroyed/ate in minutes. It felt wasteful to buy him new toys that weren't strong enough for his bite, and I knew all the chews he was eating were making him a little tubbier. So, we switched to antler chews and "tougher" toys, but I knew he loved to destroy things, I think it's a stress reliever for dogs, so I didn't want to deprive him of that either..

The solution? Cardboard! Paper Towels! Napkins! Toilet Paper Rolls! Microwave Meal Boxes! AKA the most fun toys on the planet for Gibson. It started with me giving him a toilet paper roll that I had just changed to keep him busy while I took a shower, and he wiggled around on the ground with it having a blast, exactly like he did here with a yummy treat.. And now he demands that we give him anything that resembles paper. I think napkins are his favorite (with all the bits of food stuck to them). Forget the food I am eating, when Gibson sees the crumpled napkin in my hand, he sits wide eyed at my feet and shakes his butt whining until I give it to him to destroy. If we walk buy him when he has one of these treasures in his mouth he walks away and gives us a look like "it's mines!" We pretty much all get enjoyment from it :)

Are these good things for us to give a dog? I'm not sure, maybe not, but it does make him happy and we are... sort of.. recycling? :)

How bout you? Do you give your dog anything to "help the environment?" ;)

P.S. I also want to say Happy Birthday to Gibson's Auntie Coal! She is 5 today!! My mom sent me a reminder last week to send her an E-Card lol

Gibson's 1st Birthday is coming up next Wednesday too! I can't believe it is almost here already!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Local Celebrity

My dog stops traffic.  Literally.  It's usually just people rolling down their windows, yelling "I love your dog!" or "Cute Corgi!", but other times it gets a bit crazy.  The worst (or best depending how you look at it) was a few weeks ago when a woman in a HUGE van (think the size of a short bus) stopped diagonally across my street (while cars are trying to driving by) to tell me how much she loved my corgi and then went on to tell me all about her corgi at home..  Where she rescued him from (I think she said the Lakeshore Corgi Rescue), how old he was, how cute their personalities are, etc.   Pretty crazy, but I always enjoy talking to people about corgis and get excited when I find another owner in town (a lot of them tell me how much "smaller" he is than theirs).   I've found more of them than I thought I would too, considering I live in a pretty small town.  

Of course, I walk Gibson a lot and live in the downtown area of our town, so I run into a lot of people.  And Gibson has made a lot of friends because of it (and yes, my dog has way more friends than I do), most of which are kids and other dogs.  I've started hearing kids yell, "Hi Gibson!" whenever I walk by our park, and there are a few little girls a few doors down from me that always run out to pet him when we're by their house.  It's really cute and Gibson loves the attention (since you know he gets no love at home).  He loves saying hi to dogs most of all though.  If one of his dog buddies is in the near vicinity, he will lay down and wait for them to come greet him.  If they don't see him or don't come over, he will start pulling me in their direction and look at me as if to say, "Mommmm! I need to go say hi to my friendddds!"   

He's really ridiculous, but I guess I'm glad he's not antisocial... And who couldn't love this handsome little guy :)


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Slimmed Down for Summer


Well, maybe just "Furred Down" lol.  In any case, Gibson is looking a lot less pudgy lately!  If you remember, in late February I took him to the vet and he weighed 26lbs when I thought he only weighed 19 (according to our home scale).   This kind of freaked me out since he was only 7 months old, so we fed him less (went from 2 cups a day to  1.25-1.5 cups a day)  and walked him more (3 instead of 2  a day).  His weight hasn't changed much (25 lbs), but my husband and I can definitely see a physical difference!  His belly is higher than his chest (it used to pudge out below his ribs lol) and his hips are well defined.  We can feel his ribs but not count them.  So,  I think he is in pretty good shape for now :)  

This was him back in March:

Now check out that waistline!

Of course, the fact that he is 'blowing his coat' for spring is helping the  situation also.  I cannot believe the amount of hair that comes off of this dog!  During the winter, I'd swipe the furminator over him once a week and only get a handful of hair.. Well, now,  I can keep brushing him forever and the hair does not stop coming out!  Just yesterday I filled up a wastebasket with hair by just brushing his tail!  Which isn't even a tail, it's a nub! lol   I couldn't believe how much hair was hiding in that little puff on his butt.  

Big Butt



"Can you stop taking pictures of my bum now, Mommy?"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gibson: The Beginning

Ester over at Confessions of a Corgi tagged me in a game where I am supposed to tell about Gibson's parents or how he came to live with us. I chose the latter :) ....

Last April, my husband and I got married and then immediately afterwards we (or maybe just I ;) ) started looking for a house. By the first week of June we had a realtor and by the end of June we put an offer on our house that was accepted. The day after that, I started looking for a corgi puppy haha.

I first decided to do my research and make sure I was ready for a puppy and that a corgi was the right fit for me.  I felt like I kind of already knew a lot about the breed, so I tried to just find a blog that gave someone's experience of raising a corgi puppy and somehow, I stumbled upon Julo's Corgi Tails. It was soo helpful  and exactly what I was looking for!  I sat down one night and read the entire blog from the beginning when my husband was working late (crazy, right?!).  When reading about cleaning up poop in the house and never getting a good night's sleep didn't scare me, I realized I was ready for my own pup.  

We closed on the house in late July, which made it official that we would be dog owners in the near future.  I started contacting local breeders to see if they would have a litter ready  in the fall (I was thinking a few months after we moved into our house would be ideal), but most of them either had puppies ready to go right then or wouldn't have another litter until spring.  I then did crazy amounts of research and looked for a breeder in other states.  I was getting restless, so I decided to search online at  Most of the listings were kind of scarey, but I found one breeder (and one adorable puppy) that caught my eye.  Seriously, it was love at first sight:

I had to have "Boy 4", as he was named by the breeder.  I knew it wasn't the best way to choose your first dog.. I knew you were supposed to go interact with the litter before you made your decision.. But I couldn't help it!  He was perfect and each photo that the breeder sent made us love him even more:

My little sausage baby

The dude on the right is mine :)

We sent our deposit for our boy, who we decided to name "Ein" lol  (we came up with Gibson a few days after we sent the deposit.. It is the last name of one of my husband's favorite baseball players,  Bob Gibson, & he saw a training video that had a corgi in it was named Gibson.. Thank goodness, he is definitely not an Ein!).  The breeder was going to a horse show a few weeks later, which was about halfway between her house and ours, so we thought we would go visit our pup then to get to know him before we took him home in mid-September when he was 12 weeks old.   Well, that all changed...
Change of Plans
August 21, 2008
Well, I was supposed to be "visiting" Gibson this Saturday, just to see him and because my breeder will be at a horse exhibition an hour closer to me than she lives..and then actually bringing him home in 3 weeks.. Well, change of plans! Since Gibson is going to be 8 weeks and closer driving distance to us, we've decided to bring him home with us on Saturday!! I'm so excited :) Tonight we need to do some serious puppy shopping and getting our home ready for our little boy. Lack of sleep, here I come!

Gibson's first weekend
August 25, 2008
Well, we went and picked up Gibson this Saturday as planned :) He's the cutest puppy ever, I swear. And he's so incredibly smart. He's already learned 'come' and 'no' and he's only had *knock on wood* one accident in the house! Everything else has been outside :) And the first night he slept all the way through w/o whining once (today he needed to potty at 5am, but that's still pretty good for a little puppy, i'd say!). His favorite thing to do is run around the yard. He will follow me and my husband everywhere, it's wonderful :) We think he's herding us, it's too cute. It's adorable that we are walking at our normal pace and meanwhile Gibson is sprinting to keep up with us hehe.

Well, anyways, so far, so good. Today is his first day by himself in the house, and he's been pretty sad, but he needs to get used it. And he's lucky his mom and dad both work close enough to come home for lunch! :)
And that's the story of baby Gibson!  Here are some adorable photos of him from his first day with us:

Hope you enjoyed that :)  If you are a dog owner, consider yourself tagged!! :)
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