Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back to Jail / Visitor / Meetup!

Back to Jail
Free-range Gibson has officially failed.  The first 2 weeks were great! He was an angel and did nothing wrong.  Well, in the past week and a half, he has:
  • Shredded a brand new rug
  • Chewed up my favorite Sox hat
  • Chewed off the ends of all my husband's shoe laces
  • Ripped off the leather ties to his slippers
  • And (final straw) chewed off the back leather loops on his boots. 
Now, I do believe that it is our fault for leaving our stuff out on the floor ( we haaaave to leave our shoes out by the door where the dogs sleeps, hubby dear??) ..but I guess that was part of the test.  To see if Gibson was ready to be trusted w/that kind of stuff  left out.  So, it's back in the crate for him for now.  

Feb 28 - March 7, may just be the most exhausting week of my life.  I will be watching my parent's black lab, Coal, that whole time.  I'm a little scared.  She requires a ton of excercise and is used to running her butt off every day til she can hardly breathe, and we have a teeny tiny yard. Plus, I've never walked 2 dogs at the same time before and she is not used to walking on a leash (my parents live in a secluded/woodsy area).  I'm sure Gibson will be excited though and hopefully will pass out every night around 7 from being so exhausted from playing all day haha.  He loves his Auntie Coal.

The excitement will continue for Gibson the day after Coal goes home, cause he gets to go to his first Corgi Meetup!  I am so very excited about this, because he hasn't seen another corgi since I picked him  up when he was a wee-little puppy.  It is going to be so much fun, it is at a 'Pet Resort' and I 'know' most of the people/dogs going since they are on  If anyone reading is in the Chicago/midwest area and has a corgi, please join us!  Info is here!

Ok, that is all (lots of randomness this post!)!  Real quick though, Expressly Corgi is giving away a free dog toy here!  All you have to do is comment!  

Now I am really leaving :)


Lynn said...

CUUUUUUUTE photo! I can't wait to hear how you handle two dogs. I keep telling my boyfriend that another dog will make Lucy happier, but deep down I think she likes being an only dog.

As for being back in jail, at least Gibson doesn't eat up library books like Lucy does!

ClassyChassy said...

Have fun with walking two dogs - Try walking 5 at the same time! I'm working up to that gradually. Currently I can walk 3 relatively easily, but the technique isn't perfected quite yet! Love your post today - thanks for the mention of my give-away! Hope it helps to draw interest, as I love to read comments from others and hear about their pets - and I'm sure wanting to give that cute toy away!!!

a corgi said...

poor Gibson!! Koda actually likes jail when we leave; because he gets a treat to go into it, LOL

how fun with the 2 dogs! I bet you'll get your workout but Gibson will enjoy a buddy!!


Ivy@PaperElixir said...

OMG, he looks so cute (and small) next to his friend! Hope his chewing phase will be over soon though...

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