Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Collar Issue..and my new shop

Gibson's collar has been an issue lately. Before we started obedience class, he wore his collar all of the time, and I thought he looked adorably handsome in it. Well, when we started class, he barely wore his collar, if ever, because we used training collars for class, which he would have to wear every time I'd take him for a walk to practice. So, I've gotten used to Gibson walking around the house 'naked' all of the time and being able to pet his neck and see his beautiful mane (which was non existent when we first started obedience). I always thought that after class ended, he'd wear a regular collar on walks again, so I wouldn't have to take it off of him anymore. But, I dunno... He just looks so much nicer without one! and the collar just gets in the way. Plus he sits there and chews on his tags, which I know is not good for his teeth..and of course he sleeps w/us in bed..and I do not want to listen to that loud clanking sound all night long. Is it terrible for me to only put his collar on for walks? All the dogs Ive ever had growing up have worn their collars 24/7, so this is a new predicament for me :) I want him to be safe, but I also want him to be comfy and cute haha.

Speaking of collars.. When I first heard that our class required training/choke chain collars, I wanted to cry and walk out mid-class and demand my money back! I always thought they were awful, but I figured I'd give it a try when the trainer explained that they get a bad rap because people do not use them correctly. When class was over I went back to his regular collar for walks, but it just seems like it is less comfortable than the chain! Instead of something getting a little tight around his neck when he is not staying by my side, the huge piece of fabric is going all the way up his head and sometimes over his ear! So, I'm thinking of getting a martingale collar, but am wondering if I should wait til he's older so I know his neck wont grow out of it in a month (they're a little pricey, at least the ones I've seen).

So there are some random thoughts of mine about collars haha.

In other news, I officially opened my Corgi Butts shop on Cafepress! It's not much to look at right now, but it will be growing and looking prettier, I promise! I'll be selling designs w/all of the colors and type of corgis, so if you don't have a red & white or red headed tri, don't worry.. lots more designs and dogs to come!


a corgi said...

I will check out your shop later tonight; sounds like a fun one

Koda wears his collar during the day and at night we take it off since he sleeps with us too (is Gibson a bed hog?)

enjoy your week ahead


Chantel said...

Your shop is great...I will be buying some things soon :-)

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Congrats on your new shop! Wish you much business! :)

You know we were in a similar dilemma with Bryson's collar at one time. We got comfortable with him not wearing one at home, and living in a 3rd floor loft, there really isn't any "escape" risk, so we just let him go au naturale at home :) And he doesn't mind putting it on when we go out, to him it's actually exciting when we do coz it means going out and having fun outside.

Hope this will work out for you guys too!

Kelly said...

Thanks everyone! I'm quite excited about the shop and am already losing sleep over it (too many ideas in my head!).

I'm glad to hear others do not make their dogs wear collars 24/7 :) I think he gets excited about putting it on now too! Collar = walk = yay for Gibson!

MoonMystic said...

Gotta say as a trainer I'm not fond of the choke collars and won't use them in class. If used improperly, they can cause tracheal collapse. A martingale is an excellent substitute. For our Clan, we use the rolled leather collars. They don't ruffle the fur so much. And you can get tag silencers. Better to have Gibson with some i.d. in case, Goddess forbid, something happen. Totally digging your blog! Hugs to Gibson!

JuLo said...

Kelly, as someone who has tried a flat buckle collar, a harness, a choke collar, and a martingale collar, I recommend the martingale. At least, that's what worked best for me. I found that it works just as well has a choke collar, but I don't feel like a terrible person using it. Hehe.

I love your merch! I love Corgi butts!!! Great job with the graphic. I can't wait to see what else you do!

Jenna Z said...

I would so totally trade you a martingale collar for one of your shirts! I make them from lined fabric, all different patterns, and nickel hardware. I make all of Sully's collars for every season and holiday!

Kelly said...

moonmystic - I know, believe me, I don't think they're the best option.. but they did help, and I trust my trainer.. I doubt I'll use it ever again though!

julo - Yes, I learned about the martingale collar from your blog actually! hehe. And I know, I felt kind of ashamed using the choke collar in I was some sort of animal abuser :\
Glad you like the designs..lots more to come!

jenna - i'm do we work out such a trade??? :)

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