Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day = Gibson Glamour Shots

My boss let me stay home from work today because of the snow/ice storm we had (yay!!). So, since I was up I decided to play around w/my husband's fancy camera and do some Gibson photography! Apparently I had the wrong lighting setting on, because everything turned out blueish, but I kind of fixed it in photoshop. Anyways, here are the results!

His cute little profile:

He's getting more and more handsomer:

Just Ears!

And the grand finale (ah! I just adooooore this photo!!)


JuLo said...

Did you have it on tungsten lighting? That's what I have on my camera that makes it come out blue. It can look kinda neat, but yeah, not quite accurate. Hehe. Awesome pictures! Theo always comes out blurry, even with my fancy DSLR. :( Gibson is adorable!

a corgi said...

these are cute! I like the last one the best but all great!

glad you had a snow day :)


Kelly said...

Thanks! I have no clue about camera lighting options, so don't ask me what setting it was on! haha
I just picked up the camera and started snapping :)

MoonMystic said...

Cute Cute Cute pics of Gibson!

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

He is one handsome boy :) I noticed taking indoor pictures by natural sunlight through the windows can sometimes make things look blue, I'm actually trying to figure out how to get rid of it!

Dances with Corgis said...

GAH the ears! So SO adorable.

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

Ah...your little man is growing up! So cute; but then again, we all know that Corgis get even cuter as they get older (if that is even possible!) Have a lovely Christmas weekend!

eikoleigh said...

ah, I love those pics

Belated congrats to the the cover calendar boy!

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