Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gibson's First Thanksgiving/Collar Issue Solved!

Well, we're finally back from a long Thanksgiving weekend. My little family went to my parents on Thursday (hour and a half drive), stayed there a few days and then traveled down to my husband's aunt's house on Saturday (2 hour drive) for his family's Thanksgiving. Gibson faired pretty well the whole time, but I did learn that he gets overwhelmed by loud noises and lots of people pretty easily. I guess he's used to just hanging out w/mom and dad at home. He also has a hard time taking a nap at someplace other than our house. I actually had to 'put him down for a nap' the first time we visited, because he was just walking around like a zombie the whole time. This trip, he's just making up all of his sleep today (he's sooo exhausted!).

At my parents he had a lot of fun w/their dog, Coal. She's not all that interested in him, but he loves to chase her around and he thinks he's pretty cool when we take a walk w/her. All the walks at their house are off-leash, so it's a lot of fun. We get to walk through woods and by a lake, and he is so good about staying by my side the whole time .

During the actual get-together is when he was kind of overwhelmed. My family is LOUD and a lot of the time he was walking around like, "what....just...happend..and who's mad at me?" He also did not like Rock Band. He did not want to sit and watch mommy sing at the top of her lungs. So, we were complete party poopers and went to bed at 10:30 (and I was actually not feeling well, so I'm really not THAT obsessed w/Gibson ;)).

I was really looking forward to going to my husband's aunt's because I knew there were going to be 3 other puppies (+ one adult dog) there! 2 of his aunts and his sister got puppies within the month after we got Gibson. Gibson was the youngest of them, and was also the shortest and probably heaviest haha. The other puppies were a fox terrier (looked like a stuffed animal!), a beagle, and a schipperke mix (we think). Gibson has not really had a chance to play w/other dogs besides Coal and some puppies in obedience class (which were always on leashes), so this was his real chance to get some play time in! Everything started off pretty well..he just wanted to give everyone kisses and play nicely...well then the two male puppies decided that Gibson was a good target to hump on. Gibson did not like this at all (who would?)! He took care of the schipperke mix by play fighting enough that they established that humping was a no-no. But the fox terrier kept at him all day. So much so that Gibson had enough and started showing his gums and getting the most evil look on his face to keep the other dog away! I think he was also pretty crabby though to begin with..since he had 2 tiring days before and the other puppies would not stop playing the whole day. He did play nicely w/the schipperke though, which Im glad since that is his cousin that he'll be seeing often :)

Here is a video of all the doggie action (well some of it, of course I never got all the really cute stuff):

Today he is just a complete lump. I think he's been awake for a total of 2 hours. He did get to see and play in his first snow storm though, which he just loves! He just wants to eat it all and will kick snow while he's walking and then chase it, too cute :)

When we got back yesterday night, I discovered a package in my mail and it was Gibson's new martingale collar! The lovely Jenna from Corgi Pants made it for me in a swap for one of my I Heart Corgi Butts t-shirts! I absolutely adore it! The fabric is the cool abstract blue & green pattern and is lightweight and works great on walks! I'm still not sure I'll have Gibson wear it all day long, but it will definitely be on him more often than his old one was!

Here are the pretty pictures of it!

Thanks Jenna!!


Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving! And sorry that Gibson got harrassed :P But he looks adorable in his new collar :)

Jenna Z said...

Yeah! So glad it got there safe! It looks great, love that color on a red and white! Lovely!

a corgi said...

that video was so cute; I liked watching Gibson interact with the other dogs there; he could hold his own with the big black dog (Coal??)

glad you got back safe and sound; I'm sure it would be overwhelming with different people, sounds, etc; bet in no type Gibson will be a "world traveler" :)


Kelly said...

Ivy - Thanks! He was a target, I think because of his adorable bum :)

Jenna - Thank you so much again! I looks great and works wonderfully. I hope you like your shirt just as much!!

Betty - hehe, yep, Coal is my parent's black lab. My dad always wanted a lab girl named Coal.

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