Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Terrible 7-8 months?

I know, it is probably a little funny that I follow up a 'my dog is so good, he doesnt need his crate anymore' post with a 'my dog is a complete jerk and I hate him' post.

Ok, I obviously do not hate him, but he has really tested my nerves the past week or so. I remember in obedience class the trainer telling us that 7-8 months is the worst time, and that puppies will forget all that they have learned so far. I, for some reason, did not think this would happen w/Gibson since he was so good when he was so little. He knew to come and to stay when I told him to. I even bragged about how obedient he was. Well, now he will not come, stay, or walk w/me normally on walks.

It's so frustrating, especially when I have to run into my neighbors yard in my pjs and slippers (at 1 in the afternoon mind you... so now my neighbors know how lazy I am on Sunday afternoons!) to get him, while he hides underneath their evergreen tree :( I've tried tempting him w/treats but that no longer works. It's like he has his 'earmuffs' on and does not care if he pleases us or not anymore. On walks he just looks miserable the whole time and walks at a snails pace because I do not feel like sitting and waiting forever for him to sniff every inch of ground. It just makes me feel like a horrible 'mom', like he does not like me anymore. So after I get so frustrated and mad..I shower him with love and spoil him like he actually is a good dog so that he does not hate me. Ridiculous I tell you!

We are now back to square one on the obedience front. I'm working w/him on stay and come like I did when he was in class. I've also been trying to get him to understand 'heel' while on walks so he'll actually walk by my side again. The first week of March we start our Rally Obedience class, which I am so excited for. I'm not really clear on what Rally is exactly..but if it's fun and teaches Gibson to listen to me again, it will be worth it :) Or maybe Gibson will just snap out of it soon...


Lynn said...

Gibson's so smart, he's teaching you to spoil him!! :P

Lucy did the same thing, but I wasn't as diligent as you and I didn't go back to training her as she was a puppy. However, you are much nicer than I am, so she didn't get any extra treats or love out of being bratty. Lets just say we've come to an understanding now...

I keep forgetting to comment about the crate... Lucy has a crate, and we leave the door open. She'll go in and sleep in it sometimes, but most of the times she prefers the bed or the couch.

JuLo said...

Theo went through the exact same thing at the exact same time! It makes you just want to pull your hair out, right? I wish I could say he snapped out of it soon, but in some respects he's still like that. I call it being a teenager. Sometimes he's wonderful and perfectly obedient and other times he acts like he's suddenly gone deaf and can't understand a word I've said.

You're doing all the right things. Just keep doing obedience exercises with him, teaching him that being obedient is a rewarding thing, and I'm sure he'll grow up to be a great dog. Just focus on the positives. I like to give Theo a hard time about being bad, but when I see my neighbors dogs, it hits me how great he really is in comparison. Sure, he might not come when you call him all the time, but at least you can walk him down the street without him trying to pull your arm of the socket, right? Hehe.

Rally Obedience looks like something that would be a lot of fun. We did it the last day of my intermediate obedience class. It's basically a "course" with signs of things you have to have your dog do. So you would Gibson to the first sigh, if it says "sit" you put Gibson in a sit, then go to the next sign. They can be turning a certain way, walking a certain speed, that sort of thing. Let me know how it goes!

Pam said...

I totally feel your pain. Momo is 9 months old and sometimes when I call him to come over I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall. He's great with listening to commands and doing tricks, but sometimes he just acts naughty and doesn't listen. My pet peeve is that he chews things he's not supposed to (and sometimes eats his toys!!) There's now way he's getting free range of the house until he's much, much more trustworthy. For both your and my sanity, I hope all this is a phase :)

a corgi said...

Koda is 4 years old and still acts like that.....I have totally failed training him; he trained me instead......but he has such a cute face one can't stay mad at him long; I think they all know that too

good luck with Gibson!


Kelly said...

Thanks everyone! It's nice to hear that other corgis are just as bratty :)

It has been kind of draining starting over..I had some success last night by carrying cheese w/me at all times haha. We'll see if he gets better.. I really can't wait til Rally class. It sounds like fun!!

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