Thursday, November 20, 2008

20 weeks - my kisser, magnet & alarm clock

My little Gibson is 20 weeks old now, and finally done w/his puppy vaccinations!  Yay!  Our vet appointment was last night, and he did so well.  The last time we went (5 weeks ago), he was such a little jerk!  He kept biting the vet. She had to bring in a 'handler' to give him his shots..and then that weekend he bit my mother-in-law when she was picking him up!  It must have been a short phase though..  Since then we've passed obedience and he's been socialized a bit more..   This visit he was a sweet angel. He still did not like getting his temperature taken  or being examined, but he just put his ears back and gave the vet and assistant kisses when they were done :)   I realized then that his biting has been so much better lately.  He used to nip everyone when he'd meet them to say hello, but now he kisses them.  And yes, he bites our clothing a lot but never our skin..if anything he'll put his mouth up against our skin, but never bite down.  For some reason it all clicked last night how well he's been doing.  I really love my little guy (and he is really little..only 14 lbs.   I thought he weighed a lot  more!).  

We also made his appointment to be neutered last night.. He'll be sans-balls on January 9th!  I found out that they do bloodwork the night before and they have to spend the night though :(  I'm already really anxious about this!  I can't imagine how he's going to be.  He is my magnet!   He seriously cannot leave my side.  If we go to the store and I run in and leave my husband and him in the car, Gibson will growl and cry and wonder where I went (this does not happen when my husband runs in and leaves us).  He does the same thing when I leave the house.  If I do not put him in his crate when I go out and do yard work, he'll always be sitting by the door that I went out of when I come back in (like 20 minutes later!).  And he'll always follows me up the stairs when I go to the bathroom or take a shower.  I've even been trying to  give him some more freedom and leave him out of his crate when I get ready in the morning, but he always has to follow me up the stairs and nudge his way into the bathroom (kind of weird, kid).  This morning he sat while I was in the shower with is paws on the side of the tub, and just sat there watching what I was doing.  and then had to lick all the water and body butter off my legs when I got out..  It's weird!  But I let him stay in there because I don't want him running around on our new carpet or bothering my sleeping husband.  And I've tried taking him back down and putting him in his crate, but it does not seem to get through to him.  Am I the cause of this clingy behavior?  I'm wondering because my parents dogs have been the same way w/my mom..maybe it's the way we train them?  Or maybe all dogs are like this...

The other thing I'm worried about w/leaving him overnight is that he's used to sleeping in bed w/us now.  He's such a spoiled little dog.  I love him being there though.  I did, however, have to train him to not be my alarm clock.  He got used to waking up at the same time every much that he started to wake me up 5-10 minutes before my alarm! grr.  He did this by walking on top of me and licking my face..and this happend on weekends too. . Same time every morning.  So I started to put him in his crate whenever he'd do matter if it was a weekend, 20 minutes before my alarm went off or 1 minute before my alarm went off.  Every time.  He hasn't tried to wake me up in a week :)   I even caught him one morning as he noticed me tossing around.  He stood  up and peeked around to see if I was awake..and then curled up and went back to sleep (or pretended to).  So it looks like he caught on that mommy does not like to be disturbed when she's sleepy.  

In shop news, I added a black headed tri, sable, fawn & two fluffy pembrokes, and a red & white, blue merle, black & white & brindle cardigan to the mix :)  Tell me if you want to see any other variations! More to come!  Corgi Butts Shop


Lynn said...

What a good boy! Isn't it nice to step back and think, wow they've grown! Lucy also likes to lick all the water off after a shower. Watch out about Gibson walking on you in bed though. Lucy started walking on us when she was a puppy, and now she's 23 pounds of corgi that has no trouble walking on stomachs. Bigger dogs I've had before were careful not to step on people, but since Lucy thinks she's small she'll walk all over you.

a corgi said...

I remember those puppy days; they seem so long ago; can't blame Gibson for being unhappy getting his temperature taken; I think I would be the same way. Koda loves the vet because it equals food; as long as they keep passing out treats they can pretty much do anything to him, he says. (he's so food driven).

Koda didn't have to stay overnight when he got neutered. We dropped him off at 7 a.m. and picked him up that afternoon around 5. He did have to wear that silly collar though because he kept getting at his stitches; he was a miserable pup with that for a few days.

Koda sleeps with us, but I guess he does okay when we leave overnight, but if we are going to be gone overnight we board him

its so cute how Gibson likes to follow you around; I think that's the corgi herding trait; they need to keep track of their people


Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Don't be too worried about him having to stay overnight at the vet (although Bryson didn't have to when he was neutered), I think we humans are probably suffering more from separation anxiety than they are sometimes!

And the fluffy corgi butts are too cute! :D

Kelly said...

Lynn - Yes he is turning out to be an awesome dog! But him licking the water off is the worst. I compared it this morning to feeling like a horse having to swat flies w/it's tail. It's like, get off of me! He's been good about not walking on us in the morning, but last night he did not want to go to bed yet, so he was walking all over me and my husband.. he feels like a ton now, so i can't imagine how 23lbs feels!

Betty - Yeah, I don't blame him about the temperature thing..It looks pretty uncomfortable! He loves the waiting room of the vet, but not the exam room :)

I've decided that his corgi job is to monitor me at all times!

And yeah, I didn't think he'd need to stay the night. Especially not before. But they need to do bloodwork and then make sure he doesn't eat anything.. But I think I could've watched for that.. Oh well :(

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