Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gibson's First Vacation


Last week, my husband, Gibson and I took a little vacation down to Indianapolis.  My in-laws live there so that meant a vacation with free lodging + dog sitting!  Gibson has traveled with us there before but this was the first extended stay for him.  Let me tell you,  he had a complete blast!  4 of the 7 days we were there, his "cousin", Orson, was there too, and when they are together they play NONSTOP!   Here are some photos from the 2nd day we were there (poor Orson had to be on a leash cause no one trusted him to stay in the yard):







They were soo exhausted by Monday when Orson left, but he came back Thursday when we all went down to Louisville to go to Churchill Downs :) .  Between those visits, I would take Gibson to this awesome park near my in-laws house every morning for a long walk.  It was secluded enough that he could run around off-leash so he loved it!  There was a huge creek and lots of ponds so he got to wade around (he's still not too sure about swimming) and cool off when needed.   We got back home Saturday and he pretty much slept 2 days straight, so I think he enjoyed his first vacation (and  I think he might have even dropped a few pounds! haha)!


Lynn said...

I love the photo where orson is holding gibson's leash in his mouth.. so cute!

Trisha said...

Gibson - you're adorable! :)

Donna said...

Hahahaa, lol....I love it when they get all tuckered out!!! So cute! Were they fighting at all, in the pic where they were showing their teetk?

Kelly said...

Lynn - I love that photo too!

Donna - They were just play fighting. It's Gibson's favorite thing to do! The only time they got kind of aggressive towards each other was when Orson's owner (my sis in-law) came to pick him up and they were exhausted & cranky. Orson did not like Gibson getting attention from her so they kind of snapped at each other! :/

Allidink said...

Haha Gibson is so cute! Those photos are great :)

All the best,

ClassyChassy said...

Lovely photos - they both look like they had a great time!!!

Angela said...

Gibson sure does look like he had a great time while on vacation! Great pictures! We live in the country so we let them run free all the time. They absolutely love it!

Infrared Goggles said...

Wow, Gibson looks gorgeous, isn't he the greatest? Would love to meet him someday, and I think Teggie would love him! Congrats on a great trip. Your photos are awesome. :)
Warmly, Christiane

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

So cute. Looks like Gibson and Orson had a blast.

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Glad Gibson gets along with his cousin! What a great trip :)

ocmist said...

Hi, Gibson! Isn't going on Road Trips pretty neat. We just went on one last week. You can read about it at: http://countrycorgis.blogspot.com/

Looks like you had a blast playing with your cousin!

My Mama, OC, has gone on many trips over her 10 years, but Mom and Dad have just recently started to take me, too! Mama says you are a very handsome Corgi! BG

First Draught Farm said...

Leash shot -- butt shot -- can't pick my fav! What an excellent vacation!

a corgi said...

what cute pictures! seemed like Orson and Gibson got along great! geesh, I wish I went on vacation and came back a few pounds lighter :)


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