Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rally Graduation

Well, Rally class is done and over with.  We ended up with a score of 96/100, which was good enough for 2nd place (out of 3 dogs haha).  We probably would have come in last, but the girl that went first did one of the stations wrong, so that lost her 10 points.  

Gibson did not do horribley, but I decided he just is not cut out for this kind of performing.  At home he is perfect, but in class he acts like a total goofball!  He has such a hard time concentrating on me instead of the other dogs around him.  The moving stations he does great with, but as soon as we have to stop and do something he gets all googly-eyed and acts like he's never listened to me a day in his life.  Downs were always impossible in class and of course there was a "down - walk around your dog" and a "moving down" on the test.  I knew there was going to be at least one down on the test so we have been practicing at home like crazy!  And every time he would lay down immediately, so I thought we were good to go last night... 

The first down was the very first station, right in front of where everyone was standing, so I knew it was going to be a problem.  After asking him about 5 times though he finally laid down (yay good boy!), but as soon as we moved on he decided it was play time and kept jumping up on me to play with his leash (ah! maybe leash jumping is not the best game to play with him! lol).  I finally got him to settle down and breezed through the next few stations until we got to "moving down".  For this you basically skip "sit" and instead motion your dog to lay down as you are walking.  I knew it was going to be a challenge and Gibson did not disappoint.  After a few tries I finally had to lift his front legs out from underneath him to get him to lay down..  The rest was easy and went quickly.  We finished the course in 3:25 which I guess wasn't bad.  

The trainer said we all could go and compete in akc rally events and do well.  I just don't think rally is my thing though.  It just was not that fun to me.   Classes were not bad, cause we could goof off and it wasn't a big deal, but I can't picture us competing ever.  I think we will probably move on to agility and maybe try some herding.  See if something sticks that we both like :)  I'll probably just do another rally class if Gibson starts acting up again, since it is way more fun than regular obedience classes!  In the end, it was worth the $55 and he is listening to me better and starting to walk on a leash more like a normal dog :)  I guess that's all that matters!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

8 Things

I've been tagged with the following blog game by JuLo at Corgi Tails.   I guess you can learn a little about Gibson's human :)  Here it goes!

8 Things I am Looking Forward to
1…..Getting my IMac today, woohoo!
2…..Having a week off and going on vacation next week!
3…..Gibson's Rally class graduation tomorrow
4…..The weather warming up this weekend!
5…..The concert we are going to in May
6…..Outdoor Festivals
7…..Our patio getting done.. sometime.. hopefully soon!
8…..Going home and seeing my hubby & puppy

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1…..Walked Gibson in the Rain
2…..Went Grocery Shopping
3…..Made Spaghetti
4…..Started reading New Moon for the 2nd time
5…..Worked on websites for work
6…..Watched 24
7.....Chased Gibson up and down our stairs for excercise.
8…..Drank a glass of wine

8 Things I Wish I Could do
3…..Lift heavy things
4.....Make more money
5.....Live in Italy
6…..Travel someplace new every month
7…..See my friends more
8…..Be a stay at home doggie mama

8 Shows I Enjoy
2…..The Office
3…..Battlestar Galactica
4…..30 Rock
5…..Arrested Development
6…..Freaks & Geeks
7.....Mad Men
8…..Top Chef

8 People I tag (sorry if you've already been tagged! I tried to mix it up :) )
1…..Pam at  The Adventures of Momo-Mom
2…..Trisha at A Day in the Life of a Seelen
3…..Christina at Christina's Busy Life
4…..Amy at From this Day Forward
5…..Chantel at Chantel's Fave Things
6…..Donna at Loving Married Life
7…..Jan at Jan's Place
8…..Alli at The Blankenship's

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Playing with Food

I dont know about any of your dogs, but Gibson lovvvves to play with treats before he eats them. He usually does this every day when I give him a little snack at lunch time. He will flip it, throw it around and roll around on it for a good while until it is seasoned enough to eat. The yummier the treat, the better the performance. The treat today must have been especially good... I got a package in the mail today and I had no idea what it could be until I remembered that Christiane from Infrared Goggles Photography said she would send me some healthy snacks for Gibson because I helped her finish a theme song for her new puppy (I think she is getting her today actually!). She sent me some Old Mother Hubbard Puppy Biscuits! Isnt that nice?? :)

I think they are Gibsons new favorite! They are crunchy (which he loves) and healthy (which I love). Just look at how happy he got when I gave him one:

Such a silly head :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Doggie Ice Cream!

Doggie Ice Cream!

Since it is finally warming up outside, I thought I would try making doggie ice cream for Gibson! I first saw the recipe for this on Ivy's Blog last fall, but Gibson was just too young to try it at the time and then winter came and stuck around forever.. so this has been my first chance to make it. It is sooo easy! Here is the (modified) recipe!

16oz plain yogurt
1 banana
2 tablespoons peanut butter
1 handful frozen or fresh blueberries (optional)

Mash the first three ingredients together until smooth and then stir in the blueberries. Scoop mixture into icecube trays and freeze. Microwave a few seconds before serving. (Makes 1 ice cube tray of ice cream)

We always have these ingredients in the house from making smoothies, so this was such an easy treat to make. The orginal recipe uses 32oz of yogurt and also calls for 2 tbsp of honey, but I changed it because we only had half a carton of yogurt left and no honey in the house :) I dont think Gibson minds!

Nom Nom! Evil Gibson!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not a Fetch Dog.

Fave Toy

Gibson is not a fetch dog. Never has been. I figured it would come eventually. The toys constantly at my feet. Mindlessly throwing things across the room. A panting dog, that looks like he is about to die, but wont quit. But nope, Gibson is just too weird for any of that :)

We have our games of course, which include:

Chase something around my back
I started playing this with Gibson when he was a teeny puppy. I basically would take one of his toys and drag it around me in a circle while I sat indian style. He thought it was SOO much fun to chase it around me and I thought it was an easy way to burn off some of his puppy energy. This morphed into him doing mini agility style runs around me, under my legs, and jumping over me. He just thinks it is the most fun ever. I stopped using toys and would use candy wrappers (since they always got his attention) for a while but now he will just chase my hands around and around. When he's tired, he'll just walk around me slowly with his tongue hanging out, it's so weird haha. And if I am just sitting on the floor he expects me to play that game with him so he'll come charging at me from across the room.. It is nice cause it doesn't involve much thought or energy on my end and it keeps him entertained for a long time!

Leash jumping
This is a little bit of a reward for him/a way of distracting him when we get back to our yard from a walk. I always take his leash off of him when we get to our front yard, basically to show him where our property lines are, but I want to keep his attention so he doesn't get distracted by a squirrel or neighbor across the street. Well, this turned into him chasing the leash when I take it off of him. I swing the leash around and he jumps trying to catch it in his mouth. He sometimes almost does flips in the air, it is crazy! Once he gets the leash in his mouth, he will have to play tug of war with it until I drag him into the house with it hehe.

Arm/Leg Wrestling
This happens when he is in a more aggressive mode.. It's pretty much how he plays with other dogs, but instead of a dog, he uses our arms & legs to wrestle. It looks really funny because he wraps his front legs around us like and holds on tight haha. It almost looks like he is going to hump us but no thrusting is involved :) He then expects us to push him around and bounce our legs up and down while he tries to bite at our sleeves & pant legs.. Silly boy.

Modified Fetch
I do TRY to play fetch with Gibson. I toss something and he will run after it, but then it turns into a game of chase. He expects me to chase him and get the toy from him, which, I must say is a pretty fun game! We pretty much run around the living room, trying to outsmart each other. I used to be able to corner him in our den area, but now he is too smart and will do these crazy maneuvers to get by me! If I do get the toy, I toss it for him and the chase begins again.. When there is no hope for me to ever get the toy back I turn the tables and make him chase me instead. This makes him go crazy! He turns into full herding expert and runs at me full speed and then ends up doing a little frap around our house! Good exercise for everyone involved :)

We're not sure if Gibson is smart for preferring these silly games over a standard game of fetch, or if he is just kind of slow... Either way though, we love him and will do whatever makes him happy :)

P.S. Sorry for a lack of posts since the giveaway..I've been kind of consumed with a popular book series involving vampires & werewolves... ;)

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