Friday, January 16, 2009

Too Cold

The past two days have been the coldest of my life. Seriously. This morning it was -25 outside w/a -42degree windchill! Yesterday it was a little better.. -31degree windchill. I tried to take Gibson for a walk yesterday morning. I put on his little coat, that he is starting to tolerate, and made sure to stay on the sidewalks (the snow is way too cold for his feet). It was a much shorter walk than we usually do, but I had to carry him for half of it :( I did not even try to take him for a walk last night or this morning. He doesn't really complain though. He goes out to pee & poop and he knows that he shouldn't be out there too long. Normally, he goes out, wanders around, digs in the snow, sniffs every inch of ground, and then 20 minutes later he does his business. Now it's out/pee/inside and then a little later he'll do out/poop/inside. I feel so bad for him :( He was insane last night too. He wanted to play until way past the time I went to bed. It's amazing what a few walks a day will do! I can't wait til it warms up out of the negatives!!


Lindsey said...

oh wow....and i thought it was cold here.

a corgi said...

that reminds me of Montana; some days we just had to stay inside and play inside all day; but Koda always was more unsettled on those days; hope it warms up a bit!


Chantel said...

Gibson has such a handsome yet adorably cute face! Love the pic

Kelly said...

Aww thanks Chantel! I thought he had the cutest face in the photo too :)

It's a little warmer this week.. it's 12 right now! haha It's supposed to get up into the 30's tomorrow though, so we're excited :)

Freya's Human said...

Holy crap that is super cold! I hope it warmed up some. Oh he's so cute in his jacket! I don't know if Georgia weather warrants me buying her clothes. I will buy a kennel fan though.

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