Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gibson's First Thanksgiving/Collar Issue Solved!

Well, we're finally back from a long Thanksgiving weekend. My little family went to my parents on Thursday (hour and a half drive), stayed there a few days and then traveled down to my husband's aunt's house on Saturday (2 hour drive) for his family's Thanksgiving. Gibson faired pretty well the whole time, but I did learn that he gets overwhelmed by loud noises and lots of people pretty easily. I guess he's used to just hanging out w/mom and dad at home. He also has a hard time taking a nap at someplace other than our house. I actually had to 'put him down for a nap' the first time we visited, because he was just walking around like a zombie the whole time. This trip, he's just making up all of his sleep today (he's sooo exhausted!).

At my parents he had a lot of fun w/their dog, Coal. She's not all that interested in him, but he loves to chase her around and he thinks he's pretty cool when we take a walk w/her. All the walks at their house are off-leash, so it's a lot of fun. We get to walk through woods and by a lake, and he is so good about staying by my side the whole time .

During the actual get-together is when he was kind of overwhelmed. My family is LOUD and a lot of the time he was walking around like, "what....just...happend..and who's mad at me?" He also did not like Rock Band. He did not want to sit and watch mommy sing at the top of her lungs. So, we were complete party poopers and went to bed at 10:30 (and I was actually not feeling well, so I'm really not THAT obsessed w/Gibson ;)).

I was really looking forward to going to my husband's aunt's because I knew there were going to be 3 other puppies (+ one adult dog) there! 2 of his aunts and his sister got puppies within the month after we got Gibson. Gibson was the youngest of them, and was also the shortest and probably heaviest haha. The other puppies were a fox terrier (looked like a stuffed animal!), a beagle, and a schipperke mix (we think). Gibson has not really had a chance to play w/other dogs besides Coal and some puppies in obedience class (which were always on leashes), so this was his real chance to get some play time in! Everything started off pretty well..he just wanted to give everyone kisses and play nicely...well then the two male puppies decided that Gibson was a good target to hump on. Gibson did not like this at all (who would?)! He took care of the schipperke mix by play fighting enough that they established that humping was a no-no. But the fox terrier kept at him all day. So much so that Gibson had enough and started showing his gums and getting the most evil look on his face to keep the other dog away! I think he was also pretty crabby though to begin with..since he had 2 tiring days before and the other puppies would not stop playing the whole day. He did play nicely w/the schipperke though, which Im glad since that is his cousin that he'll be seeing often :)

Here is a video of all the doggie action (well some of it, of course I never got all the really cute stuff):

Today he is just a complete lump. I think he's been awake for a total of 2 hours. He did get to see and play in his first snow storm though, which he just loves! He just wants to eat it all and will kick snow while he's walking and then chase it, too cute :)

When we got back yesterday night, I discovered a package in my mail and it was Gibson's new martingale collar! The lovely Jenna from Corgi Pants made it for me in a swap for one of my I Heart Corgi Butts t-shirts! I absolutely adore it! The fabric is the cool abstract blue & green pattern and is lightweight and works great on walks! I'm still not sure I'll have Gibson wear it all day long, but it will definitely be on him more often than his old one was!

Here are the pretty pictures of it!

Thanks Jenna!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Make Gibson a Superstar!

Yay! Gibson is a finalist for the 2009 Calendar!!  He actually got lucky and has 2 photos to vote for!  In my defense though..the first time I did not read all the rules and sent them 3 photos.  Then I found out we could only submit 1 so I emailed them back and told them which one I wanted out of the three.  BUT they picked 2 anyways. Don't ask me :)

But anyways, here are the photos of him.  They are from the first day we brought him home (before we even made it into the house!).  It was hard picking because most of his cutest photos had me in them too.  I hope you will vote for him.  I think it'd be so cool to have a calendar w/my puppy in it!  

(I'm glad you could vote for 15, cause I was able to vote for a lot of my other 'corgi buddies'!)

On a side note, Gibson was a  (kind of ) good boy this morning!  We were on our walk and he saw something and took off after it (I think it was a leaf that he thought was a squirrel).  Well, his leash slipped out of my hands and off he ran in the direction of a busy street. I yelled "Gibson Stay!" and he stopped immediately and layed down and put his ears back!  I was proud :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving Funny

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy

I got an email about this the other day and found it ineresting. I hope they offer it in my area!

Meet AKC S.T.A.R. PuppySM—
The New Puppy Level of Canine Good Citizen

Every puppy deserves a great start in life and the AKC's newest program for puppies is here to help that happen.

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy, the recently unveiled puppy level of the AKC Canine Good Citizen Program, is designed to reward owners who have taken the time to take their puppies to a puppy or basic training class at least 6 weeks long.

"STAR" is an acronym for Socialization, Training, Activity, and a Responsible owner, all the things every puppy needs. AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy is open to purebred and mixed breed dogs and the program defines ‘puppy’ as a dog up to the age of 1 year old.

Read More Here

Thursday, November 20, 2008

20 weeks - my kisser, magnet & alarm clock

My little Gibson is 20 weeks old now, and finally done w/his puppy vaccinations!  Yay!  Our vet appointment was last night, and he did so well.  The last time we went (5 weeks ago), he was such a little jerk!  He kept biting the vet. She had to bring in a 'handler' to give him his shots..and then that weekend he bit my mother-in-law when she was picking him up!  It must have been a short phase though..  Since then we've passed obedience and he's been socialized a bit more..   This visit he was a sweet angel. He still did not like getting his temperature taken  or being examined, but he just put his ears back and gave the vet and assistant kisses when they were done :)   I realized then that his biting has been so much better lately.  He used to nip everyone when he'd meet them to say hello, but now he kisses them.  And yes, he bites our clothing a lot but never our skin..if anything he'll put his mouth up against our skin, but never bite down.  For some reason it all clicked last night how well he's been doing.  I really love my little guy (and he is really little..only 14 lbs.   I thought he weighed a lot  more!).  

We also made his appointment to be neutered last night.. He'll be sans-balls on January 9th!  I found out that they do bloodwork the night before and they have to spend the night though :(  I'm already really anxious about this!  I can't imagine how he's going to be.  He is my magnet!   He seriously cannot leave my side.  If we go to the store and I run in and leave my husband and him in the car, Gibson will growl and cry and wonder where I went (this does not happen when my husband runs in and leaves us).  He does the same thing when I leave the house.  If I do not put him in his crate when I go out and do yard work, he'll always be sitting by the door that I went out of when I come back in (like 20 minutes later!).  And he'll always follows me up the stairs when I go to the bathroom or take a shower.  I've even been trying to  give him some more freedom and leave him out of his crate when I get ready in the morning, but he always has to follow me up the stairs and nudge his way into the bathroom (kind of weird, kid).  This morning he sat while I was in the shower with is paws on the side of the tub, and just sat there watching what I was doing.  and then had to lick all the water and body butter off my legs when I got out..  It's weird!  But I let him stay in there because I don't want him running around on our new carpet or bothering my sleeping husband.  And I've tried taking him back down and putting him in his crate, but it does not seem to get through to him.  Am I the cause of this clingy behavior?  I'm wondering because my parents dogs have been the same way w/my mom..maybe it's the way we train them?  Or maybe all dogs are like this...

The other thing I'm worried about w/leaving him overnight is that he's used to sleeping in bed w/us now.  He's such a spoiled little dog.  I love him being there though.  I did, however, have to train him to not be my alarm clock.  He got used to waking up at the same time every much that he started to wake me up 5-10 minutes before my alarm! grr.  He did this by walking on top of me and licking my face..and this happend on weekends too. . Same time every morning.  So I started to put him in his crate whenever he'd do matter if it was a weekend, 20 minutes before my alarm went off or 1 minute before my alarm went off.  Every time.  He hasn't tried to wake me up in a week :)   I even caught him one morning as he noticed me tossing around.  He stood  up and peeked around to see if I was awake..and then curled up and went back to sleep (or pretended to).  So it looks like he caught on that mommy does not like to be disturbed when she's sleepy.  

In shop news, I added a black headed tri, sable, fawn & two fluffy pembrokes, and a red & white, blue merle, black & white & brindle cardigan to the mix :)  Tell me if you want to see any other variations! More to come!  Corgi Butts Shop

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Collar Issue..and my new shop

Gibson's collar has been an issue lately. Before we started obedience class, he wore his collar all of the time, and I thought he looked adorably handsome in it. Well, when we started class, he barely wore his collar, if ever, because we used training collars for class, which he would have to wear every time I'd take him for a walk to practice. So, I've gotten used to Gibson walking around the house 'naked' all of the time and being able to pet his neck and see his beautiful mane (which was non existent when we first started obedience). I always thought that after class ended, he'd wear a regular collar on walks again, so I wouldn't have to take it off of him anymore. But, I dunno... He just looks so much nicer without one! and the collar just gets in the way. Plus he sits there and chews on his tags, which I know is not good for his teeth..and of course he sleeps w/us in bed..and I do not want to listen to that loud clanking sound all night long. Is it terrible for me to only put his collar on for walks? All the dogs Ive ever had growing up have worn their collars 24/7, so this is a new predicament for me :) I want him to be safe, but I also want him to be comfy and cute haha.

Speaking of collars.. When I first heard that our class required training/choke chain collars, I wanted to cry and walk out mid-class and demand my money back! I always thought they were awful, but I figured I'd give it a try when the trainer explained that they get a bad rap because people do not use them correctly. When class was over I went back to his regular collar for walks, but it just seems like it is less comfortable than the chain! Instead of something getting a little tight around his neck when he is not staying by my side, the huge piece of fabric is going all the way up his head and sometimes over his ear! So, I'm thinking of getting a martingale collar, but am wondering if I should wait til he's older so I know his neck wont grow out of it in a month (they're a little pricey, at least the ones I've seen).

So there are some random thoughts of mine about collars haha.

In other news, I officially opened my Corgi Butts shop on Cafepress! It's not much to look at right now, but it will be growing and looking prettier, I promise! I'll be selling designs w/all of the colors and type of corgis, so if you don't have a red & white or red headed tri, don't worry.. lots more designs and dogs to come!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My boy's wicked smart

So, drumroll please............we passed! Woohoo, my little puppy passed basic obedience! And not only that, he got 1st place, the highest scores in the class, which even beat this pitbull that was showing off and doing everything off-leash!

To start from the beginning..  We got to class and were the first ones there.   We were wondering where everyone was and then remembered that the trainer said that we'd 'perform' in the order that we showed up to class.. Oh great, so Gibson has to go first, super.   After playing w/his buddy, Drake, for a little bit, we were called to go.  

We started off by walking.  We said heel, and then stopped/sat, turned in circles, walked slow, and sat again.  This did not go too well.  Gibson was ready to play and was 'herding me' and 'growling'. Oh no!  He at least followed me nicely and sat on command,  but things were not looking too good.   We then did 'figure 8's' around 2 objects and he was still in play mode, but followed me around the obstacles nicely.   

We then 'stood for examination'  which I've been working on w/him all week.  I told him to stand and stay and he did!   The trainer came over to pet him and he walked a little bit towards her and wagged his nub, but not too bad!  

Finally in our individual test, I had Gibson sit and stay, while I walked away and then told him to come.  He did perfectly!  Yay!  I then had to 'finish' him (which I think is pretty stupid) by making him walk behind my back and sit by my side.   Well, he did it, but I had to pretty much pull him around...

So, for the individual exam I thought we did ok..  I was glad that all was left was the group long stays which I figured we'd nail.    Everyone else did pretty much how I expected.  The one pitbull showoff guy that didn't use a leash was soo amazing during the walk section of it.  The dog stayed by his side the entire time..but then when it came to 'stay' he kind of blew it, and then he jumped up on the trainer during the stand for examination.   This made me laugh, because my husband said he was making faces while I was working w/ Gibson was some screw up..whatev.

So, all the dogs finished and it was then time for the group 'long stays'.   We first did a 'sit stay', which was for 1 minute.   Gibson was absolutely perfect! He sat the entire time while most of the other dogs kept getting up, woot!   Next was the 'down stay' for 3 minutes.  I was afraid for the sit one, because he normally lays down half way through at home, but he usually rocks the down stay.  Well, everything started off great.  He layed down and stayed and I thought we had this one in the bag...until the stupid dog that didn't have a leash on jumped up and went after the puppy next to him to play.  Argh! This distrupted the entire class...they all wanted to know what was going on.  So I had to go make Gibson lay down again, which he did, and then ten seconds later the dog jumped up again!  Well, that was it..Gibson was up and confused and wanted to play or come have me protect him and was done w/this training thing.  I looked at my husband and he was so mad at the stupid non-leashed dog..and I was just heartbroken. I knew we could've sat there for 3 minutes perfectly.  I really did not think we were going to pass.  

So, as the trainer added up our scores (we needed 170 out of 200 to pass), my husband and I sat and told Gibson he did a good job and were bummed together.  She was finally ready to tell us the results, and started off w/the pitbull, since he was in a different 'class' for not using a leash.  He got a 185, not bad.   Next she said she'd announce the scores from lowest to highest..and in 7th place was the french bulldog w/180..  At this moment I realized there were only 8 dogs in class, 2 have been called Gibson passed!  Success!  This was a huge relief  and felt great.   I figured he'd be called 6th..ok maybe 5th...4th??   We got to the top 3 and he still wasn't called..  My husband and I were just cracking up in disbelief when it came down between us and my favorite dog in the class (besides my own of course), Rex, a rat terrior (so cute!!)..  Rex was called in 2nd,  so Gibson got 1st w/190pts!!  We could not believe it!!  Our little craphead!  All we could do was was such a funny, but proud moment.  We celebrated w/a  bottle of wine and Gibson got a scoop of peanut butter on his dinner :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

For the Love of the Nub

Corgi butts are one of the cutest things ever, arent they? The way they wiggle when they walk. How fluffy they are. And of course, the nub.

Now there are some exceptions of Pembrokes w/full tails or no tails at all, but most have nubs. Some are a little longer, some look like bunny tails, and some are so short that you cannot even see them. I've heard some others talk about how they wish pembrokes all had tails because its hard to tell what mood they are in..but I have to disagree.

Nothing warms me or my husband's heart more than when Gibson 'nubs' us..that is wagging his nub. He looks so happy and playful, and then there are other times when he meets strangers where the nub wagging is a little lower, and slower..showing that he's being submissive. Sometimes he holds his nub high, when he walks around the backyard like he's a badass, and other times he 'tucks' it under when he hears a dog barks and runs to get back inside.

So to celebrate the nub, here is a video that I took today of Gibson nubbing my husband. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Election Night Snapshots

Gibson was so thrilled to stay up for Obama's speech Tuesday night!

Tell us how you really feel, Gibson! :)  

This was definitely a 'Where were you when'  moment in our  lives, and I was pretty happy that I was lounging w/my little buddy by my feet.  My husband had to work, so I'm glad I had Gibson to share my joy with..even if he was so not getting what the big deal was ;)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ow. Stairs.

Since we've had Gibson, stairs have been an issue for him (like most short legged puppies!). It took him about a month to be able to go up short flights of stairs and going down has never crossed his mind as an option. I thought this was a good thing, since it meant we did not have to worry about Gibson going upstairs and peeing on the carpet or running off of the front porch after a squirrel when we're sitting on it. Plus, I've read that it's good for corgi puppies to wait til they're at least 6 months to start using a lot of stairs, for back reasons. I've of course have had to be his personal elevator, but that's a small price to pay I thought.

My husband, on the other hand, has been trying to get Gibson to go up and down stairs since we got him. He thinks it's cute. And he finally succeeded last weekend at getting Gibson to run all the way up our stairs after me...which means, Gibson now follows me every time I have to go to the bathroom (our only 1 is upstairs)....which means I usually have to keep him in there w/me so he doesn't wonder off into our bedrooms and do something he shouldn't.. Fabulous. Not having to carry him up the stairs is nice though..especially since he's getting bigger.

Now, carrying him down..

Yeah, I still have to do that..cause I've always said to my husband, "Don't tell him to go down the stairs. He'll fall and break his neck".

Well, last night as I was carrying him down our flight of oh 15 or so stairs, I slipped and fell...and yeah, hurt my neck. Gibson was fine (still in my arms), he just wanted to make sure I was ok.

Maybe it's about time you learned to go down stairs, kiddo :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obedience..1 week to go

Well, we have 1 week til basic obedience graduation and I'm a little scared. I really don't think Gibson is going to pass! He is the youngest kid in the class and he's learning everything, just a little slower than the other dogs.

Last night in class he really just wanted to play the whole time and kept trying to play w/my feet and "growl" at me when we were walking... and then we did a long 'stay' where we had them sit at one end of the room as we walked to the other, and then call them to come once we got there. Well he did good and sat and stayed but started slowly walking towards me when I got too far away. The trainer tried to get him to sit again and he struggled w/her so took about 2 minutes (embarrassment!) and then she just had to hold him down! It was the first time we ever tried this though and the rest of the class was sitting right behind him (and all the other dogs ever want to do is play with him for some reason..I think it's because he sits and smiles at them the whole time). But anyways, when I said "Gibson Come!" he came faster than any of the other that was at least good.

Last week in class we learned "stand" for the first time..which is really hard! I think because he is so low to the ground he just wants to put his butt down on it. Putting my hand underneath his belly and lifting up just was not working so I tried to just take a step back and guide his nose towards me and that actually worked. This took ALL of last week to learn when we were also supposed to learn "stand stay". We finally got to TRY this for the first time yesterday afternoon and then in class it was the first thing we practiced! Yeesh! It's just hard...

My husband just keeps telling me that he's just young and if he was older he'd be kicking all the other dog's butts. I'm sure he's right.. But we are going to practice like crazy people this week...and hopefully pass on Monday!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

4 months, halloween, and other fun stuff

Gibson turned 4 months on Saturday, and he celebrated by losing 2 teeth! Well, he actually lost them on Halloween. It was an exciting moment for me (yes, I'm such a mom). I looked down and saw two little holes in his mouth and had to get a snapshot of it (which meant me prying his mouth open w/my fingers) :) I'm not really looking forward to the terrible teething that goes along w/losing teeth, but for now, it's cute.

The rest of Halloween was fun too. I started out by taking Gibson for his nightly walk, and he had fun saying hi to all the kids in costumes walking by (my husband was manning the house for trick-or-treaters). He was a little confused by the constant doorbell ringing and kids when we got back to the house, but eventually got used to it. I'm glad that he isn't afraid of weird looking kids and that he doesn't bark whenever the doorbell rings.

We stuck his costume on him, which was still too big, but we got a few cute pics of it. He enjoyed ripping it off and chewing it the rest of the night.

The next day he was pretty worn out from all the excitement, but we woke him up long enough to take him for a fun walk around our local lake. I love it there, because once we get past the parking lot, I can let him off leash to run around and have fun. He's so good off leash I swear. He follows like a good boy and comes when called..but maybe that's just because he's like velcro to me :)

Oh and just a little update on training. He has stay down pat now! I can leave him for 5 minutes when he's laying down, yay! We're now working on "Stand" and are going to start using a "light line", which will basically teach him to do all of his commands off leash. Class is tonight, and it will hopfully go well!

As promised, here are some pictures and videos of our fall day in the leaves!

Gibson's photos and videos

Well, Gibson is a little superstar of course, so he has his own website w/all of his photos on it! If you're interested you can always keep up w/his photos at this link:

He also has a channel on youtube, which you can see here: Gibson's Youtube Channel. Some of the videos are pretty lame, but there are some cute ones! Here's my favorite so far of Gibson Frapping!
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