Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not a Fetch Dog.

Fave Toy

Gibson is not a fetch dog. Never has been. I figured it would come eventually. The toys constantly at my feet. Mindlessly throwing things across the room. A panting dog, that looks like he is about to die, but wont quit. But nope, Gibson is just too weird for any of that :)

We have our games of course, which include:

Chase something around my back
I started playing this with Gibson when he was a teeny puppy. I basically would take one of his toys and drag it around me in a circle while I sat indian style. He thought it was SOO much fun to chase it around me and I thought it was an easy way to burn off some of his puppy energy. This morphed into him doing mini agility style runs around me, under my legs, and jumping over me. He just thinks it is the most fun ever. I stopped using toys and would use candy wrappers (since they always got his attention) for a while but now he will just chase my hands around and around. When he's tired, he'll just walk around me slowly with his tongue hanging out, it's so weird haha. And if I am just sitting on the floor he expects me to play that game with him so he'll come charging at me from across the room.. It is nice cause it doesn't involve much thought or energy on my end and it keeps him entertained for a long time!

Leash jumping
This is a little bit of a reward for him/a way of distracting him when we get back to our yard from a walk. I always take his leash off of him when we get to our front yard, basically to show him where our property lines are, but I want to keep his attention so he doesn't get distracted by a squirrel or neighbor across the street. Well, this turned into him chasing the leash when I take it off of him. I swing the leash around and he jumps trying to catch it in his mouth. He sometimes almost does flips in the air, it is crazy! Once he gets the leash in his mouth, he will have to play tug of war with it until I drag him into the house with it hehe.

Arm/Leg Wrestling
This happens when he is in a more aggressive mode.. It's pretty much how he plays with other dogs, but instead of a dog, he uses our arms & legs to wrestle. It looks really funny because he wraps his front legs around us like and holds on tight haha. It almost looks like he is going to hump us but no thrusting is involved :) He then expects us to push him around and bounce our legs up and down while he tries to bite at our sleeves & pant legs.. Silly boy.

Modified Fetch
I do TRY to play fetch with Gibson. I toss something and he will run after it, but then it turns into a game of chase. He expects me to chase him and get the toy from him, which, I must say is a pretty fun game! We pretty much run around the living room, trying to outsmart each other. I used to be able to corner him in our den area, but now he is too smart and will do these crazy maneuvers to get by me! If I do get the toy, I toss it for him and the chase begins again.. When there is no hope for me to ever get the toy back I turn the tables and make him chase me instead. This makes him go crazy! He turns into full herding expert and runs at me full speed and then ends up doing a little frap around our house! Good exercise for everyone involved :)

We're not sure if Gibson is smart for preferring these silly games over a standard game of fetch, or if he is just kind of slow... Either way though, we love him and will do whatever makes him happy :)

P.S. Sorry for a lack of posts since the giveaway..I've been kind of consumed with a popular book series involving vampires & werewolves... ;)


JuLo said...

I did that same chasing toy around the back game with Theo when he was a puppy. It was totally the perfect way to get his puppy energy spent! That's so cute that he's turned you into his own agility course! Gibson is so adorable!

Lynn said...

He's so cute! I think it's hilarious that you can't sit on the floor without a corgi running circles around you!

a corgi said...

love your games you and Theo play! We play the leash game too when we are walking him; must be a modified version of it. Koda will fetch; he fetched better when we had a yard but will fetch his rope when hubby plays with him, Koda will ignore me though if I throw something for him and look at me as if to say "you want me to get that??"

have a great weekend


ClassyChassy said...

Such a cute little dog - and he has his own brand of games too! funny!

Freya's Human said...

Aaw, that's too cute! I may try some of those things with Freya since she lost interest in the standard fetch game.

Infrared Goggles said...

Ah, those darned vampires! Look what we had to buy (custom order):

Love all the Gibson photos and descriptions of his favorite games. The human herding sounds like fun! Hope our gal is into fun games like Gibson's!


Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Bryson wouldn't really fetch either, we even tried a toy w/ food in it, he'll just run away with it *sigh*. But glad that Gibson has his own games :)

Kelly said...

JuLo- That is awesome that Theo played the same game! I thought Gibson was the only weirdo :)

Lynn - It is a sight to see that is for sure!

Christiane - Those twilight dolls are awesome! Quite the find ;)

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