Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obedience..1 week to go

Well, we have 1 week til basic obedience graduation and I'm a little scared. I really don't think Gibson is going to pass! He is the youngest kid in the class and he's learning everything, just a little slower than the other dogs.

Last night in class he really just wanted to play the whole time and kept trying to play w/my feet and "growl" at me when we were walking... and then we did a long 'stay' where we had them sit at one end of the room as we walked to the other, and then call them to come once we got there. Well he did good and sat and stayed but started slowly walking towards me when I got too far away. The trainer tried to get him to sit again and he struggled w/her so much..it took about 2 minutes (embarrassment!) and then she just had to hold him down! It was the first time we ever tried this though and the rest of the class was sitting right behind him (and all the other dogs ever want to do is play with him for some reason..I think it's because he sits and smiles at them the whole time). But anyways, when I said "Gibson Come!" he came faster than any of the other dogs..so that was at least good.

Last week in class we learned "stand" for the first time..which is really hard! I think because he is so low to the ground he just wants to put his butt down on it. Putting my hand underneath his belly and lifting up just was not working so I tried to just take a step back and guide his nose towards me and that actually worked. This took ALL of last week to learn when we were also supposed to learn "stand stay". We finally got to TRY this for the first time yesterday afternoon and then in class it was the first thing we practiced! Yeesh! It's just hard...

My husband just keeps telling me that he's just young and if he was older he'd be kicking all the other dog's butts. I'm sure he's right.. But we are going to practice like crazy people this week...and hopefully pass on Monday!!!


Chantel said...

Come on Gibson, you can do it! :-)
Good luck!

I'm going to start obedience classes with Bella next year...should be fun!

Corgi hugs
Chantel & Bella

MoonMystic said...

Gibson is just being a crazy puppy! And that's why we love those corgis so much: they're a barrel of laughs. Gibson will do fine...

Kelly said...

Thanks for the encouragement. In the past 2 days he's picked up on 'stand stay' fairly quickly, so we'll see how it goes!

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