Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

Part of my collar dilemma earlier was that Gibson liked to chew on his tags. It drove me crazy, because I knew it was not good for his teeth and he just looked like a moron trying to get them in his mouth haha. The tags were also just annoyingly loud and I never wanted them in bed w/me so I had to take his collar off constantly. Well, problem solved! I picked up this little gadget, the dog tag holder!

It's awesome! It looks big in the picture, but it's teeny tiny. I actually just keep it attached to his leash unless I am letting him off-leash in a public area. I highly recommend this product, it's so convenient, and it lets you change collars easily if you want to (I hate removing that keychain thing..it's so hard to do!). I got it from Big Paw Designs.

I almost had to get this too.. It's a dog tag "purse"! Soo cute (don't you love the packaging)! It's made of felt and it keeps all your tags in one spot so they don't clank together. I was very tempted to get this, but I already purchased the tag holder, so I thought this might be overkill and Gibson would think it was just a new thing to try to get into his mouth. They come in different colors and either the skull or heart design on it. Available on Etsy.

Gibson has a new favorite thing as well.. It's his newest toy, a squeaky sheep ball from Petco!

This is seriously made for him! It's plush, it squeaks, and it bounces!! It's a great fetch toy (about the size of a tennis ball, maybe a little smaller) and he likes to sit and pull at it's 'wool'. We'll see how long it lasts, but for now it's an awesome toy :)

One last favorite-y thing.. Snow! Gibson just loves it! And I love that it keeps him clean haha. We've had snow for about a week here now, and I compiled videos for it and made a movie out of them. It's kind of long and probably boring, but it has it's moments! There are some cute videos of him woofing at things he's scared of and at the end there is some reallly deep snow that he has to bunny hop in. Here it is and sorry for the bouncyness.. I was the videographer and dog walker at the same time ;)


JuLo said...

Ok, I'm having trouble envisioning what this dog tag holder does. Do you have a picture of it in action? Theo got into chewing his tags at one point, but it didn't last long thankfully. It always reminded me of a bunny cleaning the fur under his chin. Hehe. So cute!

That sheep sounds about like Theo's tribble. Hehe. Looks like a winner! I hate how I never know how Theo is going to react to a toy.

I can't watch your video from work. :( I'll have to try and remember to check it out at home! I loved watching Theo play around in snow for that limited period once. I'm sure it's cute.

Kelly said...

I don't have a picture, but I found one on the web: http://blogs.mysanantonio.com/weblogs/dogblog/tag.holder.jpg Does that help? It basically eliminates the need to thread your tags through the stupid keychain ring every time you want to change collars or take their tags off.

We were on a petco shopping trip, so that's how I knew Gibson liked this toy :) I showed it to him and he jumped up w/googly eyes, so I gave it to him and he walked around the store with it hehe.

a corgi said...

those products sound cute; I'll have to check them out! Koda doesn't do well with fuzzy toys, he chews them to little shreds; we have to stick with the plastic ones that squeak

I loved Gibson in the snow! he looked like he was having fun! that is the one thing I miss from living in Montana; Koda had so much fun frolicking in the snow


Corgidogmama~ said...

Our 2 tri pems love snow. They just come alive in it, and romp and frap. They burrow their noses under and flip it. It really frisks them up! It's like watching two kids playing.
Corgis love a good snow day!

Dances with Corgis said...

That sheep ball is pretty cute. We will keep an eye out at petco for it. Thanks!

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