Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sleeping Buddy

Since, oh, October or so, Gibson has slept in bed w/us. It started off as my husband and I just cuddling w/him before we put him in his crate, until one night he was just too adorably cute and tired to move him (and he has slept with us ever since). It took some getting used to. He would be in our way, steal our blankets, walk on us to wake us up, not want to go to sleep when I did, etc. I still wanted him in bed w/us though, and eventually, he found his spot and stopped waking me up before my alarm went off. It is so nice to have a cuddle buddy in bed, since I normally go to sleep about 3 or more hours before my husband does (geez I am getting old), and waking up with a happy puppy to snuggle with is a great way to start the day.

We do not have puppy stairs or any way for him to get up on the bed, so we always have to pick him up and put him on there ourselves. This meant, he would have to go to bed when one of us does, and it would usually be when I did. Well, I, being old, have been going to sleep way early lately (like between 9 & 10) and Gibson is usually still awake chewing his antler (btw, sale on Antler Dog Bones HERE until March 31st! Free shipping too!!), so I havent made him come to bed when I do.. He is more trustworthy now, so we figured he could go to bed when husband does or he can choose to sleep where he wants. Well, it turns out he wants to sleep with us in bed! About 20 minutes or so after I go to sleep lately, I have woken up to a jumping dog trying to get on our bed hehe. It is so cute, he is like, "Mom, a little help here!" I never really knew if he liked sleeping with us, or if he just did because there was no way for him to get down from the bed after we put him up there. It is nice to know he likes it :)

Which brings me to the whole point of why I am writing about this.... haha

Last night, we had a little bit too much wine (and beer), so I fell asleep not thinking about much and was dead to the world.. I woke up this morning, and my poor little buddy was curled up on the floor right next to my side of the bed, pressed up against his closed crate door (it is my nightstand now lol). Poor thing couldnt wake his irresponsible mommy up to get into bed! He must have given up and decided to sleep as close as he could to me. I had to pick him up and snuggle with him for an hour until he decided it was time for us to get up ;) Geez, I seriously do not know what I would do w/o my furkid.

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Lin said...

Poor little Gibson! I'll bet that made you feel a little bit guilty, but, of course, he was fine! My Xena tells me when it's time to go to bed, and she has quite the internal clock!
Enjoy that wine!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

We have a round footstool for our short legged corgi girl to hop up onto the bed. Jake, our male is taller, with longer legs and more spring, and doesn't need it.

a corgi said...

oh how cute!! poor Gibson! He probably wondered what he did wrong to be denied permission on the bed. My husband made stairs for Koda to go up and down the bed; Koda conquered down but has never climbed up so we pick him up when its bedtime. Or if he doesn't want up on the bed right when we are ready, he does come by one of us and let us know he's ready. Makes it challenging on those nights when we aren't ready for him on the bed but he's ready (wink wink)but it all works out.

except he's a bed hog and he knows how to covertly take his room while you are asleep, inch by inch by inch by inch until you are practically off the bed and he has 90% of it.

but I wouldn't have it any other way, LOL!

enjoy Sunday :)


Kelly said...

We will probably get a bench at some point to put at the end of the bed..but it is not that huge of necessity right now :) I'll probably just put a dog bed in the room, just in case lol.

Lynn said...

Too cute. We have a couple cubes at the foot of the bed that lucy can jump on. She purposely walks on me though.. i think she uses me as a ramp...

Freya's Human said...

Aaaw, poor Gibby! At least he likes to sleep with you. Freya hasn't calmed down enough to want to sleep or cuddle a lot yet. Cloud, our Weim, loves to cuddle with me and will sleep with me. My boyfriend thinks it is awesome because I will wake up whenever he gets out of bed. When Cloud's there I don't even wake up until he moves. Hah, kind of sad really. I need a lot more sleep than my bf does.

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