Thursday, January 1, 2009

6 Months Old on New Years

Happy New Years everyone! My little Gibby is 6 months old today! Wow, how time flies :) It seems like just yesterday we went and picked him up and he was a quiet little well behaved peanut that looked like this:

Now, he's a moderately quiet, somewhat well behaved, loving member of our family. I remember the nights of wondering if we made a mistake getting him..piling the stress of raising a puppy on top of a wedding, job changes for hubby, & a new house all in a short few months. Luckily, his bite us all the time/non affectionate self quickly changed into the loving good boy he is now. I'm so thankful for my puppy/soon to be snipped young man :)


a corgi said...

he's so cute and its amazing to see the change he went through from his "baby" picture to his 6 month old picture! he's looking more of that corgi face like Koda's

happy 6-month-birthday Gibson!!! wow, you did a lot in that short time, Kelly, with all the changes! glad you weathered them all and I bet life is settling down a bit!

wishing you all a great new year


Chantel said...

Happy 6 months for yesterday Gibson! You've grown into such a handsome little fella :-)

Corgi Hugs
Chantel & Bella

Chantel said...

Haha, the reason I said "for yesterday" is because it's already 2 Jan here in SA, but it seems its still 1 Jan by you :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello there! Just stopping to say hi from one corgi owner to another. Momo and I live in the bay area of California and Momo is about to turn 9 months old. I came across your blog from Ivy & Bryson's site...and I also recognize Gibson from the cover of the MyCorgi calendar! He is such a handsome man =)

Happy New Year!
Pam & Momo

Kelly said...

Hi Pam & Momo! I went to your website and recognized you too from your ketchup & mustard costumes you posted on mycorgi! :)

Betty- I know, the transformation is crazy isnt it?? He looked like a cartoon when he was a baby haha

Chantel- Haha, no worries, you were almost posting on the 2nd..only off by 11 minutes!! ;)

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Happy belated 6-month b-day, Gibson!! Lots of XOXOXO :)

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