Monday, May 25, 2009

First Actual Swim!

I really don't have much to say, except that Gibson had his first actual swim on Saturday! He has never swam, just kind of has waded around in water.. Well, my parents opened their pool this weekend, so that meant seeing what Gibby could do! Here is a video of me and my mom (and Coal) trying to get Gibson to swim at a lake and then finally just putting him in the pool where he would have to do it haha (actual swimming is at about 1:23):

Another proud mamma moment for me! :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

From adorable to annoying...

Last night, my husband and I were watching the season finale of 24 (which was lame, but that's another story ;) ), which meant us sitting on the couch for 2 hours straight. Gibson must have been feeling especially lovey-dovey last night, because within the first 20 minutes he came over and sat "side-saddle" (with his legs out to the side) next to the couch, which is a sure sign that he wants to be picked up (it's the most adorable thing ever, really). I swear, he was like jello last night! We could position him any way that we wanted and he would not fuss one husband actually cradled him like a baby for most of the show and he just laid there and looked fat and happy :) We kept switching turns holding him throughout the show and he did not tire of it until eventually he got a too hot (one of many downfalls of that thick undercoat corgis have!) and had to be moved onto his cool leather chair.

I love moments like these, when Gibson wants attention, but will take the kind that you are in the mood to give. It makes me feel so completely lucky to have such a good dog and a happy family. That all went out the window this morning though...

6:00 a.m. I woke up (out of a pretty good dream) to the sound of Gibson crying. I open my eyes, and he is standing on the other side of the bed, crying in my husband's face. He sees me wake up so he struggles to get over my husband and come see me to cry in my face. Ugh, seriously? 45 minutes before my alarm normally goes off? I tried to ignore him but he wouldn't stop crying, so I put him on the floor and opened to door to see if he was just bored or if he actually needed to go out. The crying continued along with jumping up at the bed, so it must be the latter. So, I took him out to pee, let him back in, then quickly went back to bed, hoping he'd find something to do to entertain himself til my alarm went off.

2 minutes later he was back by my side jumping and whining at me to get up. It was now 6:15. I still had 30 minutes left to sleep, but apparently I needed to wake up early today because the prince needed his breakfast *rolls eyes*. The morning routine had started and Gibson had to remind me to what I was supposed to be doing next. I tried to lay back down on the couch while he ate, but as soon as he was done he was on top of me whining to let him out to poop. Oh the life of a dog owner...

Walking was required of me next of course, and again, earlier than we usually go. Only it wasn't a walk, it was a crawl. I swear, he must know how much I hate it when he turns our walks into a "I must smell every inch of ground the entire way and pull on the leash and annoy mommy" event...

Needless to say, I was not very lovey-dovey towards HIM this morning. I think he must have been buttering me up last night...

Friday, May 8, 2009

He loves me, he loves me not?

I had a nightmare the other night: My husband and I had dropped Gibson off at the vet for something routine and then went and visited his parents (I think..dreams are always blurry). On the way, we got caught in a tornado and had to seek cover. We were waiting forever for the tornado to pass, but it just was getting worse, so this meant Gibson was alone w/o us. I started panicking, so I decided to try to get back to him (on foot!) even though I had no idea where we were. The rest of the dream was just me hopping on trains and getting lost, trying to reunite with my puppy because I thought he wouldn't love me anymore if I left him alone any longer. It was horrible, and I was so thankful to wake up and snuggle with him.

I know, it's silly, but I was shook up by this darn dream! I couldn't wait to see my husband at lunch to tell him about it when he got home, but before I could, he ran over to Gibson and hugged him and told him that he knew that he loved his daddy. Wha?? Did he have the same dream too?? Apparently not, but he had just read an article that said that dogs do not love their owners (read it here).

The gist is this:
"Dogs develop very strong, instinctive attachments to the people who feed and care for them," said Katz, speaking Wednesday from his farm in upstate New York. "Over 15,000 years of domestication, they've learned to trick us into thinking that they love us. "

and also:
"Dogs don't 'miss' you when you go away," said Katz, whose conclusions are supported by university studies of animal behavior. "They might get anxious and confused, but don't mistake that for loneliness or mourning. As soon as they find someone else to take care of them, they forget you pretty quickly."

I have to wholeheartedly disagree (but maybe I am crazy?). Even though I questioned whether or not he would still love me in my dream, I knew the feeling was something he was capable of. When I look at Gibson, I can tell that he feels something for us that he does not feel for others (well, maybe for some others- the ones that love him back). The cuddles & kisses, the sad look when we leave, the smiles when we're playing, the look of pure joy when we get home from work, etc., etc. He is a lover, I really can't believe that you can fake that.. Are we to believe that all dogs take acting classes too?

What do you think?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gibson's First Vacation


Last week, my husband, Gibson and I took a little vacation down to Indianapolis.  My in-laws live there so that meant a vacation with free lodging + dog sitting!  Gibson has traveled with us there before but this was the first extended stay for him.  Let me tell you,  he had a complete blast!  4 of the 7 days we were there, his "cousin", Orson, was there too, and when they are together they play NONSTOP!   Here are some photos from the 2nd day we were there (poor Orson had to be on a leash cause no one trusted him to stay in the yard):







They were soo exhausted by Monday when Orson left, but he came back Thursday when we all went down to Louisville to go to Churchill Downs :) .  Between those visits, I would take Gibson to this awesome park near my in-laws house every morning for a long walk.  It was secluded enough that he could run around off-leash so he loved it!  There was a huge creek and lots of ponds so he got to wade around (he's still not too sure about swimming) and cool off when needed.   We got back home Saturday and he pretty much slept 2 days straight, so I think he enjoyed his first vacation (and  I think he might have even dropped a few pounds! haha)!

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