Monday, December 8, 2008

Stairs: Accomplished!

Gibson went down the stairs today! The big flight of stairs! And I did not even ask him to!

It was so strange. I went up to take a shower this morning, and expected him to come follow me like normal. He came running once he heard the water turn on (weirdo) and I soon saw his head pop in behind the curtain haha. Well, he seemed to be pleased w/his quick appearance and then he left and I did not hear him in the bathroom at all. Strange.

So, when I got out of the shower he was not in the bathroom, not in the hallway outside, or the spare bedroom across the hall.. I looked down and there he was, sitting proudly at the bottom of the stairs! I asked him if he went down the stairs all by himself?! and he came running up the stairs to see me, smiling. I am just shocked that he did this on his own! He's always cried or growled or barked at me if I asked him to go down them. When I was done getting ready and went back down stairs he followed me like it was no big deal!

I'm wondering if he sensed that I'm kind of injured. Yesterday my wrist started hurting (not sure if I slept on it weird or what), and I think through different activities throughout the day I might have strained it (or something, it hurts to turn a door knob, that's all i know). Well, picking up Gibson and carrying him down first thing in the morning really hurt do you think he noticed and decided it was his mission to go down the stairs by himself?? If so he's the best doggie of all time! :)


JuLo said...

Wow, what a good boy Gibson! :) Typical Corgi. You can't tell them to do something, you just have to wait until they're ready to do it themselves. Maybe he didn't want to try it the first time in front of you because he was afraid of looking silly. You have a self conscious dog! ;) Hehe.

MoonMystic said...

Good for Gibson! Your baby's growing up and trekking out to do things on his own!

a corgi said...

Yea for Gibson!!!!!! so proud of him :)


Lynn said...

What a good boy! I find it hilarious that he was waiting at the bottom of the stairs looking so proud.

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

What a good boy, Gibson!! I do think dogs have their 6th sense! I hope your wrist feels better now. I had tendonitis in my wrist and it lasted almost 6 months... :( Lots of ibuprofen and warm compress. But hope your's not as bad!

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