Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas, Poops & Hormones

Well, Christmas is finally over and, as you can see, Gibson made out like a bandit!

From Mom & Dad:
A dog bed
AKC Bunny Toy
Milk Bone Stuffed Bone
Doggy Bakery Treats
A Busy Bone (big mistake!)

From Grandma/Grandpa 1:
Doggy stuffed squeaky toy w/rope limbs
Mini Rawhide Bone
A Wizzle Stick
Random Treats

From Grandma/Grandpa 2:
A Purdue University collar (my husband went to school there)
Fleece Stuffed Squeaky Bone

From Aunt:
Squeaky Bird Stuffed Toy
Some Free Range Braided Bully Chews

What a spoiled brat!! :)

Our Christmas lasted over a week because of my husband and I's parents living far away and us having to travel to their houses on different weekends. The first weekend was at my parents. Gibson had fun and absolutely looovved getting presents! We do stockings first and he got lots of yummy treats. After that he got to open his first gifts ever and it was a riot. He actually walked inside of his gift bag! Here he is in action:

A lot of my family came over after we opened gifts. Gibson did a lot better than last time w/all the people, but because of the frigid temperatures (-30 windchill!!) and the increase of treats & food that day, Gibson had 2 accidents inside of their house :( One time was poop right where everyone was having dinner, and the other time, he whined to get up on a daybed and peed up there! It was embarrassing and all, but I could kind of understand (he was still in trouble though!). He also started following Coal, my parent's black lab, around and smelling her 'no nos'.. Hormones are really starting to kick in..

When we got home from my parents, I realized that I had less of his puppy food left than I thought.. I was planning on transitioning him to adult food after this bag because of recommendations and research I've done. Unfortunately, when we got back it was so incredibly cold that it was dangerous to go driving to Petco wasn't really an option. I had to feed Gibson what I had, so the next few days he ate his last Wellness Just For Puppy food up until I was able to buy him the new bag of Wellness Super5Mix. Well, this apparently was a terrible idea. Even though the ingredients are almost the exact same, and Gibson gobbled up Coal's exact same food at my parents house, he just does not want to eat it! Christmas day made things worse because we got him lots of yummy things to eat. The huge busy bone that I got him (that I thought would last at least a few days) was gone by nighttime and caused some lovely runny poops. I had to detox him the day after Christmas and hardly feed him anything. Now, I've been feeding him pumpkin w/all of his meals to get him back to normal.. I just feel so bad because he loved his Just for Puppy and he just is not interested in his new food and it has given him tummy aches since I did not transition him :( I am thinking of picking him up a small bag of the puppy food and mixing in w/his adult food until it runs out. Hopefully this helps!

Christmas w/the inlaws was this past weekend. Gibson had to ride in his crate this time, because going to my parents he was a complete brat and cried until I let him sit in my lap (while driving... um yeah..not good!). The ride was awful to begin with..because the roads were completely icy that day and it was foggy because of melting snow. Our 3.5 hr trip took over 5 (we took a pit stop at my parents too..since one of the major roads was shut down). When we were about 45 minutes from their house, Gibson started crying like he was about to die. I don't know when this whining/crying thing started, but he does it all the time now! We finally made it to their house though, and Gibson did not die :)

He had a lot of fun w/his cousin, Orson, who he played with at Thanksgiving. They did a lot of play fighting, which exhausted them both. Gibson was being gross though, and started humping Orson and licking his junk... ALL DAY LONG!! They both would sit and lick each other simultaneously. Gross gross gross. He is really starting to become a little teenager. He even got a little too aggressive while playing and growled when Orson came near him when he was eating a treat! He's been marking while on walks a ton too. I can't wait til he's neutered!

Well, that's that. We hope everyone had a great holiday!


a corgi said...

LOL; the markings won't stop on walks when he gets neutered; if he is like Koda, he'll mark every single chance he can and if he hears a dog anywhere close, that's a reason to mark a spot

what a cute video with Gibson on Christmas Day!! poor Koda was having tummy troubles that day so we were limiting his food so he hasn't gotten his Christmas goodies yet

I totally agree with you; mix his puppy food with his new food over a week or so until his tummy gets used to it

don't you love those treats you give them that just make a mess when it comes back out?? we've had the same problem too

I think when they are in new environments they tend to forget how to act, LOL, like going to the bathroom inside, etc. I know the few times we've taken Koda to different places I have to watch him like a hawk to make sure he doesn't forget his manners and remembers where he's suppose to take care of his business

so glad you were able to go and visit family for the holidays


Kelly said...

I bought him a bag of his puppy food yesterday to mix in and he gobbled up his dinner like normal! Hopefully this will get him used to the adult food so he'll want to gobble that up too!!

haha yeah, Gibson has to smell EVERY inch of ground on our walks to see if another dog has been there. I don't really mind the marking (as long as it stays outside!)'s the humping and agression that don't sit well with me!

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