Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gibson Grooming Day!

When I got Gibson, I vowed that I would groom him properly and keep him looking his best and healthiest . When he was young, I would take him out to brush him every few days, just so I could have an excuse to sit on our porch. Now that the weather isn't so pleasant, I started a weekly ritual, which I've named
Gibson Grooming Day!©

So, every Saturday morning I groom the crap out of him (And tell him "It's Gibson Grooming Day! Yay!!"). I break out the Furminator, brush his teeth, clean his ears, and ATTEMPT to cut his nails (I usually get about 1 nail cut a week..). Plus, 1 or 2 Saturdays a month he gets a bath. Throughout the week I'll brush him w/a regular brush and brush his teeth, but Saturdays he gets the works. Having this ritual makes grooming him fun and something to look forward to (is that weird?), and it makes it something I remember to do.

Here is the finished result of all my hard work!

Isn't he a handsome young man?? :)

And here's a video of him being silly after his bath (oh and also him going down our big stairs!):

P.S. I am dying w/suspense over this calendar contest! I keep thinking my next post will be to announce if he made it in or not but it's dragging on forever! ahhh!


JuLo said...

I do the same thing! Every weekend I spend some time grooming Theo, brushing his teeth, trimming the fur on his feet. That kind of thing. He's not a fan, but I think he appreciates the "us" time as much as I do.

Gibson looks so gorgeous in that shot! What a beautiful boy. :)

a corgi said...

He's so cute!!!! you are so good to groom him like that!! I'm awful with Koda; I usually pay my son to give him a bath every so often. Koda flies through the house when he comes out from his bath too; he's not a happy camper for sure

I do hope you guys here soon about that calendar!!


Chantel said...

He really is a handsome little guy. How old is Gibson now?

Kelly said...

He'll be 6 months on New Years Day!

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