Sunday, January 4, 2009

My dog has officially outsmarted me

I mentioned in my Christmas post, that I switched Gibson's food and that he was having tummy issues from all the junk he ate on Christmas day. Well, last weekend at the inlaws, he was not eating his food, so I finally put a little bit of cheese on top of it to get him to eat it. When we got back to our house, I went and bought a small bag of his puppy food to mix in w/the new stuff so that he'd get used to it and eat it. He gobbled it up the first few days like normal, but then on the third day he sat and refused to eat his food again in the morning. It was driving me crazy so I put a little cheese on it again. He gobbled. The little brat is having stand offs with me to get num nums added to his breakfast! And I give in. every. time. At dinner he does not expect the cheese for some reason and eats his food like normal. Grr! I tell myself to not give in to him every morning, but he sits by the fridge with his ears down and looks like he's been abused until I give him cheese. He even spits out his charlee bears & itty bitty buddy biscuits until he gets it. Tomorrow I am not giving in!!


a corgi said...

oh yes you will Kelly; been there, doing that with Koda LOL!! he is definitely smarter than me; I totally understand this entry; Koda knows if there is cheese on the table (yes I'm bad I feed him some scraps) and if you give him something else other than cheese, he turns his nose in disdain

Gibson is too cute!! please let us know if you give in or not.....I'm betting you will....its those eyes of theirs; it gets me every time......


Pam said...

Haha that's super cute. I can't imagine Momo every turning his nose from any type of food, but then again I probably spoil him way to much anyway =)

MoonMystic said...

Tank started pulling that stunt a couple of weeks ago. I fixed his little red wagon...I put the food up after 20 minutes and ushered him back into the living room (he gets fed in the kitchen). The next day, the same thing. By the third day, he at what I gave him. I'm really not a hard a&&, but gee-whiz! (But I don't blame you for giving in. The sad-eyes are killers!)

Chantel said... strong Kelly!
Bella was also refusing to finish her food in the mornings, so I eventually had to let our other dog finish it off in front of her. It sounds cruel, but I was told I must either take it away from her or do that. It kind of works, everytime she decided not to finish, I pretended to let the other dog in, then she freaks and gobbles it all down.

Maybe you need to try taking Gibson's food away when he won't eat it. Then he will remember what happens if he doesnt eat it all up.

Kelly said...

I haven't given in since I posted this! He now eats after our morning I think he's too starving by then to refuse anything ;)

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Great strategy, Kelly! When they're hungry they'll eat anything ;) Bryson only refuses food when he's sick, and for those times cottage cheese usually does the trick (something about dogs and all the cheezy goodness) :)

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