Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Make Gibson a Superstar!

Yay! Gibson is a finalist for the 2009 Calendar!!  He actually got lucky and has 2 photos to vote for!  In my defense though..the first time I did not read all the rules and sent them 3 photos.  Then I found out we could only submit 1 so I emailed them back and told them which one I wanted out of the three.  BUT they picked 2 anyways. Don't ask me :)

But anyways, here are the photos of him.  They are from the first day we brought him home (before we even made it into the house!).  It was hard picking because most of his cutest photos had me in them too.  I hope you will vote for him.  I think it'd be so cool to have a calendar w/my puppy in it!  

(I'm glad you could vote for 15, cause I was able to vote for a lot of my other 'corgi buddies'!)

On a side note, Gibson was a  (kind of ) good boy this morning!  We were on our walk and he saw something and took off after it (I think it was a leaf that he thought was a squirrel).  Well, his leash slipped out of my hands and off he ran in the direction of a busy street. I yelled "Gibson Stay!" and he stopped immediately and layed down and put his ears back!  I was proud :)


Lynn said...

YAY! Congratulations! I voted for Gibson before I even read your post! He is SO cute.

Also, that is very impressive that he stayed when he wanted to chase something. No wonder he graduated at the top of his class!

a corgi said...

that is so neat! I know 2 corgis that have a chance to get on that calendar!! (Theo over at Corgi Tails) we will definitely vote for Gibson; we looked at all the pictures last night and we liked both of your pictures without even knowing it was Gibson. We'll go back and vote this weekend; so maybe cute corgis there

good for Gibson to stay put!! training does pay off!!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Ivy@PaperElixir said...

I had no idea that was Gibson, he's oh-so-cute!! I really hope to see Gibson, Theo and Bryson all on the calendar (that would be so awesome :>)

Chantel said...

I voted for Gibson...he's such a cutie! Such a good little boy stopping when you shouted "Stay". I can't wait to train Bella like that...she's always running off.

JuLo said...

Congrats on getting two great pictures of Gibson in the finals! I voted for him and Ivy's Bryson too. Those pictures are so adorable! I would say I hope both of your pictures make it in, but apparently the admins will only let one into the calendar. It's quite a stir going on right now about that! Hehe. It's definitely no fault of yours, so no need to apologize. :D

Wow, Gibson is so great! I would be proud too. How do I teach Theo that? Hehe.

Kelly said...

Thanks everyone! We will see. I just wish they only picked one of his pictures to be in it, I feel like such a jerk!

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