Friday, January 30, 2009

The Job

While I was bingeing on corgi research the few months before I got Gibson, I must have read a million times that corgis need a job or they will either a.) become destructive or b.) give themselves a job to do.   This kind of frightened me.   I did not know how to *give* a job to a dog.  What if he decided that pooping in the middle of the room while we are eating dinner was his job?  Well, Gibson is 7 months now (on Sunday) and I can say, pretty confidently, that I know exactly what his job is.  So, I'd like to introduce to you:  

Gibson,  Home Security Professional!

He really is a great little watch dog!  He loves to sit in our window seats and monitor the situation outside and then will bark at any odd noise he hears or person he sees walking by.  He even gets annoyed w/us when we are not as concerned about something as he is  ("You guys! Seriously, something's out there!").  Sometimes, it gets annoying  (if I ask him "Where's Daddy?!" he runs around barking for an hour), but I feel safe knowing that if someone enters the house or is fumbling around outside, we'll know about it.  

"It's my job, ma!"


Pam said...

That's adorable :)

That's funny you mentioned this because at the dog show the corgi fanciers club was there and the woman sitting at the booth asked me very seriously, "What's your corgi's job? What is it?? He NEEDS a job!"

I think Momo's job is going to day care, playing, eating, and sleeping. Much less noble a feat than Gibson :p

Lynn said...

SO CUTE! Lucy does that too. I'll have to take a photo and post that.

I discovered her real job last night (part-time watchdog). It's to entertain guests by forcing them to play fetch! She takes it very seriously. Last night my friends came over, and she played with them. Then they left for a bit, and she went straight to sleep. They came back, and she ran and got her ball. Did not nap the entire time they were at my house!

a corgi said...

he's so cute! he's looking more like Koda in the face with each passing day!!

Koda and Gibson share the same job (Koda's monitoring the back yard as we speak)

I'm happy to tell you since he started working for us, we have not been invaded by cats, birds or lizards; life is good!

enjoy your weekend :)


Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Love the first photo, he looks so intense! It's clear that he takes his job very seriously :) Bryson's job is to patrol the house and vacuum up every bit of edible (and some inedible) material off the floor. :D

Chantel said...

Good boy Gibson! If I say to Bella "Where is it?" or "Go get it!" she also goes nuts running around the house barking. It's so cute how they do that :-)

Lindsey said...

Awwwww cute! I love the last pic! Good job Gibson!

Dances with Corgis said...

That is really cute with him looking out the window under the curtain.

What a vicious guard dog you have there... I'm sure all potential burglars will be completely paralyzed with fear. And licks.

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