Monday, November 3, 2008

4 months, halloween, and other fun stuff

Gibson turned 4 months on Saturday, and he celebrated by losing 2 teeth! Well, he actually lost them on Halloween. It was an exciting moment for me (yes, I'm such a mom). I looked down and saw two little holes in his mouth and had to get a snapshot of it (which meant me prying his mouth open w/my fingers) :) I'm not really looking forward to the terrible teething that goes along w/losing teeth, but for now, it's cute.

The rest of Halloween was fun too. I started out by taking Gibson for his nightly walk, and he had fun saying hi to all the kids in costumes walking by (my husband was manning the house for trick-or-treaters). He was a little confused by the constant doorbell ringing and kids when we got back to the house, but eventually got used to it. I'm glad that he isn't afraid of weird looking kids and that he doesn't bark whenever the doorbell rings.

We stuck his costume on him, which was still too big, but we got a few cute pics of it. He enjoyed ripping it off and chewing it the rest of the night.

The next day he was pretty worn out from all the excitement, but we woke him up long enough to take him for a fun walk around our local lake. I love it there, because once we get past the parking lot, I can let him off leash to run around and have fun. He's so good off leash I swear. He follows like a good boy and comes when called..but maybe that's just because he's like velcro to me :)

Oh and just a little update on training. He has stay down pat now! I can leave him for 5 minutes when he's laying down, yay! We're now working on "Stand" and are going to start using a "light line", which will basically teach him to do all of his commands off leash. Class is tonight, and it will hopfully go well!

As promised, here are some pictures and videos of our fall day in the leaves!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love the pictures of Gibson! I have to go home and see if Gingerbean has lost any teeth!

Chantel said...

Thanx for following my blog!
Aren't corgis just the best!
Your Gibson is such a cutie

Corgi hugs!
Chantel & Bella

Kelly said...

Gingerbean should be losing some soon! It's exciting when it happens :)

And no problem, Chantel! I've followed Bella on mycorgi, so I love seeing more about her!

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