Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bye Bye Crate?

Gibson has not used his crate since Monday.  And no, I don't keep him penned off, gated up or locked in any room.  He is now a free man.

I used to just keep him in his crate while me  and my husband were at work or anywhere else outside of the house.  Well, last weekend I decided that he did not need to be put in his crate when we ran to the store... or when we went out to the bar late at night, or shopping the next day.  Each time he'd be sleeping right in front of the door where we left him when we came back.  So, Tuesday I finally decided to just leave him out to test if he'd be good for 4 hours alone or not.  He's such a perfect angel when we're not home!  I think he just sits and sulks and then falls asleep waiting for us to get back.  And it's so nice to have a happy jumping puppy to walk into the house to.  Before, he'd be half asleep in his crate and then crawl out slowly when I opened the door.  This is way more fun :)   I told myself if he had an accident or chewed something up, it'd be back in the crate for him...but so far, so good!


a corgi said...

WTG Gibson!! we still put Koda in the crate when we go out (which is not that often since I work at home). He knows when we are going and goes into it; rarely will he sleep in it but sometimes during the day I'll see him in there. I'm thinking if we forgot to put him in there when we left, he probably would go in there on his own!

(I figured out how to catch Lost this season without paying for a DVR -- on line -- we are all caught up and intrigued by the new season)

enjoy the weekend :)


Kelly said...

It's getting good isn't it?? I love all the time travel :)

^..^ Corgi Dog Mama said...

Our female corgi kids does this. She waits by the door, and sulks.
Our dogs haven't been in crates for 2 1/2 years, since we've quit our jobs and traveled in the rv.
However, now that we're both going back to work, asap & hopefully...they are going to have to get used to crates all over again. We found that it made them feel more secure. We always placed a mug of water, and gave them a bisky before heading out the door.
They may surprise us though, after so much time, and really balk.
They sleep with us each night, and we are in their den, part of the clan. Clan mentality rules!!

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