Monday, March 2, 2009

Life with Coal: Day 3

(haha, don't worry, this is still a Gibson blog)

Well, I have survived 3 days of having 2 dogs.. and so far I have learned quite a bit, including:

1. Having 2 dogs is crazy! The first day and a half were so totally exhausting! At first, all Gibson want to do was play with Coal. They were up all night and wouldn't stop, and then I was woke up at 5:50am Saturday morning by a panting black dog in my face.    Taking them out and feeding is such a chore... making sure Gibson does not eat Coal's food (if he goes near her she will back off and let him eat her whole bowl) & keeping both dogs in my partially fenced in yard (Gibson has this down so I don't have to go out with him, but I have to stand out in the cold now to make sure Coal stays close) .  Walking 2 dogs is not as bad as I thought, except when they both have to poop on the walk and I have to juggle two leashes getting all tangled up while picking up after them (I much prefer corgi sized poop btw!!!!).  It's also hard just keeping them both's so easy to keep track of Gibson, since we have a routine going, but Coal is totally different.  It is getting easier, so we'll see how I feel on day 8 :)

2.  Gibson prefers being an only child. I never thought he was like this..but if Coal wants to cuddle with me or play with me, Gibson gets so totally jealous and possessive of me!  Whenever she comes over and sits by me to be petted, Gibson will run over and curl up on my lap and if she bring me a rope to play tug, he will run around barking and growling at her!   It's kind of sweet really, I have to admit.  It's just nice knowing he thinks of me as "his human".  I do feel bad for Coal though.. 

3.  I love my dog!  As crazy and as bratty as he is, I've realized over the past few days how normal he is and how perfect he is for me and my husband!  I love that he has a set schedule and will eat/poop on command!  Coal has to be tempted to eat her kibble w/extra goodies on top (I'm hoping to change this by the end of the week) and she WILL NOT for any reason poop in our yard (lots of poop talk, sorry! ).  At her house, she has woods in the front & back yards, and usually runs in the fields to go to the she has been holding it. It drives me crazy!   I also have to chuck a tennis ball w/a chuckit for her until she is too tired to do it, which I have been doing at the park nearby.  I love Gibson because after about 2 times he just decided it wasn't worth it and just laid in the grass and played there haha.  He is so cute and lazy, but just a great, great dog.  Love him soo very much :)

Gibson & his Aunt

P.S.  I just took Gibson to the vet and he weighed 26lbs!!!  I weighed him about a week ago at home and he was 19... He seems little for a corgi, but I've never seen another one next to him to compare.  His parents were only 18 & 22lbs.  Is 26lbs a lot for 8months old?  We always joke that he is  a fatty, but we thought he was a normal stocky corgi...  Maybe the vet's  scale is just off? Or else mine is way off and I weigh more than I thought too!!  Hmm... 


ClassyChassy said...

It sounds like it's going pretty well! Soon it will be a breeze, and you'll find out it wasn't so bad after all! And, there's always room for more corgis!

Lynn said...

Cute! So is the ball video. He looks like an active corgi. Maybe he's been stealing Coal's food?

Infrared Goggles said...

Wow, Gibson is getting big! So cute that he is jealous, and glad to learn that he is such a good fit with the family. Hope we get as lucky as you and Gibson! :)

a corgi said...

I loved the last picture of Coal and Gibson doing their work. I can't remember what Koda weighed at 9 months but he, Koda, is a bit overweight right now close to 40 pounds (oh dear, its those eyes) but he's stocky too.

hope the rest of the time of dog sitting goes reasonably well


Kelly said...

ClassyChassy: Haha, I'm sure it will seem easier, but I really don't think I could ever have more than one dog. It's just hard for me to spread the love..I love spoiling my little guy!

Lynn, he definitely is active.. We walk at least a mile & a half every day and then play for an hour at night til he is too tired to anymore. I feed him way less than what the bag says.. My vet told me he was a little 'portly' when he was only 12 weeks maybe it's just he's just naturally chubby...

Infrared Goggles: I am sure you will bond w/your new pup just as well as we have w/our guy. I am excited for you!

Betty: Wow, Koda doesn't look that overweight! Is he just a bigger corgi in general?

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