Sunday, November 9, 2008

For the Love of the Nub

Corgi butts are one of the cutest things ever, arent they? The way they wiggle when they walk. How fluffy they are. And of course, the nub.

Now there are some exceptions of Pembrokes w/full tails or no tails at all, but most have nubs. Some are a little longer, some look like bunny tails, and some are so short that you cannot even see them. I've heard some others talk about how they wish pembrokes all had tails because its hard to tell what mood they are in..but I have to disagree.

Nothing warms me or my husband's heart more than when Gibson 'nubs' us..that is wagging his nub. He looks so happy and playful, and then there are other times when he meets strangers where the nub wagging is a little lower, and slower..showing that he's being submissive. Sometimes he holds his nub high, when he walks around the backyard like he's a badass, and other times he 'tucks' it under when he hears a dog barks and runs to get back inside.

So to celebrate the nub, here is a video that I took today of Gibson nubbing my husband. Hope you enjoy!


a corgi said...

your little corgi is so cute!!! we had one that color a few years ago; now we have a tri; they really are cute when they try to wag that little nub of theirs for sure!!

Koda (my corgi) manages stairs pretty well; I'm afraid he's going to trip though when he's flying down them to try to get outside to chase a cat out of his yard, but so far, thankfully, he's been okay. funny thing at night he will just lay his head on the bottom step and want to be picked up and carried upstairs to bed (he sleeps on our bed, yes he's spoiled). They are such funny dogs :)

enjoy your day


Kelly said...

Thanks Betty! And don't worry, Gibson is as spoiled as they come. He already has a spot on our bed and his own leather chair!

JuLo said...

I agree, that people who say you can't tell a Corgis emotions without a tail have never met a Corgi. Theo is the most expressive dog I have ever met! I'm never in doubt of what he's feeling because he tells you...out loud! When he's happy he growls his happy growl. When he's sad he whines. When he's stressed he wags his tongue and sounds out of breath. When he's excited his nub is aflutter. What's a tail supposed to tell you? ;)

Paige said...

I know this is an old one, but this makes me smile so much!

Tappo loves Momo, Tappo loves food said...

Gibson is so cute! Gosh - so much love from such a little package, huh? :D

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