Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas, Poops & Hormones

Well, Christmas is finally over and, as you can see, Gibson made out like a bandit!

From Mom & Dad:
A dog bed
AKC Bunny Toy
Milk Bone Stuffed Bone
Doggy Bakery Treats
A Busy Bone (big mistake!)

From Grandma/Grandpa 1:
Doggy stuffed squeaky toy w/rope limbs
Mini Rawhide Bone
A Wizzle Stick
Random Treats

From Grandma/Grandpa 2:
A Purdue University collar (my husband went to school there)
Fleece Stuffed Squeaky Bone

From Aunt:
Squeaky Bird Stuffed Toy
Some Free Range Braided Bully Chews

What a spoiled brat!! :)

Our Christmas lasted over a week because of my husband and I's parents living far away and us having to travel to their houses on different weekends. The first weekend was at my parents. Gibson had fun and absolutely looovved getting presents! We do stockings first and he got lots of yummy treats. After that he got to open his first gifts ever and it was a riot. He actually walked inside of his gift bag! Here he is in action:

A lot of my family came over after we opened gifts. Gibson did a lot better than last time w/all the people, but because of the frigid temperatures (-30 windchill!!) and the increase of treats & food that day, Gibson had 2 accidents inside of their house :( One time was poop right where everyone was having dinner, and the other time, he whined to get up on a daybed and peed up there! It was embarrassing and all, but I could kind of understand (he was still in trouble though!). He also started following Coal, my parent's black lab, around and smelling her 'no nos'.. Hormones are really starting to kick in..

When we got home from my parents, I realized that I had less of his puppy food left than I thought.. I was planning on transitioning him to adult food after this bag because of recommendations and research I've done. Unfortunately, when we got back it was so incredibly cold that it was dangerous to go driving to Petco wasn't really an option. I had to feed Gibson what I had, so the next few days he ate his last Wellness Just For Puppy food up until I was able to buy him the new bag of Wellness Super5Mix. Well, this apparently was a terrible idea. Even though the ingredients are almost the exact same, and Gibson gobbled up Coal's exact same food at my parents house, he just does not want to eat it! Christmas day made things worse because we got him lots of yummy things to eat. The huge busy bone that I got him (that I thought would last at least a few days) was gone by nighttime and caused some lovely runny poops. I had to detox him the day after Christmas and hardly feed him anything. Now, I've been feeding him pumpkin w/all of his meals to get him back to normal.. I just feel so bad because he loved his Just for Puppy and he just is not interested in his new food and it has given him tummy aches since I did not transition him :( I am thinking of picking him up a small bag of the puppy food and mixing in w/his adult food until it runs out. Hopefully this helps!

Christmas w/the inlaws was this past weekend. Gibson had to ride in his crate this time, because going to my parents he was a complete brat and cried until I let him sit in my lap (while driving... um yeah..not good!). The ride was awful to begin with..because the roads were completely icy that day and it was foggy because of melting snow. Our 3.5 hr trip took over 5 (we took a pit stop at my parents too..since one of the major roads was shut down). When we were about 45 minutes from their house, Gibson started crying like he was about to die. I don't know when this whining/crying thing started, but he does it all the time now! We finally made it to their house though, and Gibson did not die :)

He had a lot of fun w/his cousin, Orson, who he played with at Thanksgiving. They did a lot of play fighting, which exhausted them both. Gibson was being gross though, and started humping Orson and licking his junk... ALL DAY LONG!! They both would sit and lick each other simultaneously. Gross gross gross. He is really starting to become a little teenager. He even got a little too aggressive while playing and growled when Orson came near him when he was eating a treat! He's been marking while on walks a ton too. I can't wait til he's neutered!

Well, that's that. We hope everyone had a great holiday!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rant: Off-leash Neighborhood Pups

Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous?

There are two dogs (that I know of) in my neighborhood who's owners let them run around off-leash.  The one (male) lives across the street and it just runs through everyone's yards and poops and pees wherever it wants.  I've had to clean up after him, and it is not fun, especially since I'm used to corgi-sized poop and this is a bigger dog.  The other lives around the corner, so I do not see it as often,  but it's a non-spayed female who we've run into on walks and I've actually seen her in heat!  I couldn't believe it and then remembered seeing a sign for lab puppies in front of their house last summer.  I'm not sure if the male across the street from us is in-tact, but he acts like he is..marking his territory all over the place.   Isn't this sooo irresponsible??  Especially the people want random litters of puppies?   We want to say something, but being the new kids on the block it seems like it's not our place to?  Urgh...just had to rant!!  Thanks for listening :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day = Gibson Glamour Shots

My boss let me stay home from work today because of the snow/ice storm we had (yay!!). So, since I was up I decided to play around w/my husband's fancy camera and do some Gibson photography! Apparently I had the wrong lighting setting on, because everything turned out blueish, but I kind of fixed it in photoshop. Anyways, here are the results!

His cute little profile:

He's getting more and more handsomer:

Just Ears!

And the grand finale (ah! I just adooooore this photo!!)

Growing Up

Gibson lifted his leg on our walk yesterday...

..and it was adorable...

Just don't make it a habit kiddo ;)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Cover Boy!!

FINALLY the calendar for has been revealed, and Gibson is on the cover!! How freakin cool!!

Thanks to EVERYONE who voted!! I am so excited :)

And congrats to Bryson & Picasso too! Mr. & Mr. January!!
No Theo though, boo! :( Maybe next year?? Start taking photos! :)

I recognize a lot of the others on the calendar too, so congrats to you all for making it (if you're reading here hehe)!

Oh yes, and you can order the calendar here! 100% of the profit will go to Corgi Rescue.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gibson Grooming Day!

When I got Gibson, I vowed that I would groom him properly and keep him looking his best and healthiest . When he was young, I would take him out to brush him every few days, just so I could have an excuse to sit on our porch. Now that the weather isn't so pleasant, I started a weekly ritual, which I've named
Gibson Grooming Day!©

So, every Saturday morning I groom the crap out of him (And tell him "It's Gibson Grooming Day! Yay!!"). I break out the Furminator, brush his teeth, clean his ears, and ATTEMPT to cut his nails (I usually get about 1 nail cut a week..). Plus, 1 or 2 Saturdays a month he gets a bath. Throughout the week I'll brush him w/a regular brush and brush his teeth, but Saturdays he gets the works. Having this ritual makes grooming him fun and something to look forward to (is that weird?), and it makes it something I remember to do.

Here is the finished result of all my hard work!

Isn't he a handsome young man?? :)

And here's a video of him being silly after his bath (oh and also him going down our big stairs!):

P.S. I am dying w/suspense over this calendar contest! I keep thinking my next post will be to announce if he made it in or not but it's dragging on forever! ahhh!

Friday, December 12, 2008

I Elfed My Family

Can you believe Christmas is less than two weeks away? Sheesh. Luckily, I'm pretty much done w/shopping, woot. We bought our tree and put it up last Sunday. This is my first real tree ever, and I must say, I lovvve the smell. It's like I have an evergreen candle burning all day long :) I was scared about how Gibson would react to it, and he took it very well the first night. He did not even seem phased by the thing and actually went and layed on the tree skirt while we were eating dinner (aww).

That all changed on Tuesday, when I came home from work at the tree was on it's side!!! I don't know what happened, but it was not fun and Gibson was a little weirded out by it. Weirded out turned to him being petrified by it when I tried to stand the tree up by myself and it fell back over onto a bookcase, breaking a few members of our nativity scene on top of it! I shrieked, so Gibson freaked...crawling into my lap, giving me kisses, and then wanted to get as far away from the tree as possible. He kept wanting to go outside and then just hung out in the opposite side of the house the rest of the night. He's doing better around it now, but definitely keeps his distance and won't retrieve any toys that go near it...which I guess is a good thing since I did not want him drinking tree water, eating needles, or opening presents!

And now for your viewing pleasure, and ElfYourself of my family (with Gibson as the star!). Enjoy!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

My mom asked how Gibson felt having long legs haha.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

Part of my collar dilemma earlier was that Gibson liked to chew on his tags. It drove me crazy, because I knew it was not good for his teeth and he just looked like a moron trying to get them in his mouth haha. The tags were also just annoyingly loud and I never wanted them in bed w/me so I had to take his collar off constantly. Well, problem solved! I picked up this little gadget, the dog tag holder!

It's awesome! It looks big in the picture, but it's teeny tiny. I actually just keep it attached to his leash unless I am letting him off-leash in a public area. I highly recommend this product, it's so convenient, and it lets you change collars easily if you want to (I hate removing that keychain's so hard to do!). I got it from Big Paw Designs.

I almost had to get this too.. It's a dog tag "purse"! Soo cute (don't you love the packaging)! It's made of felt and it keeps all your tags in one spot so they don't clank together. I was very tempted to get this, but I already purchased the tag holder, so I thought this might be overkill and Gibson would think it was just a new thing to try to get into his mouth. They come in different colors and either the skull or heart design on it. Available on Etsy.

Gibson has a new favorite thing as well.. It's his newest toy, a squeaky sheep ball from Petco!

This is seriously made for him! It's plush, it squeaks, and it bounces!! It's a great fetch toy (about the size of a tennis ball, maybe a little smaller) and he likes to sit and pull at it's 'wool'. We'll see how long it lasts, but for now it's an awesome toy :)

One last favorite-y thing.. Snow! Gibson just loves it! And I love that it keeps him clean haha. We've had snow for about a week here now, and I compiled videos for it and made a movie out of them. It's kind of long and probably boring, but it has it's moments! There are some cute videos of him woofing at things he's scared of and at the end there is some reallly deep snow that he has to bunny hop in. Here it is and sorry for the bouncyness.. I was the videographer and dog walker at the same time ;)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Stairs: Accomplished!

Gibson went down the stairs today! The big flight of stairs! And I did not even ask him to!

It was so strange. I went up to take a shower this morning, and expected him to come follow me like normal. He came running once he heard the water turn on (weirdo) and I soon saw his head pop in behind the curtain haha. Well, he seemed to be pleased w/his quick appearance and then he left and I did not hear him in the bathroom at all. Strange.

So, when I got out of the shower he was not in the bathroom, not in the hallway outside, or the spare bedroom across the hall.. I looked down and there he was, sitting proudly at the bottom of the stairs! I asked him if he went down the stairs all by himself?! and he came running up the stairs to see me, smiling. I am just shocked that he did this on his own! He's always cried or growled or barked at me if I asked him to go down them. When I was done getting ready and went back down stairs he followed me like it was no big deal!

I'm wondering if he sensed that I'm kind of injured. Yesterday my wrist started hurting (not sure if I slept on it weird or what), and I think through different activities throughout the day I might have strained it (or something, it hurts to turn a door knob, that's all i know). Well, picking up Gibson and carrying him down first thing in the morning really hurt do you think he noticed and decided it was his mission to go down the stairs by himself?? If so he's the best doggie of all time! :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Gibson's Tricks

I finnnnally got a video of Gibson doing his tricks :) Here they all in all their glory. You should see:

Lay Down
Sit-Stay (After one botched attempt)

And don't mind my completely outdated dining room..I cant wait to tear down that wallpaper and repaint and finish the trim!

OK here's the video now ;)
(and yes, that's me..I do not have a 4 year old daughter haha)

Friday, December 5, 2008

3 degrees, a quirk & tees

3 degrees
Winter may not be officially here, but the weather sure is feeling like it! It was 7 degrees yesterday morning and today it was 3 degrees! My poor little Gibson actually has been getting too cold! On our walks, we go out the back door and walk around to the front of the house to the sidewalk (we have a corner lot). Well, while walking through the snow, Gibson has been stopping, sitting down, shaking, and lifting his paws up in the air and looking pathetic! :( It's so adorable I can't help but pick him up and snuggle and warm his tootsies up. Once I warm him up and put him on the sidewalk he is good to go and acts like, 'Geez mom, thanks for embarrassing me in front of the entire neighborhood, I'm fine!"

A Quirk
Gibson has a lot of cute and silly quirks, but I just wanted to talk about my most favorite right now..

"The Sneeze No"
If Gibson disagrees w/us or doesn't understand what we're asking him, he sneezes lol. It's so funny because he shakes his head no at the same time :) He also does this a lot when we have a realllly nummy treat and are asking him to do tricks.. "Sneeze No! Gimmee the cheeese!"

I added some new designs to the Corgi Butts Shop. Check 'em :)

Just a fun sporty design for some Corgi activities!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Avoiding Puberty

I do not want Gibson to become a 'man'. I really don't. It's getting close to that time when puberty should be kicking in and I really hope I can beat it, haha (a little over a month til neutering day!). Growing up, my family always had girl dogs, because we did not want to deal w/humping and leg lifting. I was planning on getting a girl corgi too, but then I just fell in love w/Gibson. So far, Gibson has not shown any signs of manliness though (besides humping some toys when he was 8 weeks old, but I think we nipped that in the bud!). I've kept him away from intact males and dogs that I know mark their territory (cover your eyes, Gibson!). I don't let him sniff trees too long either...he might get ideas... Last weekend I thought all of this work was going to go down the drain when the other puppies at thanksgiving were all humping each other. Luckily, Gibson seemed to think they were all just a bunch of jerks for doing so, so maybe he did not think it was a cool enough behavior to copy. I think I may be crazy, but I'd really prefer him to pee like a girl and cover his eyes during r rated movies :)
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