Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Corgi vs Lab: Round 1

The Scene: Gibson wants to play tug of war w/me. Coal sees this, so she wants to play tug of war w/me too. This make Gibson jealous, so he starts growling at Coal. She backs off. Nobody gets to play. Everyone is sad and whining. I try to get them to tug together but once one gets the rope in their mouth, the other drops it. I try with a longer rope (to give them more space between them) and voila! Success! And this cute video:

I love their faces at the end of it :)

I had a scarey moment with them yesterday morning. I was walking them, when all of a sudden a lab puppy (around 6 or 7 months old I think) comes running up to us. I thought, "ok, hi Sara (she lives across the street from me), where's your owner?" He did not come... Sara is so excited and jumps all over both of my dogs and won't stop. Coal and Gibson are both scared. Coal starts growling and Gibson wants to be picked up. Sara still won't stop and I try to keep walking to get away. Well, then she gets all tied up in Coals leash (a flexi-lead), so bad that I have to just stand there and wait for someone to help me. Finally a woman who's house I was in front of came out and helped me untangle the dogs and THEN the owner came and got her. It was scarey! I was really shook up from it..I mean, what if Coal bit the other dog? or if Gibson got trampled or one of them choked from the leash? I know it was not as bad as a lot of random dog run-ins that dog owners have, but ugh :-\


ClassyChassy said...

That IS scarey! Flexi leashes are a cool item to have, but I only use mine when it's raining out and I want to potty the dogs from my deck where the overhang of the roof protects me - I can hit the button when I get as far as I care to go, tell the dog to potty, then have them come back in and reel the thing short again. The flexis I have don't offer much control in the kind of situation you found yourself in. For training and for walks, a regular leash works better for me. I'm glad you had someone notice that you needed assistance! If you would have picked your smaller dog up, or done anything differently, you may have gotten bitten yourself! Thank God for good neighbors!!!

a corgi said...

that video was so cute and your setting of the scene was priceless; I found it typically corgi that Gibson ended up with the rope at the end of the game.

that was scary with your walk; I'm glad it worked out okay in the end but I know at the time you were very scared. I have such a fear of walking Koda these days after we got attacked. We now walk around a park that several other people do laps around (it takes about 10 minutes to do a lap so its a pretty big sized circle) in case a strange dog comes at us again. I know Koda and me are both spooked these days.

Did you get Lost tonight?


Kelly said...

ClassyChassy, Yeah, I am really not a fan of flexi-leads either.. I've never used one on Gibson. My mom gave me it for Coal and I though it was the only leash she left me, but there was actually a regular leash in the bag w/treats she gave me so I've been using that now :) Much easier!

Betty, I missed Lost last night because my Rally class is at the same time (so fun! But Gibson was of course the class clown/screw up haha), but I did watch it this morning during work (my boss is in Florida) and it was awesome! Getting soo good :)

Lynn said...

I love that Gibson looked surprised when he won.

As for Coal, chances are she was just trying to correct the puppy, but how scary!

Infrared Goggles said...

Go Gibson! Yay! I linked to the video in my blog, it is one of the best I've ever seen. I love how calm they are afterward, such sweethearts.

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Having one extra dog is a LOT more to juggle when you're out and about. Glad everyone survived :)

And their faces in the video is pretty hilarious- Gibson looks like "I can't believe I won", and Coal has the "I can't I believe I lost" look, ha ha!

Anonymous said...

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