Thursday, January 8, 2009

The day has arrived

Tonight, I take my puppy to the vet. To stay there. For almost 24 hours.

Tomorrow morning Gibson gets neutered. He has to get bloodwork done tonight and then they need to keep him overnight to make sure he doesn't eat or drink anything I guess :( I'm so anxious about this! I just know Gibson is going to freak out w/o me there tonight. I've been trying to look on the brightside. It will be like a little vacation of no puppy responsibilities! My husband and I even have a date planned for tonight. I still think about him though.. I know he'll be fine but, Ugh! It's nervewracking! I even thought about taking a half day today and tomorrow to spend more time w/him, but I think treating it like a normal day will make me more sane? Perhaps? We'll see. I just can't wait til tomorrow when I pick the little guy up :(

In other news, his eating is officially back to normal! This morning he came in and ate after he went potty in morning, hooray! I haven't put cheese on his food since I posted about it.

Oh and in other, other news.. remember that offleash dog across the street? Well, yesterday we saw him..politely said hi. He ran behind a house and came back with a freakin rabbit in his mouth! And then he sat in the front lawn of a neighbors house and ate it! Can you believe that??


Chantel said...

I was so worried when Bella went to get spayed, and couldn't wait to pick my baby up from the vet. She did really well, no pain or anything, she was back to her old self within 2 hours! Corgi's are troopers!! :-)

Funnily enough, our Beagle Liam is also going in tomorrow morning to get snipped! I hope it calms him down...he's crazy!

That dog eating the rabbit sounds! Good luck for tomorrow Kelly & Gibson! He'll be fine Im sure :-)

Corgibyassociation said...

I'm sure everything will be ok. *HUGS* I know I will be feeling the same way when it is time for Freya to get spayed. I kind of wish she was a boy, I think she would be out a lot sooner than with a girl dog. Oh well, I'll come to that when I get there. Enjoy your date, if you can.

a corgi said...

oh little Gibson is growing up!! its so sad but a good thing!! you and him will do fine; they will take good care of him and then you can love on him when he comes home; I hope he behaves though and doesn't mess with his stitches so he doesn't have to wear that ridiculous collar like Koda had to; that was the worse thing about the whole ordeal; 3-4 days with him in that collar

let us know how he does and enjoy your date with your hubby!


JuLo said...

Awww, you're little guy is unbecoming a man! You must be so proud. Hehe. Good luck Gibson! I know he'll be fine. :)

I hope you have a fun, dog-free night!

Kelly said...

Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I just spent a long lunch with him to wear him out a little. I'm sure he'll be ok, but I'm still nervous! And it's stupid that I'm more nervous about his feelings than the actual surgery! lol

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