Friday, January 30, 2009

The Job

While I was bingeing on corgi research the few months before I got Gibson, I must have read a million times that corgis need a job or they will either a.) become destructive or b.) give themselves a job to do.   This kind of frightened me.   I did not know how to *give* a job to a dog.  What if he decided that pooping in the middle of the room while we are eating dinner was his job?  Well, Gibson is 7 months now (on Sunday) and I can say, pretty confidently, that I know exactly what his job is.  So, I'd like to introduce to you:  

Gibson,  Home Security Professional!

He really is a great little watch dog!  He loves to sit in our window seats and monitor the situation outside and then will bark at any odd noise he hears or person he sees walking by.  He even gets annoyed w/us when we are not as concerned about something as he is  ("You guys! Seriously, something's out there!").  Sometimes, it gets annoying  (if I ask him "Where's Daddy?!" he runs around barking for an hour), but I feel safe knowing that if someone enters the house or is fumbling around outside, we'll know about it.  

"It's my job, ma!"

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Culprit

The night before last, I woke up to the sound of Gibson running to the edge of the bed and then saw him start trying to throw up.  I popped up, and grabbed him and ran as fast as I could to get him off our brand new carpet.    We made it to the bathroom where he vomited  all over the bathroom rug (a stunt my husband regularly pulls ;) ).   While I was cleaning that off, he walked over and thew up again, just missing the bath mat.  He looked just awful.  He could barely walk and looked so incredibly sad and tired.  His puke did not look much better..there were all sorts of fun things in it (sorry if this is tmi!).    

I decided to take him downstairs to see if he needed to go out and puke some more..but he did not want to go out, so he just laid in the cold porch while I cleaned the bathroom.  When I came back he was curled in a ball looking so sad and tired still, so I just tried to get him to drink a little and eat some canned pumpkin..then snuggled him up in a blanket and took him back to bed.  I thought he'd just fall asleep and feel better in the morning, but kept feeling him shaking at my feet.  Poor thing had the chills for some reason, so I wrapped him in a blanket and curled around him so he'd stop and finally get some rest. 

I felt so bad..was it because I let him chew on a rawhide, while we watched 3 hrs of Lost?   Because I let him run off w/a potato that fell on the ground while I was cooking?   The leaves he kept digging up from under the snow and eating?  

He felt absolutely fine the next day of course.  Was his normal Gibson self.  I told my husband everything that happened while he was asleep and he kept saying he wondered what Gibson ate that made him so sick.  Well, finally last night he fessed up and asked me if he thought the strawberry milkshake that he shared w/him might have been the culprit..  Wow, really??  All I could do was laugh, but I couldn't believe it. We don't feed Gibson junk food! Especially not dairy!  Good job, honey!! ;)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Best Infomercial Product Eva!

I'll admit it. When I first saw the commercials for Pedipaws & Peticure, I laughed. Come on, I'm sure pets just lovvvve getting their nails filed down by some loud vibrating machine. Ridiculous, I thought. Then I got Gibson. And in the 5 months I've had him, I've been able to clip 4 of his nails total.

I'd try every week. If I came near his foot he'd freak out and run away and hide. Never once did I cut into his quick..but for some reason he just thought I was going to hurt him. His nails were never awful. I walk him 1-2 miles a day on concrete, so they wear down. In fact, his two middle nails on each front foot are ground down so much that one day on a really long walk they started bleeding! The rest are too long in my opinion though, so I always tried to clip them, but it was getting sooo frustrating!

So, I thought I'd give the Pedipaws a try. I found one for $10.95 w/free shipping on eBay, so I thought, what the hey. I followed instructions & got Gibson used to it slowly. Just turning it on and giving him a treat one day. Bringing him closer to me w/it on and giving him a treat the next. Finally, last weekend, I filed my first nail and gave him a piece of leftover chicken. And yesterday, I was having a bad day, so I grabbed him and a tupperware filled w/leftover chicken and went to work! It was fantastic! I sat him upsidedown on my lap while I sat indian style and he let me file each and every nail down (besides the freakishly short ones of course). I could see them instantly getting shorter, it was awesome!

So, my review of the worth it! I've heard the Dreml is probably better, but hey, this was cheap & convenient & worked for me!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Too Cold

The past two days have been the coldest of my life. Seriously. This morning it was -25 outside w/a -42degree windchill! Yesterday it was a little better.. -31degree windchill. I tried to take Gibson for a walk yesterday morning. I put on his little coat, that he is starting to tolerate, and made sure to stay on the sidewalks (the snow is way too cold for his feet). It was a much shorter walk than we usually do, but I had to carry him for half of it :( I did not even try to take him for a walk last night or this morning. He doesn't really complain though. He goes out to pee & poop and he knows that he shouldn't be out there too long. Normally, he goes out, wanders around, digs in the snow, sniffs every inch of ground, and then 20 minutes later he does his business. Now it's out/pee/inside and then a little later he'll do out/poop/inside. I feel so bad for him :( He was insane last night too. He wanted to play until way past the time I went to bed. It's amazing what a few walks a day will do! I can't wait til it warms up out of the negatives!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Doctor's Orders, Schmoctor's Orders!

So apparently both Gibson and myself (mainly me) are terrible at following doctor's orders. For 14 days, Gibson was not supposed to run, jump, use stairs or go outside unless it was to potty (and that had to be on a leash!). 14 days. Well, by day 2, Gibson was wanting to play like normal. I wouldn't throw things for him to fetch, but we took short walks and played a lot. I carried him up and down stairs and was somewhat more gentle with him. Now, it's day 6 and it's like he didn't even have surgery (whoops!). Up/down stairs, running, jumping, long walks, you name it, we do it! He seems absolutely fine and I still check his stitches every day to make sure they look ok. He's doing wonderfully and seems fully recovered. 14 days... come on!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My patient

Gibson is home safe and sound after his surgery and recovering just fine!

Dropping him off was awful. First, they asked me a ton of questions that I didnt know how to answer. I'm glad my husband was there to help me w/it. We decided some of the add-ons were necessary & some were not. We got the microchip but not the discounted nail trimming (eh). The catheter but not the iv fluids (not sure why, but he's fine so I guess in the end it saved us about $50). We got the final price estimate, which was around what I was thinking, $361 (still way more than I initially expected when I bought a boy dog, I figured $80-100!). We then had to say goodbye to Gibson. I did better than I thought I would, no tears. Gibson, on the other hand, did not do so great. As we started leaving Gibson tried following us and when the assistant tried to stop him he cried & struggled. We hurried up out the door so it wasnt harder on us, but since the vet's office has glass doors & windows we got to see Gibson struggling to get out of the door and follow us home. He had his 'crazy eyes' as my husband and I call them and we could tell he was devasted. We just had to drive away though and take our minds off of it (lots of beer did the trick!). Sleeping w/o him and waking up w/o any dog responsibilities was just weird. I was ready to bring him home.

Finally I got the call around 11am yesterday that he had woken up, was doing great, and was looking at the girl I was talking to on the phone...and I got teary eyed for some reason because of that. I missed him so much and thinking that he was looking at someone else made me so happy (although a bit jealous) and I could picture him being cute and drowsy and bobbling around :) I was still nervous all day until I got to pick him up..I guess anxiety about it all? I didn't know how he'd be when I saw him..if he'd be mad or really excited or just too out of it to care that I was even there. I had a photoshoot to oversee at 3 and my boss said I could go home after that, which meant I got to pick up Gibson sooner than I thought! So I got to the vets, went over all his instructions and paid them..and then they went to bring him out to me. He came out from the back and looked so adorable. He was wiggling and looked so excited to see me and I was ready to snuggle him up...until he ran passed me and was just excited to see the freakin dog that was behind me! hahaha It was really funny. He was just so overwhelmed and excited. The ride home, he cried the whole time. He had tons of gross discharge coming out of his eyes and had to potty really bad. I felt so bad for him. He also had a bandage on his leg from where they did bloodwork I think, which looked so uncomfortable when he walked (I finally got that off this morning).

He's doing well though. Just taking more naps than usual and not AS hungry. I'm just glad to have him home.

P.S. I can't believe they told me that he couldn't do normal activies for 14 days! That is ridiculous! No stairs? No running? Give me a break. 14 days.. sheesh. lol

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The day has arrived

Tonight, I take my puppy to the vet. To stay there. For almost 24 hours.

Tomorrow morning Gibson gets neutered. He has to get bloodwork done tonight and then they need to keep him overnight to make sure he doesn't eat or drink anything I guess :( I'm so anxious about this! I just know Gibson is going to freak out w/o me there tonight. I've been trying to look on the brightside. It will be like a little vacation of no puppy responsibilities! My husband and I even have a date planned for tonight. I still think about him though.. I know he'll be fine but, Ugh! It's nervewracking! I even thought about taking a half day today and tomorrow to spend more time w/him, but I think treating it like a normal day will make me more sane? Perhaps? We'll see. I just can't wait til tomorrow when I pick the little guy up :(

In other news, his eating is officially back to normal! This morning he came in and ate after he went potty in morning, hooray! I haven't put cheese on his food since I posted about it.

Oh and in other, other news.. remember that offleash dog across the street? Well, yesterday we saw him..politely said hi. He ran behind a house and came back with a freakin rabbit in his mouth! And then he sat in the front lawn of a neighbors house and ate it! Can you believe that??

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My dog has officially outsmarted me

I mentioned in my Christmas post, that I switched Gibson's food and that he was having tummy issues from all the junk he ate on Christmas day. Well, last weekend at the inlaws, he was not eating his food, so I finally put a little bit of cheese on top of it to get him to eat it. When we got back to our house, I went and bought a small bag of his puppy food to mix in w/the new stuff so that he'd get used to it and eat it. He gobbled it up the first few days like normal, but then on the third day he sat and refused to eat his food again in the morning. It was driving me crazy so I put a little cheese on it again. He gobbled. The little brat is having stand offs with me to get num nums added to his breakfast! And I give in. every. time. At dinner he does not expect the cheese for some reason and eats his food like normal. Grr! I tell myself to not give in to him every morning, but he sits by the fridge with his ears down and looks like he's been abused until I give him cheese. He even spits out his charlee bears & itty bitty buddy biscuits until he gets it. Tomorrow I am not giving in!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

6 Months Old on New Years

Happy New Years everyone! My little Gibby is 6 months old today! Wow, how time flies :) It seems like just yesterday we went and picked him up and he was a quiet little well behaved peanut that looked like this:

Now, he's a moderately quiet, somewhat well behaved, loving member of our family. I remember the nights of wondering if we made a mistake getting him..piling the stress of raising a puppy on top of a wedding, job changes for hubby, & a new house all in a short few months. Luckily, his bite us all the time/non affectionate self quickly changed into the loving good boy he is now. I'm so thankful for my puppy/soon to be snipped young man :)

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