Friday, December 5, 2008

3 degrees, a quirk & tees

3 degrees
Winter may not be officially here, but the weather sure is feeling like it! It was 7 degrees yesterday morning and today it was 3 degrees! My poor little Gibson actually has been getting too cold! On our walks, we go out the back door and walk around to the front of the house to the sidewalk (we have a corner lot). Well, while walking through the snow, Gibson has been stopping, sitting down, shaking, and lifting his paws up in the air and looking pathetic! :( It's so adorable I can't help but pick him up and snuggle and warm his tootsies up. Once I warm him up and put him on the sidewalk he is good to go and acts like, 'Geez mom, thanks for embarrassing me in front of the entire neighborhood, I'm fine!"

A Quirk
Gibson has a lot of cute and silly quirks, but I just wanted to talk about my most favorite right now..

"The Sneeze No"
If Gibson disagrees w/us or doesn't understand what we're asking him, he sneezes lol. It's so funny because he shakes his head no at the same time :) He also does this a lot when we have a realllly nummy treat and are asking him to do tricks.. "Sneeze No! Gimmee the cheeese!"

I added some new designs to the Corgi Butts Shop. Check 'em :)

Just a fun sporty design for some Corgi activities!


JuLo said...

Poor Gibson! Theo is such a baby. He hates going outside and it's only in the 50s. I guess I should tell him how good he has it! Hehe. Everyone gets spoiled living here.

Theo does the same "embarrassed kid" thing when I give him affection too! He reminds me of such a teenage boy sometimes. I love it.

I love the new designs! I definitely want an agility one! Hehe. I'll pass on the herding one though. ;)

Jenna Z said...

A tip for cold feet: We use paw wax (we use 8 in 1 Excel but Musher's Secret is great too.) which insulates the pads and also keeps out the road salt (which is a major problem in winter and painful to dogs.) Sully's feet are so sensitive from being outside for years and most likely getting frostbit like the tips of his ears. So we wax 'em up when we go outside in the cold and all winter when there is salt on the roads.

Kelly said...

Julo- He does have it good! And so do you! :) I look like an eskimo walking Gibson down the street now haha

I'm glad you like the designs! And sorry herding didn't work out for you. We're going to give it a try in the spring/summer w/Gibson. I found a place only 15 minutes from our house and the people seemed really nice!

Jenna - Hmm! That's something I've never heard of or thought of! I will definitely pick some up, thanks!

JuLo said...

Haha! That's true! Though come summer (you know, like 8 months of the year), it doesn't feel so great. On our run this morning my husband worse a sweatshirt and a jacket and still said it was cold. And I can tell you it wasn't anywhere even close to single digits! It was probably around 50, lol! We are such babies here!

Congrats on finding a place close to you! I would love to hear how Gibson does when you check it out. :)

Paw wax, interesting! Does it work for heated surfaces too? ;)

a corgi said...

how cute with Gibson sneezing; I'm trying to remember if Koda has ever sneezed; he hates when we sneeze; he comes over and looks at you like "what was that??"

when we lived in Montana and it snowed a lot, we used to have to dig out some of the snow in the backyard for him to take care of his business. He liked romping through it though! I would have to bring him in sometimes when my son would be out there playing in the snow because I'd be afraid he was getting cold but he always wanted back out there

cute designs for the tees!

enjoy your weekend


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