Saturday, January 10, 2009

My patient

Gibson is home safe and sound after his surgery and recovering just fine!

Dropping him off was awful. First, they asked me a ton of questions that I didnt know how to answer. I'm glad my husband was there to help me w/it. We decided some of the add-ons were necessary & some were not. We got the microchip but not the discounted nail trimming (eh). The catheter but not the iv fluids (not sure why, but he's fine so I guess in the end it saved us about $50). We got the final price estimate, which was around what I was thinking, $361 (still way more than I initially expected when I bought a boy dog, I figured $80-100!). We then had to say goodbye to Gibson. I did better than I thought I would, no tears. Gibson, on the other hand, did not do so great. As we started leaving Gibson tried following us and when the assistant tried to stop him he cried & struggled. We hurried up out the door so it wasnt harder on us, but since the vet's office has glass doors & windows we got to see Gibson struggling to get out of the door and follow us home. He had his 'crazy eyes' as my husband and I call them and we could tell he was devasted. We just had to drive away though and take our minds off of it (lots of beer did the trick!). Sleeping w/o him and waking up w/o any dog responsibilities was just weird. I was ready to bring him home.

Finally I got the call around 11am yesterday that he had woken up, was doing great, and was looking at the girl I was talking to on the phone...and I got teary eyed for some reason because of that. I missed him so much and thinking that he was looking at someone else made me so happy (although a bit jealous) and I could picture him being cute and drowsy and bobbling around :) I was still nervous all day until I got to pick him up..I guess anxiety about it all? I didn't know how he'd be when I saw him..if he'd be mad or really excited or just too out of it to care that I was even there. I had a photoshoot to oversee at 3 and my boss said I could go home after that, which meant I got to pick up Gibson sooner than I thought! So I got to the vets, went over all his instructions and paid them..and then they went to bring him out to me. He came out from the back and looked so adorable. He was wiggling and looked so excited to see me and I was ready to snuggle him up...until he ran passed me and was just excited to see the freakin dog that was behind me! hahaha It was really funny. He was just so overwhelmed and excited. The ride home, he cried the whole time. He had tons of gross discharge coming out of his eyes and had to potty really bad. I felt so bad for him. He also had a bandage on his leg from where they did bloodwork I think, which looked so uncomfortable when he walked (I finally got that off this morning).

He's doing well though. Just taking more naps than usual and not AS hungry. I'm just glad to have him home.

P.S. I can't believe they told me that he couldn't do normal activies for 14 days! That is ridiculous! No stairs? No running? Give me a break. 14 days.. sheesh. lol


a corgi said...

I think with Koda we had to keep him quiet for a week; I remember thinking "you're kidding, he's a corgi, he doesn't know how to be quiet".

so glad Gibson went through the surgery so good! I think it is harder on us than them. You did the best thing with just leaving him as quick as you could instead of sticking around to make it harder on him; its like dropping kids off at the nursery, matter of fact is always better in the long run than prolonged goodbyes.

enjoy the weekend especially now that Gibson is home :)


^..^ Corgidogmama ^..^ said...

Poor little kid! What will you do to stop the stair zooms, sheesh, that's just not in a corgi's nature to be still.........well, it is for Addie, she's a couch potato. Jake however, is full of vim and vigor at almost 9.
Glad it's over, and he's home. YOur little boy will make you feel guilty in some fashion though, I dare say!

Lynn said...

I'm so glad that the little guy got through surgery and is now back home with you! Hope he did well over the weekend! Lucy recovered very quickly from getting spayed. I think the next day she was begging us to play again!

Jenna Z said...

Aww, glad to hear that is over with and everything is A-ok! It is so nerve-wracking leaving your baby there over night! When Sully was ill right after we got him, it was so traumatic (for me!) to leave him there and know he would be so lonely and confused. Heck, I get anxious when I have to leave him for his dental cleanings! Anesthesia is scary!

Freya's Human said...

Oh, I'm glad Gibson is doing well! I know how nervous you has to have been. After I saw this post, I emailed the breeder to see if there was any blood clotting problem in her lines. Thankfully, she didn't have any, but I guess we'll see when it is time for Freya to be altered.

Whosyergurl said...

Hello! Our corgis must be near the same age...I just had Chelsea neutered last Friday. they told us "no running or jumping for a week" and then to ease into normal activity the next week...yeah, right! she is chasing the cats like normal, brings a toy & puts it on our legs, can't figure out why we won't throw it for her...she sailed through just fine. all that mom worry for nothing! Visit me sometime...Cheryl in IN.

Whosyergurl said...

do you ever call Gibson "Gibby?"

Kelly said...

Hi Cheryl! Yes, we call him Gibby as a nickname. For some reason our mothers call him Gibby all the time and it gets kind of annoying lol

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